Telephone Prospecting: You've Got 15 Seconds to Keep me from Hanging up. GO! - Jim Domanski


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The time it takes you to read this, is as much time as a prospect will give you before deciding to hang up or not. What you say in the first 15 seconds makes the difference. Jim Domanski, one of the world’s leading telephone prospectors, will give you the skills necessary to ensure you make those 15 seconds count: less hang ups = more money!

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Telephone Prospecting: You've Got 15 Seconds to Keep me from Hanging up. GO! - Jim Domanski

  1. 1. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998“You’ve got 15 seconds to keep mefrom hanging up…GO!”Presented by:Jim DomanskiTeleconcepts Consultingjim@teleconceptsconsulitng.com613 591 1998
  2. 2. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Are youabsolutely, 100%satisfied with yourtelephoneprospecting results?
  3. 3. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Gee, I reallywish I’d get acold call from arecruiter rightnow…WhatAIN’Thappeningoutthere
  4. 4. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998WhatReallyISHappeningOutThere
  5. 5. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Ef-fec-tive adj. 1. having an effect;producing a result 2. producing a definite ordesired result; efficientTo make youmore effectiveat telephoneprospecting
  6. 6. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998• increase your decision maker contact rate• Lessen rejection• Improve the qualityof your leads• increase your appointment rate• create more sales• reduce frustration
  7. 7. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998
  8. 8. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Avoid theHerd!
  9. 9. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998
  10. 10. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998
  11. 11. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-19984. Offer /Presentation5. Advancingand Closing3. Questioning& Qualifying1. Pre-CallPlanning andPreparation2. OpeningStatement
  12. 12. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Pre-Call Planning& PreparationWhat to do BEFORE youever pick up the phone
  13. 13. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-19981. The 2 BEST research tips2. Compile a MASTER list3. Call at PRIME TIME4. BLOCK time5. CYCLE your list
  14. 14. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998The 5 “Toos”Why Your E-Mail Fails1.Too impersonal2.Too long3.Too vain4.Too cluttered5.Too confusing
  15. 15. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Subject: RecruitmentAs you well know, recruitment is a critical ingredient to the success and well-being of anycompany. Building a strong recruiting strategy not only improves sales results but alsoprovides a distinct competitive advantage. In addition, viewing effective recruitment as thebasis for a structurally sound sales strategy is a key ingredient to delivering stronger profits .Since 1988, ABC Recruitment Inc. has helped strengthen and improve the quality of salesteams by providing our customers with ongoing, continuous recruitment and hiring. Byusing the internet and our unique 1-2-3 Selection Process © to attract top quality candidateswe can cast a wider net and attract more candidates with better qualifications. With over adozen full time recruiters on board we can handle any job recruitment job big or small. (Andwe do more than just sales recruiting: We are exceptional at sourcing executive talent andIT professionals.) For more information on our services and our innovative 1-2-3 SelectionProcess © visit our website at www.abacrecruitmentinc.comAs an industry leader we pride ourselves on our 20 + years of helping companies aroundthe south east with innovative and award winning recruitment strategies. We’d like you to bepart of our success. I would like to get together with you for an exploratory meeting to findout more about your company and about it’s approach to recruiting and hiring, and toprovide you with a more comprehensive review of our company.Please give me a call at ______ . I look forward to hearing from you.
