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New Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, and hopefully one of yours was to make the most effective use of your recruiting budget. Whether you are starting the year off with a small budget allocation or a larger one and are awaiting the inevitable notice from finance that your budget is being revised (rarely a good thing), leveraging low and no cost recruiting approaches that are effective is always good business.

Small budgets scream for creativity, but they also demand rigorous execution. A failed initiative that consumes a tenth of your budget really hurts when you have precious little wiggle room. While many recognize the most common low cost approaches, the tips and tricks to getting the most from them are not as well known. This webinar will highlight the most effective low cost recruiting approaches and dive deeper in to how to use each for maximum return.

Attending this webinar will provide you with:

A checklist of low-cost recruiting approaches that many have found widely effective
Tactical guidance on low-cost program execution to maximize effectiveness
Strategy tips on leveraging other people’s time and money
An exercise on understanding the true cost of any program/initiative

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  • Small Budget - Big Recruitment

    1. 1. Small Budget – Big Recruitment Webinar | January 22, 2014 Master Burnett Director of Strategy | @masterburnett
    2. 2. My Background ©2014 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
    3. 3. Agenda • • • • • My Paradigm Small Budget Realities Key No/Low Cost Approaches Getting Creative Questions ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
    4. 4. SMALL BUDGET REALITIES Embracing Iterative Execution
    5. 5. LEAN – Iterative Execution Most recruiting budgets are weighted down with antiquated and inefficient approaches carried over from yesteryear! Highly Targeted $$$$ $ $ $$$ Adaptive LEAN 1 Define Value 2 Design Core Workflow 3 Minimize Workflow 4 Just-in-time Service 5 Improve ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
    6. 6. LEAN – Practical Execution 1. Understand where budget goes (look at activity) 1. Staff – 50-70% → 40% 2. Tools – 20-30% → 20% 3. Programs – 0-30% → 40% 2. Split budgets 1. Two-month increments 2. Core – 30% 3. Variable – 70% 3. Shift to other peoples time/money 4. Tactical iteration 1. Mid-increment No matter how effective and efficient you evolve your systems, they will never overcome the failings of the greater business. ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
    7. 7. KEY NO/LOW COST APPROACHES Core Programs and Basic Toolbox Approaches
    8. 8. Core Programs 1 Employee Referral Understand motivation, use structured activities, no long-term program 2 Recycle Loop Candidates (Alumni, Silver Medalists, Target Trajectories) Nurture, greener grass, improves ROI of previous spend 3 Direct Sourcing Training, internships, alternative data sources / unlikely places, social media 4 Automation What’s mandatory, what adds value/works 5 Events Non-employment focused, meet-ups, hobby groups, memorable, influencer 6 Press Tell your story, make your company personal, play the gimmick ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
    9. 9. Optimizing Employee Referral 1 Assuming it Works as Intended…It doesn’t if not structured to! 64% know fairy/very well, Offer Acceptance ↑ 16.3%, Turnover ↓ 15.2%, Ratio of 3:1 versus 18:1 41% not sure, hesitant or unwilling to participate again based on past experience. 2 Referral Programs are a Tool Employee, Social, Partner, Executive, etc. Establish very clear goals about how the referral program(s) contribute to your greater strategy. 3 Who, What, When, Why Structure drives performance, without you get externally driven results. Experience drives sustainability. Deliver prioritized fast response, be transparent, over communicate. 4 Awareness / Support 21% Awareness, embrace campaign model, use multiple channels, keep program visible/top-of-mind, make marketing sharable (Create, Publish, Reuse, Share, Measure). Only 13% satisfied with guidance. 5 Play to true motivation Drive messaging around top three motivations, reward desired activity, make rewards time relevant. 6 Embed in Business Operations Departmental meetings, quarterly meetings, etc ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
    10. 10. GETTING CREATIVE Different Thinking When Core Programs Are Not Enough
    11. 11. Creatively Tackling Challenges Open Houses / Factory Tours Group Interviews Speed Interviews Free Open Training Pub Crawls / Talent Hunts Personalized Courting Get Attention Cards, Conferences, Walk Abouts Cell Phones, Billboards, C-Level Calls Odd Adverts, Events, Free Offerings ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
    12. 12. THE END (STILL AWAKE?) Master Burnett @masterburnett (415) 738-8000 x301 ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent