Struggling to Identify Top Candidates? Get Beyond Traditional Boundaries


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Are your “tips and tricks” now just standard operating procedure? Are you looking for fresh new ways to identify top candidates? With the rapidly changing atmosphere of candidate sourcing, it’s time to welcome a fresh, new perspective. Join us for a one-hour webinar with Andre J. Boulais, Manager of Strategic Sourcing at ExactTarget and industry expert on candidate identification, qualification, and acquisition. Andre will cover how ExactTarget excelled during two record-breaking years in a row of hiring – all with a limited number of staff. The information gleaned from this free webinar will include creative and unconventional tips to locate candidates, the roadmap that led ExactTarget from 500 to 2,500 employees in under 5 years, how to turn your Careers page into a talent portal, and much more! Thank you to sponsor Jobvite, for their support and bringing this webinar to our audience.

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Struggling to Identify Top Candidates? Get Beyond Traditional Boundaries

  1. 1. Struggling toIdentify TopCandidates? Breaking Traditional Boundaries Andre J. Boulais, Manager, Global Sourcing
  2. 2. Meet Andre J. Boulais • Lucky leader of the 7 member Strategic Sourcing division of ExactTarget's Global Recruiting team. • Team focuses on the talent acquisition of passive candidates across all divisions (Product, Sales, Services, Marketing) and global geographies. • Utilizing advanced Boolean searching, social media, job boards, networking and leveraging of professional relationships with candidates from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, we connect the best talent with their dream job at ExactTarget. • Seven years of full life-cycle recruiting experience with global agency. • @AndreJBoulais • @ExactTargetJobs
  3. 3. What you’ll learn today • How to hire like a hero (no matter the size of your team) • Ways to creatively identify, engage and hire top talent • Tips to win the war on talent (Hint: you’ll need allies) • How to be your company’s brand!
  4. 4. Use iTunes and Android to find developers
  5. 5. What we learned from the Harlem Shake video • Play to your strengths (video shared via LI and social media more than 1,000 views) • Culture is #1 differentiator for hiring at the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, so showing that is important • Candidates want to be engaged with NEW content vs. the same recycled spiel • iTunes and Android are great places to find developers
  6. 6. From Start-up to Global leader Or ‘How to hire like a hero no matter your size’ “Size matters not.” - Yoda
  7. 7. Before this happened… IPO March 22nd 2012
  8. 8. And this… March 14th, 2014
  9. 9. We were the little SaaS company from Indiana that could—and did—find and hire more talent with less!
  10. 10. How We Hired Like Heroes 2008 • Recruited and filled over 75 positions • 2 Recruiters total 2012 • Recruited and filled over 750 positions • 7 Recruiters and 2 Sourcers globally
  11. 11. “You have been a pleasure to engage with since the first intro email.” - ExactTarget Candidate 2013
  12. 12. Personalize InMails for Higher Response Rates
  13. 13. If at first you don’t succeed…
  14. 14. Topping InMail Response Rate Benchmark! Peers: • Blackbaud Inc. • Infusionsoft • Concur Technologies • Marketo Inc. • Indiana University H • Interactive Intellig • Kronos • QlikTech • Sitecore Corporation • A/S 10#1 of Recruiter InMail Response Rate for Global Recruiting at ExactTarget Note: Data is the average for the time period shown in the previous slide
  15. 15. “I wanted to mention again how extremely impressed I am with Exact Target and the candidate experience. It should be the model all companies follow. You succeeded in making me feel I was the most important candidate at every step of the way. ET not only talks the talk about being/living Orange but you definitely walk the walk and it was a true thrill to feel a part of it.” - ExactTarget Candidate 2013
  16. 16. Sincerity trumps speed, every time
  17. 17. Build a positive impression with your Business Unit • Invest a half day with the company or business unit you’re supporting to get a true feel for what it’s like to work in the department • Schedule LinkedIn lunch & learns to go over existing employee contacts (Bonus: Great if you already have an incentivized referral program) • Send hand-written thank you notes to your Hiring Managers
  18. 18. Developers love visitors
  19. 19. Leverage internal communications (Chatter, Yammer etc.)
  20. 20. Careers Page Content is King
  21. 21. Career Website
  22. 22. Encourage Live Interaction on your Careers Page
  23. 23. Instajob and ExactTarget
  24. 24. • Application that pairs customized photos with direct link to career site • Targets broad audience including HM’s, Recruiters, Social Media Managers, all business owners Instajob App
  25. 25. Instajob App • Take pictures to help build your employment brand • Office • Outings • Signs • Drive traffic to: • Career site URL • Twitter • Other social media
  26. 26. Be strategic around key events #marchmadness
  27. 27. ExactTarget featured on the Instajob website!
  28. 28. Social Media
  29. 29. The world is now connected via Social Media!
  30. 30. Social Media is a Two-Way Street • Social Media is a not only a great way to advertise your current jobs and your brand but it’s also imperative to LISTEN • Pay attention to who’s liking your LinkedIn posts or favoriting Tweets • Once you’ve engaged a candidate to commit to an interview your next stop should be to research them via social media • We’ve found out a Sales leader (and eventual ExactTarget hire) taught a class on Digital Marketing via Facebook and used that as a key talking and selling point • We’ve engaged candidates via Google+ and then set interviews
  31. 31. Step 1: Build Followers & Make Friends
  32. 32. Step 2. Make a plan
  33. 33. Step 3: Act on it
  34. 34. Sourcing Secrets
  35. 35. Recruit’em: Put your search engine to work
  36. 36. Twiangulate: Find the Followers
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Invest in a Strategic Sourcing Team 100% focused on passive (non-looking) candidates for key roles
  39. 39. Turn your agency $$ to zeroes by hiring heroes!
  40. 40. Why you can’t pass on passive candidates
  41. 41. Strategic Sourcing 100% focused on passive candidates • Serve as initial company Ambassador • Creative a positive 1st impression • 100% original content (we don’t send mass emails) • Long-lasting relationships start with 1st contact • Near 40% acceptance rate on initial contact (well above LinkedIn average of 15%)
  42. 42. Value of Sourcing for ExactTarget $630,000 $1,121,445.00 $350,137.00 2012 Agency Savings 2013 Agency Savings 2014 Agency Savings (to date) $0 $200,000 $400,000 $600,000 $800,000 $1,000,000 $1,200,000 Total Savings 2012 Agency Savings 2013 Agency Savings 2014 Agency Savings (to date)
  43. 43. College Recruiting is the Future There is no better grassroots investment!
  44. 44. Examples of ExactTarget College Recruiting • Rated Best Places for New Grads winner (2011 and 2012) by Experience • 100% Conversion rate for our Slingshot Internship Program in 2013 • 2013 Impact Award Finalist for Employer of the Year with the Indiana InternNET • Events we sponsor and attend- Hackathons, Networking events, Career Fairs, Corporate Sponsorships, Scholarships, Mock interviews, resume critiques, Career Advisory Boards…our first ever ET Foundation College Day at last Connections(48 attendees from 10 different colleges, 23% of those attendees received offers) • Partner with nine colleges and attended/held 50 events from September 4th- December 3rd • Both college programs started in 2007
  45. 45. ExactTarget college recruiting Hall of Fame
  46. 46. Want More? • To continue the conversation for next 30 minutes Tweet questions with: #SourcingSecrets
  47. 47. Thank you! Questions?