Sources Of Hire -- Channels Of Influence


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ERE webinar from July 25th Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler

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Sources Of Hire -- Channels Of Influence

  1. 1. Mark Mehler & Gerry Crispin 732-821-6652
  2. 2. Print is paper a candidate might read.College is a location employers target.Referral might be evidence of an employee connection..Walk-in suggests where a candidate will work.Monster is an online place a candidate might search.Linkedin is an online place a recruiter might search. ALL of these are SOURCES firms attribute to a hire. NO ONE source is mutually exclusive.A cross-section of any channel will surface several influences. Gerry Crispin & Mark Mehler CareerXroads www., 732-821-6652
  3. 3. Figure 1 During 4 weeks each year (January) 2012 we ask 200 staffing leaders for their SOH data. 200 25-50 competitive firms respond- 36 each with 1500 to 10,000+ 1,229,750 North American Employees. 150k-300k F/T openings are filled 213,375 by 1,000-3,000 Recruiters and Sourcers. 2,139Source: CareerXroads, 2/2012, Source of Hire Whitepaper
  4. 4. Figure 2 36% 38% 32% 34% 28% 39% 51% 50% 41%Source:CareerXroads,2/2012 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  5. 5. 201 201 200 200 1 0 9 8 Figure 3 Referrals 28.0% 27.5% 26.7% 27.3% Job Boards 20.1% 24.9% 13.2% 12.3% Career Site 9.8% 18.8% 23.2% 20.1% Recruiter Initiated 9.1% 5.0% College 6.6% 7.2% Rehires 4.3% 2.8% 2011 Social Media New 3.5% NA (as reported) 3rd Party 2.8% 2.3% External Print 2.2% 2.0% Sources of Hire Temp/Contract-to-hire 2.1% 2.4% Career Fairs 1.9% 1.8% Walk-ins 0.8% 0.7% Other 8.8%Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  6. 6. Figure 41997 Sources of Hire 28.7% - Newspaper ads 19.7% - Employee Referrals 10.4% - Agency (Contingent) 8.7% - Contract Recruiters 8.3% - Job Fairs 5.0 % - Other advertising 4.6% - Image advertising 4.2% - Trade journals 2.9% - College 2.9% - Resume services 2.1% - Agency (Search) 2.1% - Internet 1.5% - Radio
  7. 7. How do Sources combine to influence candidate action? Referrals Job Board Social Media
  8. 8. Figure 5 Referrals Career Site Recruiter/Sourcer Initiated Contact Job Boards Social MediaSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  9. 9. Figure 6 Company Career Site Social Media Company Recruiter/Sourcer Initiated Contact Referrals Stand AloneSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  10. 10. Figure 7 Company Career Site 76.7% Social Media Job Boards Recruiter/Sourcer Initiated Boomerangs (Rehires)Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  11. 11. Figure 8 Company Career Site Recruiter/Sourcer Initiated Contact Job Boards Referrals CollegeSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  12. 12. Figure 9 Q: What % of the INTERNS (that you want) do you convert?O% - We don t hire interns 3.0% 1-5% 15.2% 6-10% 9.1% 11-25% COLLEGE hires are drawn 18.2% In part from a pool of 26-50% Interns 50% larger than 21.2% their employer s F/T 51-75% 18.2% requirements… but only 37.3% accept an offer from 76-85% where they interned. 3.0% 86-90% 6.7% 81-95% A: 37.3% 96-99%100% - Everyone we want. 6.7%Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  13. 13. Figure 10 Q: How many Referrals does it take to make one hire? Nearly 1/2 of all companies* make at least 1 hire for every 5 referrals they get. A: 10.4*Source: CareerXroads, 1/2012, Referral Practices
  14. 14. Figure 11 Q: What impact does Social Media have? (Linkedin)Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  15. 15. Figures 12, 13Q: What impact does Social Media have? (Facebook) Q: What impact does Social Media have? (Twitter)Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  16. 16. Figure 14 Q: What impact does Social Media have? (Other)Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  17. 17. Figure 15 Q: How do you use major, niche and aggregate Job boards? Most Job board hires from Posted Jobs not Resume Searches 45.7% Posted Job hires are slightly ahead of those from Resume searches 22.9% Hires are pretty much balanced between Posts and Searches 22.9% Resume Search hires are slightly ahead of those from Posted Jobs 5.7% N/A. Recruiters aren t posting jobs or searching for resumes . 