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Auschwitz Auschwitz Presentation Transcript

  • Auschwitz By: Eric Reynolds and Frank Reed
  • Auschwitz, the Horror
    • During WWII Auschwitz was a symbol of fear
    • It was an extermination camp in Poland
    • More than 510,000 people were killed
  • Why Auschwitz?
    • 1940, Germans built Auschwitz for expansion
    • The facility was needed due to overcrowding in jails
    • Needed for the continuation of “The Final Solution” plan
  • “ The Final Solution to the Jewish Question”
    • Hitler’s plan to exterminate 11 million Jews
        • From Germany, occupied territories, states opposing the Third Reich, and Allied and Neutral countries
    • Was carried out at the concentration camps, one being Auschwitz
  • What went on?
    • June 1941, 575 prisoners were the first killed
    • Gas chambers were used to kill the majority of people
    • German doctors used prisoners for medical experiments
  • Auschwitz I
    • The original camp
    • Administrative center for the multiple facilities
    • Block 11, many people were tortured
      • Standing cells and starvation cells were main ways of torture
  • Auschwitz II-Birkenau
    • Built due to overcrowding at the main camp
    • Had a greater gassing capacity than the original camp
      • Zyklon-B gas was used to kill many prisoners
  • Auschwitz III-Monowitz
    • Largest of the work camps
    • 11,000 workers lived at the camps
    • Doctors from Auschwitz II often came to take weak workers to gas chambers
  • Life in the Camps
    • Days started at 4:30 am
    • Normal days lasted 12 hours, sometimes less in the winter
    • Prisoners had no breaks
    • Bread and water were the daily rations
  • Death Toll
    • The exact number of deaths is impossible to figure
      • Nazis destroyed many records
    • Official toll is 1.1 million, but estimates from 800,000 to 5 million
  • " Arbeit macht frei"
    • Means “works makes free”
    • Used to motivate prisoners to work hard
    • Wasn’t true, many times working didn’t keep people from being killed
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