  16. 16. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-19981. The From Line2. The Subject Line3. The Salutation4. The Opening Line5. The Message andthe Look6. The Call to Action7. TheSignature
  17. 17. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998To: pmacleod@HAL.comFrom: jdomanski@Recruiters.comRe: Pat, a quick question____________________________________________Pat,A quick question for you: Were you absolutely 100% satisfied with the quality of your executiverecruitment effort in 2012?If not, you’re not alone.Many HR VPs have expressed concern not only with the quality of their recruiting efforts but also withthe time and effort involved in finding the right people for the job.But it doesn’t have to be that way.We provide a unique alternative to helping you find the best possible candidates, saving you thetime, the hassle and the effort. We have the experience and the track record to help you with yoursearch.Pat, I will give you a call on Tuesday morning at 8:45 to review your situation and to determine if ourservice might be of benefit to you now or down the line.Regards<<sig file>>
  18. 18. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Don’t Confess …andUse the ‘Donald’ (or‘Martha’) Technique
  19. 19. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998OpeningStatements:How to get through theclutter and grab yourprospect’s attention
  20. 20. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Example #1: “Hey Pete, How are you today? This is JaneSeamore calling from Recruiters R US. Have you heard of us?”Example #2: “Katie? Jamie Lannister calling from TowerRecruitment in Kansas City. Katie, the reason for my call is tofollow up on an e-mail I sent you on how we can make yourrecruitment process faster and easier. Did you get it?”
  21. 21. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Example #4: “Ms. Harris, my name is Mary Worth and I’m anexecutive recruiter who works with companies who struggleto find top talent. Let me ask you, what are some of thechallenges you’re experiencing when it comes to finding andkeeping executives?Example #3: “Oh hi. Are you the person in charge of personnelrecruitment? Good. I’m John Snow calling from StarkSolutions. We specialize in executive search . Did I catch youat a good time?
  22. 22. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Example #5: “Hi… this is Tracie Hardie calling from Borathian Inc. We are theWest Coast’s leading recruitment company with over 25 years of provenexperience. We specialize in IT and sales recruitment as well as several otherspeciality areas. We work with companies big and small, and with six officesfrom Oregon through to California we can provide you with the best ofservice. We have over thirty recruiters to help meet your needs and we havea database of hundreds of names. The reason for my call is that we have aspecial offer. If you hire two or more reps by the end of the quarter, weprovide you with a 20% discount on our fee. Our fees, by the way, are verycompetitive and come with a complete money back guarantee if thecandidate does not meet your needs. Do you have a moment so I can tell youmore?
  23. 23. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998The 5 Components of a GREATOpening Statement1. State your Full Name2. State Your Company Name + WWD3. State the Reason for Your Call4. Provide a Benefit5. Bridge to a Question
  24. 24. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Opening Statements You Can StakeYour (tele-prospecting) Life OnThe Mancini (a.k.a., ‘The Humble’)Mr. Martin, my name is Pat Collins with XYZ Personnel Services. We specialize inIT recruitment.Mr. Martin, at this point in time, I am not certain if our services might be ofvalue to you but we’ve worked with literally dozens of firms helping them reducethe time, cost and the frustration of finding IT professionals.And … If I’ve caught you at a good time, what I’d like to do is ask you somequestions, get a feel for your situation and see if there might be someopportunities either in the short or long term.Let me ask you…
  25. 25. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Opening Statements You Can StakeYour (tele-prospecting) Life OnThe Mancini –follow upMs. Bronn? This is Brienne Toth calling from ABC Recruiters here in Dallas.Ms. Bronn, I’m following up on the e-mail I sent you about the frustration andcost that many sales executives are experiencing when recruiting sales accountmanagers.I am not certain if you’ve had a chance to review it in any detail but if I’vecaught you at a good time, I’d like to ask you a couple of quick questions todetermine if we might be able to help you source top candidates, reduceturnover and improve your sales results.Let me ask…
  26. 26. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Opening Statements You Can StakeYour (tele-prospecting) Life OnThe McCarthyJim? This is Ryan McCarthy calling from MTA Corporation. We specialize inexecutive recruitment.And Jim, believe me, I know you can get this type of service at a lot of differentplaces. But we really do things differently here at MTA to reduce the time, theeffort AND the hassle of finding top talent.If I have caught you at good time, I would like to ask you some questions, get afeel for your situation and, if it makes sense to do so, get together to discuss ourstrategy and process for recruitment.Let me ask…
  27. 27. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Opening Statements You Can StakeYour (tele-prospecting) Life OnThe Busy Brief“Mr.Axelson, thank you for taking my call. I know you’re busy andI’ll be very brief.This is Paul Clem calling from RTS. We’re a personnel agency thatspecializes in cost effectively sourcing and recruiting Fortune 1000executives.Mr. Axelson, I have just one question I wanted to ask you…Are you …
  28. 28. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998“People are more convincedby the depth of yourconviction than the heightof your logic.”