2.9% Most Job board hires are predominantly from Resume Searches not Posted JobsSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  18. 18. Figure 16Q: What % of your Job Board hires come from each site? Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  19. 19. Figure 17 Q: How do you collect Source of Hire Data? Self-Report 66.7% During interviews 38.9% Job dist. service reports 33.3% IP address reports 25.0% Other 22.2% New Hire Surveys 19.4% After offer is accepted. 16.7% Pure Guess 5.6% Onboard- Focus Groups 2.8%Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  20. 20. Figure 18 Q: Do You Oversee Everything Related to Recruiting? We touch every hire 65.5% We don t hire hourly at the plant 24.1% We don t hire Union 10.3% We don t hire hourly at the Store 10.3% We don t hire for every function i.e. Sales 10.3% We don t hire for every location 3.4% We don t hire 3.4% for every divisionSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  21. 21. Figure 19 What Do You Plan To Change In 2012?*-  Improve Employee Referral Programs (ERP)-  Increase Social Media and Linkedin SOH Channels-  Invest in Sourcing- internally as well as contract- Decrease the dependency on job boards.- Equip our recruiters with better tools-  Develop talent community/talent pool Channels-  Sharpen Branding efforts particularly with Diversity*see appendixSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  22. 22. Gerry Crispin & Mark Mehler Good Hunting! 732-821-6652 If you would like to be informed about our SOH whitepaper, please Register for our monthly Update at CareerXroads
  23. 23. APPENDIX Additional details of our Respondent ProfileExempt, Contingent, International, RPO, Tools Sourcing, Top Influences, Plans
  24. 24. Distribution of Figure A1 EXEMPT / NON-EXEMPT Hires (~ 2/3 Hires were Exempt) 5.6% of the respondents were 100% Exempt / 0% N-Exempt 16.7% of the respondents were 90% Exempt / 10% N-Exempt 25.0% of the respondents were 80% Exempt / 20% N-Exempt 11.1% of the respondents were 70% Exempt / 30% N-Exempt 13.9% of the respondents were 60% Exempt / 40% N-Exempt 8.3% of the respondents were 50% Exempt / 40% N-Exempt 5.6% of the respondents were 40% Exempt / 60% N-Exempt 5.6% of the respondents were 30% Exempt / 70% N-Exempt 8.3% of the respondents were 20% Exempt / 80% N-ExemptSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  25. 25. Distribution of Figure A2 Non F/T Workers (Average = 17.9%) 2.9% 26.5% 17.6% 20.6% % Contract, Contingent & P/T 14.7% 2.9% 2.9% 2.9% 2.9% 5.3%Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012 % Employers Responding
  26. 26. Figure A3 How Respondents Handle Contract/Contingent/PT Workers We have a master contract with a vendor to supply contingent labor with professional skills in areas such as 51.7% Engineering, IT, etc. We have a master contract with a vendor for all hourly- P/T labor. 48.3% We stay out of this area as much as possible and have little or no responsibility for it. 31.0% We have dedicated recruiters and sourcers for these areas. 24.1% We have bolted on vendor management modules to our ATS in order to better manage contingent 3.4% labor.Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  27. 27. Figure A4 We hire Globally (in most countries) but have , 37.8% no Breakdown of Sources We Dont Hire Globally 24.3% We Hire Globally but have no data or, getting the data would be a major undertaking 21.6% We have it all and can benchmark by country if the opportunity 16.2% presented itself.Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  28. 28. Figure A5 ALL of the US F/T hiring is done with our own Recruiters. 54.3% ALL or most of our GLOBAL hiring is done with a centralized TA Leadership team. 42.9% ALL or most of our GLOBAL hiring is done In a decentralized TA Leadership. 14.3% Weve outsourced SOME F/T US recruiting to an outside RPO vendor. 17.1%Weve outsourced SOME F/T Global recruiting to an outside RPO vendor. 17.1% Weve outsourced MOST F/T US recruiting to an outside RPO vendor. 2.9% Weve outsourced MOST F/T Global recruiting to an outside RPO vendor. Weve outsourced ALL F/T US recruiting to an outside RPO vendor. 5.7% Something Other 8.6%Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  29. 29. Figure A6 Our CRM is independent of our ATS [30.0%] Our CRM is integrated with our ATS [20.0%] We do not have a CRM [50.0%]Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  30. 30. Figure A7 We have a separate F/T Sourcing Group [41.9%] No Specialized Sourcing Roles We Purchase No Specialized what we need Sourcing Roles [9.7%] Full Life Cycle Recruiters do it as necessary [48.4%]Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  31. 31. Figure A8Top 5 Influences onSources of Hire
