Sourcing Through Adversity: How Yahoo!'s Sourcers Shine During the Company's Tough Times


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Presentation from Sourcecon 2012 in Atlanta, presented by Aida La Chaux.

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Sourcing Through Adversity: How Yahoo!'s Sourcers Shine During the Company's Tough Times

  1. 1. SourceCon 2012 Aida La Chaux
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS • 25+ years of staffing experience as a staffing manager and sourcing manager at Apple, Excite@home, Yahoo!. • Built out the staffing function at Excite@Home from 3 to 24. • Recruited to Yahoo! and built a team of sourcers from scratch and grew it to 30+ at peak. • Currently manage a team of non-tech strategic sourcers.YAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 2 2/8/12
  3. 3. ABOUT YAHOO! • Yahoo! is the premier digital media company • We are both a media company AND a technology company • We’re 14,000+ employees in 24 countries around the world.YAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 3 2/8/12
  4. 4. HISTORY: BUILDING THE SOURCING FUNCTION AT YAHOO! • Be an advocate for your team • Promote visibility of team and individuals • Hiring and retaining the right talent • Trust is the gateway to team loyalty o Empowering self directedness of employees o Why loyalty matters • Metrics and Goals • Knowing your competition • Today: manage a smaller, nimble team that tackles all non-tech roles across the companyYAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 4 2/8/12
  5. 5. A YAHOO! TIMELINE • 2008 Microsoft • 2011 CEO fired and CFO assumed duties for interim • Speculation and Rumors in the Press during search for new CEO • 2012 Scott Thompson, new CEO hired • Founder Jerry Yang resigns from the boardYAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 5 2/8/12
  6. 6. CURRENT SITUATION • The challenges we faced in 2011: o Leadership changes o Fighting an uphill battle in the tech industry o Negative press o Candidate uncertainty o Yahoo’s being recruited heavily o Talent Landscape has changedYAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 6 2/8/12
  7. 7. OVERCOMING CHALLENGES • Internal pressures o Reality check for hiring managers-Talent landscape has changed o Managers changing job specs mid-search o ATS implementations o Staying motivated • External market pressures o Competitors o Shrinking local talent pool for niche competencies o Negative press o Evangelizing candidatesYAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 7 2/8/12
  8. 8. WHAT DID WE DO?• Cherry Pick Passive candidates and pick up the phone in lieu ofemails.• Get sourcers in front of hiring managers with recruiters• Tools: o ATS (Taleo) o LinkedIn - One sourcer awarded LinkedIn Top 3% Inmail user in the world. o Facebook o Jigsaw o• Events o Meetups o Local Candidate Networking events o Leverage positive press to motivate team and candidates• Sell with a genuine pitch
  9. 9. HOW DID WE DO IT? • We met weekly to collaborate on how to tell our story, engage candidates, answer the difficult questions • Developed team “sprints”, cross source candidates, review and implement arsenal of tools • Built pipeline for AE’s. AM’s, B2B, Finance, Legal and other rolesYAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 9 2/8/12
  10. 10. WINNING WITH SPRINTS • Conducted team sprints to identify and engage top talent for key positions. • Why do sprints? o Gives opportunity for team approach to generate new and different approaches. o Creates team synergy. o Fun. o Cross pollination of skills creating an agile team. • How? o Select a difficult to fill position -critical roles. o  Fills the pipeline for current and future opportunities. o Keep contacts warm.YAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 10 2/8/12
  11. 11. ALIGNMENT FOR SUCCESS • Partner with Recruiting Directors to ensure successful recruiter to sourcer alignment • Communicate regularly and often to sourcing team • Commiserate challenges and celebrate winsYAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 11 2/8/12
  12. 12. SUCCESS • Anything is possible when you have the right team and the right attitude. • Aggressive hiring goals exceeded YOY while sourcing team has become leaner and more effective. • 19% of our hires come from the direct efforts of our sourcing team.YAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 12 2/8/12
  13. 13. WHAT MIGHT THESE TRENDS MEAN FOR YAHOO! • Shift in how we think about recruiting • Req-less hiring • Talent Marketplace Intelligence is gold • Shift in what technology we invest in • Less dependence on the career portal • More microsites with custom content • CRM is the future • Shift in how we organize • More resources dedicated to building relationships vs “just” filling reqs
  14. 14. MORE TRENDS ACROSS THE TA LANDSCAPE• Increased competition o The need for speed (process) & quality (assessment)• Digital Media Talent is scarce and highly sought after• Removing barriers for internal talent mobility• Investing in Talent Build Strategy o College Recruiting programs on the rise• More Investment in Employment Branding
  15. 15. AND MORE TA TRENDS• Recognition that Talent is Anywhere &Everywhere• Evolution of the non-FTE workforce• The decline of the importance of the ATS and therise of the importance of the CRM Science + Art + Scale becoming Art + Science + Scale for TA• Shift from filling reqs to managing talentcommunities o Deeply personal digital experiences
  16. 16. TALENT WORKFLOW Client Pipeline Facing Recruiters Recruiters Qualified Lead Candidate Applicant HireContact Prospect Pre Req - CRM Req Open - ATS Relationship + Trust = Access
  17. 17. HOW WE FILTER TALENT IN THE WORKFLOW Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Client Worthy CRM-worthyEvent or conf lists, CRM ATSbiz cards, external referrals Contacts, Prospects & Leads HJ, CB, Mnstr Leads & Applicants searches 3rd party job boards & Y! CPs, internals, employee referrals Person of Interest: Meets the profile Fit a profile qualifications and is Research interested in further Talent hub discussions
  18. 18. FINAL THOUGHTS & MUSINGS Practice The pessimist As I go through my day today, I notice when, complains about the wind. under what conditions, and with whom I tend to The optimist adopt an attitude of pessimism, optimism, or expects it to change. leadership. The leader adjusts the sails. ~ John MaxwellYAHOO! PRESENTATION, CONFIDENTIAL 18 2/8/12