Exit 2011 Promotions Handbook


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This handbook outlines the elements used for the Hungarian promotion of Exit Festival Novi Sad, Serbia. Exit is a large music festival of 200,000 visitors in four days.

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Exit 2011 Promotions Handbook

  1. 1. EXIT FESTIVAL 2011 July 07 – 10Hungarian Promotional Handbook v. 2.0
  2. 2. CONTENTS1. Introduction to EXIT2. EXIT in Hungary3. Marketing tools Radio TV Print Online Outdoor4. Expectations5. Future development
  3. 3. Introduction to EXITExit is an annual summer music festival in the Petrovaradin Fortress of NoviSad, Vojvodina, Serbia. It is staged annually since 2000.Held in the picturesque setting of an 18th century fortress by the Danube, thefestival quickly grew in stature and reputation. UK Festival Awards 2007, theEuropean Association of the 40 largest festivals in Europe, awarded Exit as theBest European Festival.
  4. 4. EXIT in HungaryThis guide summarizes the tools that make up the promotional campaign ofEXIT for the Hungarian market. This is the first year of cooperation betweenthe organizers and a local promoter to be involved in an internationalcampaign, and its purpose is to increase awareness of the event inneighboring countries.Such a cooperation has great potential for future growth, and the marketingtools necessary to reach the target audience of 500 from the Hungarianmarket is outlined in the following chapters.
  6. 6. RADIO Radio Petőfi 94.8Radio Petőfi offers a contemporary musical palette to an audience between the agesof 18 – 30. The number of Hungarians within this age group is 2,400,000, and theradio covers on a given day around 8-9%. This means that their spots have thepotential to reach an audience of 120,000 people on a given day.
  7. 7. RADIO Radio Petőfi 94.8Radio Petőfi can prove to be a close partner in the promotional campaign. Theirdiscounted prices for 10 spots on their frequency during the day can be a valuableasset in spreading the word about the festival. Their offer includes the following items: coverage between 18.00 - 21.00A total of 10 spots within these timeframes are made available to us on an 80%discount price. Please see details in the budget proposal.
  8. 8. RADIO Radio Café 98.6Radio Café is part of a package that reflects discounted prices as well as additional freeitems. They get 89% coverage in the country, and has an average of 6-7% of listenerson a daily basis. The items that are included in the package are the following: Coverage between 06-10AM; 17-19PM Coverage between 10-17PM Phone interview in popular talk show Event promotion by radio host Ticket award game in popular talk showDetails regarding timing and costs are indicated in the budget document.
  9. 9. TV Special Hungarian band appearances RTL Klub - Morning Show PR Interviews Other Commercial TV Channel Interviews and reportsSigned Hungarian bands can be valuable assets in promotions through interviews andvarious appearances in commercial TV channels. In exchange for their appearance atEXIT, they will provide an additional layer of free promotional campaign in the media,during their performances country-wide until the festival.One of the most popular bands in Hungary, Titusz and the Carbonfools, can be a closepartner in the promotional campaign. We organize PR interviews where EXIT festivalgets mentioned, as well as other TV appearances.
  10. 10. PRINT EXIT MagazinePart of a media package includes the prestigious EXIT magazine, a weekly news printthat promotes all events and festivals around the region. With a circulation of 80,000,it gets distributed at 1000 points throughout the country. The following items areincluded in the budget document: 1/2 page 4 color ad 1/2 page PR Article
  11. 11. PRINT Pesti Est MagazineThe event news magazine with the biggest circulation in the country is Pesti EstMagazine. This weekly mag gets distributed at 300 points in Budapest, and has acirculation of 100,000. To make use of this audience the following item is included inthe budget, and is part of a package that provides this for free, for two weeks: 1/2 page PR Article
  12. 12. INTERNET Index.huIndex is the biggest news portal in Hungary, that started its life in 1999. Over 10 yearsthe portal has evolved into news media powerhouse that gets average daily views of17,000,000, and more than 710,000 daily unique visitors. The site sits on a prominentlevel among online media content providers, and according to the research of MedianWebaudit (www.webaudit.hu), weekly unique visits to the site reached over 2,2million by 2009, and monthly unique visits of more than 3,4 million.They are willing to provide a grand campaign on their websites www.index.hu,www.velvet.hu, and their festival blog, as well as event blog www.langologitarok.hu, aswell as ad space on their frontpage and festival section. They work with a bartermultiplier of 3, meaning that they provide triple the amount of media and PR coveragefor our investment. Considering the popularity of the site and amount of uniquevisitors, this element of the promotional campaign might be the most valuable one.
  13. 13. INTERNET Index.huAnother way Index can be a benefit is a ticket award game on their site, which theywould promote as a special event.Index operates the popular social networking site www.burek.com, which can be apotential element in increasing barter value with index. Possibility of cross-linking andlogo visibility for the site, and other promotional platforms are subject to negotiationwith EXIT.
