Disrupting 3D Models


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Disrupting 3D Models

  1. 1. Disrupting 3D Models Everardo Reyes Université Paris 13 CAC.3 | Nov. 27, 2012. Paris
  2. 2. Beyond figures ...toward the study of plastic properties in digital images
  3. 3. Why?to contribute to visual literacyto try to understand, culturally, visual features in digital mediato foster aesthetic provocations
  4. 4. 2D & 3Dspatial distribution
  5. 5. Pixelation filter Find edges filtermainly based on colors mainly based on shapes
  6. 6. Color scheme 2D distributionmade with Rainbow 1.5 (Firefox addon)
  7. 7. List ot color library 2D distributionmade with Rainbow 1.5 (Firefox addon)
  8. 8. Color space visualization 3D distributionmade with Color Inspector 3D (ImageJ plugin)
  9. 9. Distributing according to different rules
  10. 10. Hyper-Paintmade with Processing (Irene Gersenowies, 2008)
  11. 11. Exploding 2D Image in 3D Space,made with Processing (E. Reyes, 2012)
  12. 12. Generating Cubes Randomly,made with MEL in Autodesk Maya (E. Reyes, 2012)
  13. 13. Generating Spheres Fractally,made with PyMEL in Autodesk Maya (E. Reyes, 2012)
  14. 14. Disrupting 3D Models,made with Processing (E. Reyes, 2012)
  15. 15. Exploration through interface: parametrizingInvitation to 3D print a disrupted model?
  16. 16. the POV of visual semiotics
  17. 17. Plastic Signs != Figurative SignsThey are visual elementsWe approach them by means of no figurative association, orrepresentation to the physical worldThey complete iconic and iconographic signs
  18. 18. The expression plane of plastic signsColoremes Figuremes Texturemes hue position textural element brigthness dimension textural repetition saturation direction
  19. 19. These are plastic categories which can be measured, mixed,remixed, and analyzedWhen assembled, they create plastic formants... we move towardother meanings, a plastic language
  20. 20. Greimas said: there is homologation between plastic categories andmeaning, at the form levelAbstract as they are, they may foster meaning effects:roundness/harshness, flat/jagged, union/dispersion, small/tall, stretched/squashed.But is it possible to say that these meaning effects are homological? Is therea universal or an ideal shape of harshness? Is it useful to categorize plasticformants? What happens if there is no figurative background as reference?
  21. 21. Motion Structures: disrupting + indexical
  22. 22. Inception (Nolan, 2010) Paris fold-over sequence
  23. 23. Paris fold-over sequence. Seq. 10 A Kinetic sculpture
  24. 24. Game of Thrones Title Sequence
  25. 25. Average brightness of frames
  26. 26. STL objectoptimized for our software
  27. 27. from Web to other media?
  28. 28. CAC.3 websitemade with Tilt (Firefox addon)
  29. 29. Gracias Everardo ReyesUniversité Paris 13