  29. 29. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Deliver Your Opener Like aHollywood StarCommunicationMethodFace-to-Face Telephone
  30. 30. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Knee JerkObjections:How to respond to “brushoffs” (and keep yourprospect on line)
  31. 31. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-19983Steps toDealingWith“Knee Jerk”ObjectionsEIA
  32. 32. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Use the “One Quick Question”Trigger Phrase“Matt, let me askyou one quickquestion…”
  33. 33. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998“… Are youabsolutely, 100%satisfied with thequality of the salespeople yourecruited and hiredover the last year?”
  34. 34. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Use a Knee Jerk Objections ChartKnee Jerk EmpathizeIn a meeting …Call me nextweek…Happy the waywe are…Not interested …Ignore +1QQ QuestionOne quickquestion …One quickquestion …One quickquestion …One quickquestion …
  35. 35. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Questioning &QualifyingStop “telemarketing” andstart “tele-prospecting”
  36. 36. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Probe for motivators• Pain/Gain• Time• Effort• Frustration• Cost• Frequency
  37. 37. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998“One thing we are hearing a lot from our clients is thatthe quality of candidates has seemed to decline. Letme ask…Scenario Questions“Turnover … virtually all our clients have expressedfrustration with the level of turnover they’ve beenexperiencing . Let me ask…??
  38. 38. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998“ Apart fromyourself, whoelse is involvedin recruitingand hiring…”Decision Maker Questions
  39. 39. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Presentation:How to give yourpresentation offer anedge
  40. 40. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Karen, based on what youhave told me, what I wouldlike to recommend at thisstage is …… we get together for abrief visit…What this will do is …But ultimately, what it willreally do for you is …
  41. 41. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Closing:How to get moreprospects to say yes andkeep the sales cyclealive and kicking
  42. 42. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998
  43. 43. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-19981.2.Get a commitment for anaction or next stepGet a specific date& time
  44. 44. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998“Matt, I’d be glad to get that information andproposal out to you. I can get it there by Tuesday.And what I’d like to recommend is that we set up …say … Wednesday morning at 8:15 to review theproposal, tackle any questions you might have anddetermine the next steps, if any.How does Wednesday, the 15th at 8:15 look foryou?”
  45. 45. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Matt, I’m a littleuncomfortable sending outthat material (quote, proposaletc.) if we can’t set up a followup date and time .If now is not the time todiscuss your recruitmentstrategy, I understandcompletely.And what I would like torecommend is that I follow upwith you in three months…SmokescreenObjections
  46. 46. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Call #1Call #2Call #3Call #4“…it would seem that now is notthe time to discuss employeedevelopment…and what I wouldlike to recommend is… If thingsshould change…”“…I have left a fewmessages but as of yet, wehaven’t been able toconnect…”
  47. 47. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998SpecialReport:8 StepsTo aPerfectFollow UpCallE-mail me at: Jim@Teleconceptsconsulting.comand ask for your FREE Special Report
  48. 48. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998• Little things are bigthings• Practice until you’reBLUE in the face• Hard workhelps• Smartwork isthe key• Don’t quitso easily• Tele-prospecting isn’tthe only way togenerate leads … but it’sa significant way
  49. 49. You’ve got 15 seconds© www.telesalesmaster.com613-591-1998Teleconcepts Consulting helps businesses that seek touse the telephone (and e-mail) more effectively to selland market their productsFor MORE Information simply call or e-mail:613 591