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Treating a School Like an Account: How to improve your presence at your target colleges
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Treating a School Like an Account: How to improve your presence at your target colleges


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Dan Black's presentation from the ERE Expo Spring 2010.

Dan Black's presentation from the ERE Expo Spring 2010.

Published in: Business, Career

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  • 1. Treating a School Like an Account How to improve your presence at target campuses Dan Black, Americas Director of Campus Recruiting
  • 2. Agenda ►  Defining your target schools ►  The Client Service Model ►  Measurement ►  Branding to a new generation ►  What’s next? ►  Open discussion 2010 ere expo
  • 3. Defining your target schools
  • 4. Defining your target schools ►  Topic of internal debate for most large campus campaigns ►  Analysis - methodology ►  Size of program ►  Ability to source to multiple service lines / locations ►  Importance to local market or office ►  External accreditation / recognition ►  Performance record of graduates ►  Retention of graduates ►  Frequency of analysis 2010 ere expo
  • 5. Defining your target schools (con’t) Other things to consider: ►  Centralized support ►  Senior executive involvement ►  Enterprise-wide program participation ►  How to execute referrals ►  Relationships with NON-target schools 2010 ere expo
  • 6. The Client Service Model
  • 7. First Step: leadership commitment ►  Board meeting ►  Design session ►  Specific goals ►  Business Unit and Individual goals ►  Board members on campus ►  Reward and recognize ►  Frequent communications 2010 ere expo
  • 8. Client Service Model (CSM): business case ►  The CSM accomplishes the following: ►  Clarifies and simplifies how recruiters and client service professionals work together ►  Increases the quality, quantity and diversity of recruits who bring in top talent ►  Delivers consistent firm messaging and branding across organizational silos ►  Reinforces our firm’s culture by building and developing relationships and energizing our people ►  Enables candidates to develop relationships with their future colleagues ►  Gives candidates insight into the type of work they will be doing 2010 ere expo
  • 9. Client Service Model: Roles and responsibilities The Client Service Model teams recruiters with client service professionals to build relationships. ► Campus Coordinating Partner ► Recruiting lead ► Coordinating Team Lead ► Service Line Team lead ► Diversity Champion ► Campus Ambassador ► Media Champion 2010 ere expo
  • 10. Tools for client serving professionals ►  Regional recruiting partner ►  Annual strategy meeting and plan ►  Classroom learning ►  Playbook ►  Intranet site ►  Presentations ►  Events “in a box” ►  Faculty relationship building tools ►  Consultation and best practice sharing 2010 ere expo
  • 11. Measurement
  • 12. Measuring success ►  Business unit level ►  External rankings ►  Independent on-campus assessment process ►  Recruiter feedback ►  Hours and expenses 2010 ere expo
  • 13. Branding to a new generation A critical factor for the success of your client serving professionals
  • 14. Gen Y media and recruiting key findings Media survey students at top sources: ►  Heavy users of print media ►  Social networked ►  Parents are important ►  Active online ►  Active with social networking ►  Some new media less effective ►  Text messaging is personal domain ►  Blogs and podcasts are not influential ►  Broad range of job search resources ►  Media campaigns need follow up with on-campus activities ►  In person contacts are powerful ►  Candidates value highly “trusted” sources such as fellow students, recent grads, faculty, and advisors 2010 ere expo
  • 15. Gen Y key communications strategies ►  Website ►  Facebook ►  Linked in ►  Twitter ►  Video – YouTube, site content ►  Connect 2U ►  Pandora ►  Corporate Responsibility ►  Flash Drives ►  Your World Your Vision ►  Raffles ►  Early identification 2010 ere expo
  • 16. What’s next?
  • 17. What’s next? ►  Line managers and staff will continue to play a very important role in recruiting ►  Continued emphasis on student self-service accompanied by real time communication with employees ►  Ongoing pressure to do “more with less” … automating and streamlining the recruiting function ►  Tech: Mobile / SEO / Video 2010 ere expo
  • 18. Open Discussion