  32. 32. Figure A9 Top 5 Influences on Sources of HireSource: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  33. 33. Figure A10Top 5 Influences onSources of Hire
  34. 34. Figure A11Top 5 Influences onSources of Hire
  35. 35. Figure A12 What Do You Plan To Change In 2012?We rebuilt our entire US recruiting model for 2012 to enable stronger sourcing of candidates by our recruiters (to lower agency spend)We do feel good about our ERP %.We are implementing a sourcing RPO model in 2012.Update and re-launch employee referral program as it has been declining; ongong review of job board ROI;More emphasis on direct sourcing, bought some new packages with Linkedin, Ladders,Obtain CRM systemMore targeted, better management of ROI for channelsWE would like to decrease the dependency on job boards in order to control costs a bit more.We would also like to equip our recruiters with better tools (CRM, LinkedIn Recruiter) to be able tosource more effectively and proactively in client meetings.More data and analytics to drive decision making vs. Recruiter gut feel on sourcesMoving away from job boards, towards social media tools – increase in LI and newer sources like Branch OutAdvertising on Social MediaMore Pay-per-click promotion, strengthening SEO strategyAdding more mobile capabilitiesRetargeting applicants who join our talent communityWere adding intelligence information (Wanted Technologies) and video interviewing technology (Interview Stream ?)which, if successful, may change how we approach our current process.Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  36. 36. Add more sources, developing new career site and increasing social media. Figure A13 We are going to pilot some sourcing around military. We continue to be focused on Diversity sourcing, focusing on employee referrals and social media Recruiters taking more of an advisory role in recruiting. We are looking to leverage LinkedIn more and be less reliant on CareerBuilder. We are also looking to leverage sourcing capabilities vs "post and hope". Use of more social media Launched a new Employee Referral Program in late 2011 that should drive referral % up for 2012. New program includes social media technology (TalentVine) as well as new promotional strategy. Leverage more social media and increasing recruiters direct sourcing capability and time. Launch a web 2.0/social media strategy to recruit and retain candidates. Increased utilization of LI job posting slots / continued focus on building a talent network accessible via our CRM / enhanced utilization of our sourcing team Refocus on social media Implement more data and analytics that track from apply to hire. Hire sourcing team, ramp up social media efforts, greater mobile presence, less job postings and invest more in marketing to passive channels, maximize resume and sourcing databases such as our CRM More direct sourcing Less reliance on job boards, continue to wind down print, track everything. Find those things we do well and focus on them in each LOB, market, and niche.Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012
  37. 37. More sourcing for our most critical roles Figure A14 Increase social media presence and Integrate CMR web based tools to Oracle More competitive intelligence, broader use of Linked In, passive candidate sourcing, pay per click campaigns, eliminating major job boards. Engage more - less post and pray for the right candidate Increased use of RPO for high-volume jobs More branding sharpening Explore community building based on skill set/thought leadership We have dramatically shifted from major boards to LinkedIn, SimplyHired and Indeed. We are also focusing more effort on Facebook and LI recruiter license use. We are now in the redesign phase of our career center as well. Increase brand recognition with Diversity sources to increase pipeline of diversity candidates.Source: CareerXroads SOH, 2/2012