  14. 14. INTERNET Soundhead.huOne of the most popular nightlife related websites in Hungary has several channels ofcommunication with its users. Their user base is formed from the same targetaudience as that of EXIT. Aside from regular bannering and PR articles/interviews, theyoperate an eDM mailer, Facebook page with relevant link exchange possibilities toEXIT, and a party video footage website www.soundhead.tv, which can be utilized byEXIT to benefit from mutual user traffic growth.Soundhead, in exchange for their tools of communication that they provide, asks forlogo visibility on EXIT creative material. Their tools, which are detailed in the nextslide, can be of a great value.
  15. 15. INTERNET Soundhead.hu PR Article about EXIT on Frontpage past EXIT video footage of photo collection posts on websiteFrontpage PR article is the basic tool for communicating to the visitors of Soundhead.PR articles can be pre-EXIT or post-EXIT. After EXIT, a PR article can come along with aphoto collection taken at the festival by a Soundhead photographer, and with a videofootage taken at the festival by a Soundhead cameraman. In this case 4 people areneeded from Soundhead on location to cover EXIT.
  16. 16. INTERNET Soundhead.hu exchange of Facebook linksMutual user traffic growth can enhance interest and sales to EXIT, by using Facebooklink exchanges between EXIT Facebook, EXIT homepage (English and Hungarian), andSoundhead. Soundhead has its own Facebook page that can be a great platform forthis, which can greatly benefit from a growth in traffic. This can be a cost-effectivebarter opportunity, since they are happy to offer services if such a mutual trafficdriving system can be utilized.
  17. 17. INTERNET Soundhead.hu Newsletter systemSoundhead operates an eDM direct mailer system, which has a user circulation of16,000. This newsletter system is an opt-in version, meaning that it uses a subscriptionservice to be able to receive this email. It is a great tool to have direct access to thisnumber of users, and can be part of the deal we make with Soundhead. Design andcontent details are subject to further discussion.
  18. 18. INTERNET Soundhead.hu Soundhead.tv traffic growth - EXIT video footage posts and link exchangesSoundhead has its own TV website called www.soundhead.tv. It shares the samepurpose as exitmusic.tv, and can be used to post video footages of past EXIT events,and share content that will increase visiblity, and interest in the festival. This websiteneeds user growth according to Soundhead, and by providing content and linkexchange through this platform, a mutual traffic growth can be achieved, with little orno expense from EXIT.
  19. 19. INTERNET Partyzoo.hu PR article on Frontpage / Festival sectionPartyzoo is an up and coming party website with constantly updated content relatedto the Hungarian nightlife. It is a quickly growing site with affiliations to Soundhead.The site can provide coverage on the frontpage, and the festival section as well in theform of a pre-EXIT PR interview or article, as well as post-EXIT article. Photo and videofootage from Soundhead can be shared within this website as well, providing yetanother layer of users for relatively no cost.
  20. 20. INTERNET Pulzar.huPulzar.hu is among the most popular party news sites in Hungary, and has beenoperating since 2000. They get an average of 3,000 unique visitors per day, and havean extensive coverage of all things nightlife and festivals.The barter deal with them includes logo visibility on EXIT promotional and creativematerial, both Hungarian and Serbian.
  21. 21. INTERNET Pulzar.hu Exclusive Article on main page Exclusive Flyer Banner on Frontpage Newsletter to subscribersThey post an article with an exclusive spot on their homepage. This is a prominentposition on the page, and it is in close focus.Underneath these articles is the Exclusive Flyer Banner, which is a smaller version ofthe exclusive event info, also on the front page.Pulzar has a subscription-based newsletter service, with 12,000 subscribers. On thesenewsletters EXIT gets visible coverage and PR article.
  22. 22. INTERNET Facebook IntegrationFacebook has become the most precise way to reach a target audience. Its ad spacesare cost-effective, and can surgically target the users that are most relevant to EXIT.For this reason 70-80% of resources should be focused on this medium. Ad space costsare measured by clicks received, and we plan to target them towards users dependingon page membership and very specific demographics including pages ‘liked’,.The total number of users that we can reach with ads this way is around 70,000Hungarians. Also depending on what position EXIT would like to appear on the adspace on the Facebook pages, the costs can go higher. We suggest a cost for this in thebudget document that limits ad space purchase to a certain amount per week/month.
  23. 23. INTERNET Facebook Integration Award Campaign on FacebookIn order to expand the user base of EXIT, users need to be actively involved, and takepart in a competition that draws them in. There are two options for a grand facebookcampaign:1. Every user who clicks ‘like’ for the EXIT Hungary Facebook page participate in the ticket award, and gets a discount on EXIT tickets.2. Every 10th user who likes the page gets to win two tickets to EXIT.Based on previous experience, such games can expand the user base of facebookpages like EXIT Hungary, while providing relevant content to keep their engagementconstant.
  24. 24. INTERNET Facebook IntegrationTo market the campaign on Facebook, a custom Facebook landing page for EXITHungary would bring the word of the campaign to the users’ doorstep. This landingpage is the first page users see when they arrive to the EXIT Facebook page, and is away to promote the campaign with a great customized look. See example files in thecampaign folder.This custom page takes a web programmer and a web designer a couple of hours tomake, and is a truly unique and efficient way to involve the users in a promotion thatgenerates ‘likes’ on the page, and with a continuous update of content on the site,these users and their friends also get updated on the latest EXIT news.
