Social Media Strategy Secret Sauce: How Intel Makes Data-driven Decisions


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Session from the ERE Expo Spring 2011, presented by Allen Stephens, Keith Molesworth, and Tiffany Peery

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Social Media Strategy Secret Sauce: How Intel Makes Data-driven Decisions

  1. 1. Social Media Secret Sauce: HowIntel Makes Data Driven DecisionsKeith Molesworth, Tiffany Peery, Allen Stephens
  2. 2. Agenda • Intel’s Social Media approach • Employer Branding • Objectives for using Social Media for Recruitment • Existing Social Channels for Recruitment • The Recruiter View of Social: Tiffany Peery • Measurement of Social Media channels: Keith Molesworth • What’s Next for Intel2 
  3. 3. The Business Case for Social Media •  Go beyond tradi+onal marke+ng crea+ng brand advocates •  Create communi9es reaching audiences on and off domain •  Humanize our technology and brand •  Communicate directly and build long las+ng rela9onships  •  Share our passion and let others share with us •  Engage the influencers and social “celebri+es” •  Close the feedback loop by extending customer service •  Increase SEO, and harness keywords and linking Intel Confiden+al  Page 3 
  4. 4. Intel’s Social Media Approach  Listen / Monitor  Build  Engage  Measure •  Monitor, report and •  Create strategies for •  Find the right places •  Measure what BE in learning mode marketing, sales, for your content matters•  Manage risk  and customer (on / off Intel •  Create insights•  Understand who is  support properties) •  Change real time talking about your  •  Design social •  Be resourced •  Use different tools brand (influencers,  content that is •  Facilitate new for different advocates and   contextually relevant, conversations and measurements skep+cs)  interesting and communities•  Understand where  shareable •  Participate in they have these  •  Develop and foster existing discussions conversa+ons  advocacy and •  Be human, speak•  SOV / SOC influencer programs their language•  Leverage listening •  Use best practices •  Integrate across tools – Radian6 marketing disciplinesIntel Confiden+al  Page 4 
  5. 5. Digital IQ Training  •  Global training for external Social Media Prac++oners  •  Presented by key Intel SMEs and SM COE – 30 mins  •  SM Guidelines serve as backbone  •  Legal and Security Cau+ons  •  Modera+on Policy  •  Best Prac+ces  •  Win‐Win  –  Eases management concerns  –  Framework for increased par+cipa+on  –  Everyone is on the same page  –  Transparency  •  Mul+ple languages Intel Confiden+al  Page 5 
  6. 6. Social Media Rules of Engagement   •  Be transparent.  •  Be judicious.  •  Write what you know.  •  Percep+on is reality.  •  It’s a conversa+on.  •  Are you adding value?  •  Your Responsibility.  •  Create some excitement.  •  Be a Leader.  •  Did you screw up?  •  If it gives you pause, pause.  LINK TO GUIDELINES Intel Confiden+al  Page 6 
  7. 7. Employer Branding • Intel perceived as a ‘chip company’, low awareness of diversity of careers, culture and work environment • Sponsors of Tomorrow peels back the walls and shows the brilliance inside • Employees showcased intelligent, innovative, and dedicated; quirky and fun7 
  8. 8. US Latin America India China Israel8  Malaysia 8
  9. 9. Social Media for Recruitment: Objectives • Close perception gaps around Intel culture and the breadth of career opportunities available. • Source and hire candidates by building a two-way relationship and humanizing Intel as a great place to work.9 
  10. 10. 37,000 views 63,000 followers 7,763 followers10  2,500 views per month, avg time spent 2.5 mins 10
  11. 11. 11 
  12. 12. 12 
  13. 13. The Voice of the RecruiterTiffany PeeryVirtual and Marketing Program ManagerIntel US College Recruitment and Internship Programs
  14. 14. Making Social Media Work •  Social Media takes time and commitment….. So, does it really pay off? •  Let’s take a few minutes to look at a recruiters take on Social Media including… –  Data that drives my strategy – A look into some of my social media exploits –  Some of the benefits I’ve personally experienced –  Lessons Learned14 
  15. 15. Focus Groups have offered insights…15  2008 Campus Research: Mary Scott Resource Group
  16. 16. Usage is up..but attitudes are the same.16  2010 Campus Research: Mary Scott Resource Group
  17. 17. Direct Quotes from our Target Audience when asked about employers using Social Media to recruit: •  “Employers are the LAST thing I •  “This feels unprofessional.” want on my Facebook page!” – University of Florida Student •  “Keep Facebook out of the professional world. It doesn’t belong •  “I was told I had to join their fan there.” page! I didn’t want to – but felt I had to. It’s open for so many people to •  “I don’t consider Facebook as see!” having anything to do with employment.” •  “If I join your fan page, other companies will see it!” •  “Fan Pages are juvenile, not serious.” •  “A recruiter sent me a friend •  “Twitter is a toy for old request?! That invades my privacy.” people.” (This one was too priceless not to include!)17 
  18. 18. Why engage if that is the attitude? • This is a sampling. NOT everyone feels this way. • Social Media is evolving and usage continues to grow. • We don’t want to miss the boat! • Everything we do is an “option”. Nothing is forced on anyone.18 
  19. 19. LinkedIn - Intel Student Lounge Group19 
  20. 20. Blogging: Inside AND Outside of the CompanyBuild your personal brand and gain visibility in the process…20 
  21. 21. Twitter •  It started out personal…. • ..but evolved into so much more…21 
