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SLP "E-Rate"


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  • Priority One - all eligible telecommunications and Internet access services are fully funded firstPriority Two – eligible for internal connections and basic maintenance (those with highest discount levels receive next priority)
  • After eligibility service providers, school and library applicants may submit invoices for Universal Service Fund (USF) support.Applicants are required to pay the non-discount portion of the cost of the goods and services
  • Transcript

    • 1. Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service FundE-Rate
      Presented By
      E. Reyes
    • 2. Agenda
      • “E-Rate” key players
      • 3. Plan overview
      • 4. Key steps in the process
      • 5. Sutton Elementary Technology plan
      Technology plan goals
      Areas to improve
    • 6. What is “E-Rate” key players?
      FCC (Federal Communications Commission) provides direction
      USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) administers the Universal Service Fund
      SLD (Schools & Libraries Division) administers the E-rate program
    • 7. E-Rate Plan Overview
      • Government Program
      • 8. Provides funds to schools and libraries
      • 9. Makes telecommunication and internet access more affordable
      • 10. Focus on K – 12 grades
    • Key steps in the process
      Determine Eligibility
      • K-12 non-profit organizations
      • 11. Libraries must comply with “Library Services and Technology Act (Pub. L. 104-208)”
      • 12. Develop a Technology Plan
      • 13. how information technology and telecommunications infrastructure will be used
      • 14. should cover the entire funding year but not more than three years
    • Bidding Process
      • file Form 470 each funding year
      • 15. Go through the bidding process, then sign a contract with a vendor (if contracted service)
      Select the Most Cost-Effective Service Provider
      • Comply with bid evaluation matrix
      • 16. File Form 471 (If Services
    • Calculate the Discount Level
    • 17. Determine the Eligible Services
      • Four categories of eligible services and Two priorities
      • 18. Priority One (Telecommunications Services & Internet Access)
      • 19. Priority Two (Internal Connections & Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections)
      Submit Application
      • Services Ordered and Certification Form submit Form 471 ( follow deadlines)
    • Application Review
      • Comply with certification review and deadlines
      Receive Your Funding Decision
      • Funding are issued in "waves," or regular cycles
      • 20. All certified must follow FCC rules of priority
      Priority One
      Priority Two
    • 21. Begin Receipt of Services
      • Service verify start date of service and submit a Receipt of Service Confirmation Form (Form486).
      Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
      Enforce a policy of Internet safety and certify compliance with CIPA
      Invoice USAC
      • After eligibility submit invoices for Universal Service Fund (USF) support.
      • 22. Applicants are required to pay the non-discount portion
    • Where to Go For Help –Schools & Libraries
      Hotline 888-203-8100 (push “0” for a representative)
      Web site
    • 23. Sutton Elementary’sTechnology plan
    • 24. Goals
      Comply with district and state Technology standards
      Projection for the next 4 years
      Use the 3 computer labs
    • 25.
    • 26. Areas to improve
      Update the plan and comply with new state Technology Application (TA) standards
      Professional development on ways to integrate technology into the curriculum
      Funds for training, update, maintenance and acquisition of new equipment.