  25. 25. INTERNET Facebook Integration virtual tour website translation/crosslinkingExpanding on the idea of EXIT Facebook page involvement, an EXIT interactive tourmap could serve as part of it, enabling Hungarian users to check out the festivalinteractively. It can also be a good idea to make it an interactive EXIT Facebooknavigation screen which navigates through the menus.
  26. 26. INTERNET Vodafone Music Subscription ServiceVodafone sponsors an online music subscription service providing downloadablemusic for a small monthly fee, www.korlatlanzene.hu. Its users also receivenewsletters of certain promotions and additional free songs that they can download.A possible cooperation can bring EXIT into the front page of the website, by providingcertain songs by performing Hungarian bands for free through this site, ‘Hosted byEXIT Festival’ or something similar.Subscribers to this service also receive a newsletter in their email or mobile phone,that promotes this offer ‘Hosted by EXIT’ – or something similar. This newsletter has acirculation of 45,000 subscribers.
  27. 27. INTERNET Mohaonline.hu / Facebook.com/mohaonlineMoha Online is the biggest university portal in Hungary, with a reach of 100,000students. The portal, and its Facebook spinoff deals with social issues and schoolmatters, as well as events and festivals relevant to its audience. They offer contentsharing on their website (specifically the Life and Style section and front page) as wellas their Facebook page, and would host a ticket winning campaign (6 tickets forexample) on their platform as well. They would be happy to provide their logo forcreative material in exchange. See logo above.
  28. 28. OUTDOOR Poster Distribution Popular clubs and party hubs in Budapest Busy downtown areas of BudapestDistribution of posters focuses mainly on clubs, bars, nightclubs in Budapest,downtown areas and University ad boards.Public areas within the city need approval before postering, therefore furthernegotiations required. These kinds of permits are usually free of charge, but candepend on content.
  29. 29. OUTDOOR Flyer Distribution Popular clubs and party hubs in Budapest Clothing stores Universities and CollegesDistribution of flyers uses similar channels as posters, with the inclusion of clothingstores. Public areas as well as clothing stores need approval before postering orsoliciting, therefore further negotiations required. These kinds of permits are usuallyfree of charge, but can depend on content.
  30. 30. OUTDOOR Shopping Mall Visibility 12 Shopping Centers around the CountryAn effective way to reach 2,500,000 people per month, is LED wall visibility in 12shopping malls around Hungary. Their offer consists of 85 LED screens altogether. A 20second (estimation) EXIT spot can circulate during all opening hours of the malls on allthese screens.The offer includes all other major shopping malls in the country, with details includedin the budget.
  31. 31. OUTDOOR EXIT Official Pre-PartyThe EXIT Official Pre-Party is a cooperation between the Promoter and the Hungarianband ‘Titusz and the Carbonfools’. The pre-festival event serves a purpose of raisingthe pre-event hype, and to provide an additional layer of promotional campaign forvirtually no cost. The Pre-Party look and feel is decided by EXIT, as well as otherpromotional activities during the party, such as photo gallery of past EXIT events, EXITvideo footage projected on the walls, for example.The popular downtown club Gödör can be an ideal location for this occasion, since itshares the target audience with EXIT. The club is situated in the middle of downtownBudapest with an indoor part, and an outdoor patio style area. It can hold at least1,500 people.
  32. 32. OUTDOOR EXIT Official Pre-PartyThe Pre-Party would be a cost-efficient way to bring the word of the festival to thepeople of the Hungarian nightlife. The organizers would be happy to host an EXITtheme pre-party on May 28, which is one of the few available time slots during thesummer.The management of Gödör is willing to put a huge promotion behind this pre-party forabsolutely no cost on EXIT, under a condition that Carbonfools performs in EXIT, and atthe Pre-Party. This is a double benefit, because Carbonfools is not only one of themost popular bands in Hungary, but they would also provide extended promotionalactivities, including PR interviews in TV and radio.
  33. 33. OUTDOOR EXIT Official Pre-Party Band ContestA band contest has been started by EXIT through WeShareMusic: Play @ EXITPerformers Competition. In order to efficiently increase the barter value of the Pre-Party, the finals of the contest could be brought to the Pre-Party, and Club Gödör cancross-promote the contest on their website as well, for further visibility andpromotion.The Pre-Party can also be a great platform for a ticket award. The idea is that the ticketaward can be specially promoted to the public, to increase attendance and interestboth to the pre-party and the festival as well.
  35. 35. The elements discussed in this presentation make up the Hungarian marketingcampaign for EXIT 2011. It is in line with the estimated investment by the organizers,in terms of costs and available promotional resources that are available.Some of the prices in the budget document are still to be negotiated based onpossible barter deals, which can further enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.These deals are to be discusses with EXIT.
  37. 37. My aim is to achieve the expectations of EXIT for 2011, and to possibly have a surpriseincrease in attendance. This is in hopes for future cooperation with EXIT and forsetting long terms connections in terms of promotional platforms.Yours Sincerely, Endre Rex-Kiss