  22. 22. What I’ve Learned…. •  Set up a Personal Profile AND a •  If you FORCE a recruiter to use Professional Profile if you are Social Media – they will be less concerned about “expressing effective than those that opt in. yourself”. •  These channels are WORK. One •  Use multiple3rd party applications tweet a week won’t cut it! to keep things separate – Usually •  Be patient building your following. this applies to the Facebook/Twitter It’s about having the right junkies (like me). connections. (Quality vs. Quantity) •  Make it easy on yourself– LinkedIn •  People are loyal to your brand when Updates feed to Twitter which feeds they make a solid connection – to Facebook…. even if it’s just a virtual connection. •  Be Authentic/Human •  Be cautious with Facebook •  Social Media does NOT mean you recruiting and marketing. (Let them are publishing your home address for opt-in!) all to see. 22 
  23. 23. Final Thoughts If you don’t engage online, trust me… •  people notice. •  Commit to a 2 way dialog! •  Don’t take on more than you can effectively handle. •  It’s not just about recruiting. The branding/marketing opportunities are endless. (…including your own personal brand..)23 
  24. 24. Measuring Recruitment ChannelsKeith MolesworthGlobal Staffing Channels & Employee Referral Program ManagerStaffing Marketing and Channels
  25. 25. Measuring Channels • In the past we made channels investment decisions by anecdotes and inertia • For a number of years we discussed the need to better measure performance • Put together a global team to – Create a Channels Measurement tool “Dashboard” – Establish processes and tools to support channels measurement – Train Managers, recruiters, Staffing Consultants – Sustain the process (retrain, dashboard enhancements, retrain, remind, refresh)25 
  26. 26. 26 
  27. 27. jobsa9ntel Tweets  8,000  12%  90  7,000  10%  80  6,000  5,000  8%  70  60  4,000  6%  50  3,000  4%  2,000  40  2%  1,000  30  0  0%  20  Nov  Dec  Feb  Jan  Aug  Jul  Sep  Oct  Dec  May  Jun  Mar  Apr  10  0  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec  Global Followers  Follower Growth  600  500  400  300  200  100  0  Dec  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec  Matches  Referrals to JAI 27 
  28. 28. Measurement • Incorporating measurement into the recruiter role by training and enabling them to generate their own URLs for AutoTracking. • Conveying the importance of tracking the source is in their best interest, because if we can prove that the channels they are using are effective, then I can make the case to obtain more money. • Without the data it’s hard to get the money. •  Recruiter anecdotes only go so far and are notoriously suspect. • We centrally manage channels so we can have these discussions across regions and teams. • Recruiters utilize dashboard to develop source plans for their groups. Managers can use info for investment decisions. –  Usage varies by region/country –  Usage Increasing –  Very effective in gaining credibility with hiring managers28 
  29. 29. What we’re seeing • Social Media 2-3% of hires • Our Career Site is top channel for hires • College Recruitment our #1 –  We realize it’s more of destination than a channel • Aggregators generating a HUGE number of applicants & now #1 job board (big • Employee Referral Program is a great funnel) source for us* –  We’re working to re-ignite this program globally right now –  Looking at options to leverage SM29 
  30. 30. 2010 U.S. Hires Source  % of hires  Jobs at Intel web site  40%  College Recrui+ng  35%  Direct Mailing  7%  Employee Referral  6%  Job Board  5%  Social Media  3%  Job fair/event  3%  Adver+sements  1%  Agency  <1% 30 
  31. 31. U.S. Social Media Channel Performance Source  Hires  % of SM hires  LinkedIn  42  68%  Facebook  14  22%  Intel SW Network  4  6%  Jobs@Intel blog  1  2%  Twimer  1  2% 31 
  32. 32. Ongoing efforts • Dashboard improvements –  Just finished “phase 3” –  Looking at different environments –  Create a “predictive” component • SEO – for our requisitions. –  In final stages of getting this off the ground –  Doing well with our Career Site already • Mobile - –  Our first phase of a mobile optimized site is due any day –  Adding more functionality once that is live –  Goal to have way to “apply”/connect to Intel on mobile device –  Mobile App on roadmap32 
  33. 33. What’s Next
  34. 34. What’s next for Intel Today Future More broadcas9ng , less engaging  Build and implement social media tools and  processes to engage and aXract candidates  Basic listening framework in place via Strategic  Take ac9on on conversa9ons flagged via listening.  Build  Employer rela9ons   a model to share data across stakeholders and assign  conversa9ons to be followed up on.   Presence is social networks established:   Provide infrastructure to equip Staffing with the tools  LinkedIn, Facebook, TwiXer, Links on Job at Intel  and skills to engage; e.g. ‘playbooks’  Inconsistent engagement in social channels by  Social media ‘ambassadors’ in place in each staffing team  recruiters.    who are passionate and can engage consistently.   Exis9ng presence is inconsistent across channels:   A more connected presence:  Leverage content across all  They are managed somewhat independently  the channels; build automa9on to streamline pos9ng of  jobs, up‐level capability to communicate and measure  our employer brand in exis9ng channels.   Gegng traffic with limited marke9ng.  Implement SEO for Social prac9ces to obtain more traffic;  market social channels more consistently to increase  traffic 34 
  35. 35. Listening process Central monitoring via Cyvielance35 
  36. 36. Playbooks36 
  37. 37. Engage Social Media Ambassadors37 
  38. 38. Q&A38