Globalizing Recruitment at ADP (Peter de vries and Francois Sholtz)


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Globalizing Recruitment at ADP (Peter de vries and Francois Sholtz)

  1. 1. Globalizing Your Recruitment FunctionPresented by Francois Scholtz and Peter DeVriesPresented at ERE – April 2013
  2. 2. Introductions Prior to ADP, Lucent Technologies, SAPAmerica, SAP AG 17 years experience in InternationalStaffing University of Johannesburg, Ind. Psych Has worked and lived across NorthAmerica, Europe, Africa, Russia, Israel,MENA, Asia, Latin America and Australia2Francois ScholtzStaffing Leader, ADP ESI & GlobalView Prior to joining ADP, Principal Consultantat The Newman Group (a Korn/FerryCompany) 13 years experience in Staffing processand organizational optimization Experience helping large companies(Yahoo, GM, Kaiser Permanente)implement process/technology at scalePeter DeVriesGlobal Staffing Solutions Leader
  3. 3. Agenda3 Introductions The Business Case for Globalization– What it is and how to build it Designing a Global Recruitment Process & Infrastructure Creating a Platform for Change:– ADP Global Recruitment Council Continuing the journey:– Next Steps and Ongoing Initiatives Q&A
  4. 4. 4The Business Case for Globalization
  5. 5. The Business Case for Globalization: Challenges Alignment within HR Organization Alignment with Business Leaders Perceptional loss of control and influence Perceptional lack of local understanding Obtaining accurate data for business case Limited resources Navigating the cultural dynamics5
  6. 6. The Business Case for Globalization: BenefitsRecruiting is a strategic function for best in class companies like ADP Increases competitiveness as a global hiring organization Reduces overall expenditures by leveraging: Creates & leverages subject matter expertise Increases employer visibility and leverages brand in the marketplace Improves candidate/hiring manager experience Improves ability to measure ROI on Recruitment Leverages consistent technology and process model to increaseefficiencies Enables strategic data transparency6
  7. 7. The Business Case for GlobalizationADP’s International Recruitment Challenges Pre-Globalization No ADP labor “supply chains” in place internationally, Lack of strategic global workforce planning and comprehensive locationstrategy High Dependency on Agency model – extremely expensive Recruitment resources were not appropriately leveraged or Not scalable – limited expansion options Lack of consistent compensation Go-to-Market approach, limitscompetitiveness Lack of consistency in process, best practices and service delivery7De-centralized Recruitment Organizations struggle with efficiencyand effectiveness and often face highcost, redundancies, compromised talent quality, ineffectively allocatedresources, and inconsistent service delivery
  8. 8. The Business Case for GlobalizationADP’s International Recruitment Challenges Pre-Globalization Overall lackof transparency into hiring process, spend, effectiveness, etc. Unable to track and measure Recruitment KPIs including Time to Fill, Costper Hire No access to global recruitment spend. No global workforce forecasting or reports, inhibits planning activities Turnover/Attrition figures were not historically available8De-centralized Recruitment Organizations have difficulty capturingstrategic data critical to managing organizationalperformance, understanding workforce dynamics and achievingoverall talent objectives.
  9. 9. Globalization ROI: Direct Savings and Cost AvoidanceReduction in overall sourcing spend (collateral, jobboards, advertisement) Reduced advertising costs:– ADP specific gains: 25% reduction in job board spend Reduced agency spend:– ADP specific gains: 20% reduction in internationalagency spend Additional cost avoidance through– Reduction in Time to Fill– Reducing lost revenue with sales vacancies and– Improvements in Recruitment efficienciesThe Business Case for Globalization
  10. 10. 10Bottoms-upBenefitsPerspectiveBusinessModelingTop-downPerspectiveFinancialAnalysisRecruitmentROIEnablingElementCoreDeliverablesThe Business Case for GlobalizationFoundation for the BusinessCase – the Four Elements
  11. 11. Financial AnalysisBusiness ModelingTop-downPerspectiveBottoms-upBenefits PerspectiveOBJECTIVE ANALYSISThe Business Case for GlobalizationFoundation for the Business Case – the Four Elements
  12. 12. 12Designing a Global Recruitment Process andInfrastructure
  13. 13. Pillars for designing a Global RecruitmentProcess and Infrastructure Facilitate staffing efficiencies for everyone involved in the hiring process- Consistent process & consolidated purchasing for staffing tools/technologies- Streamlined ATS experience for all users- Clearly defined roles and responsibilities Create a seamless candidate experience- Common, consistent branding and marketing language- Deliver candidate experience in local language- Treat all candidates as potential future clients Deliver meaningful metrics that provide actionable data for decision making- Common language for recruiting metrics- Consistent staffing dashboard across businesses and geographies- Reduce manual reporting – make sure it’s reportable
  14. 14. The recruiting platform of the future14StrategicWorkforcePlanningT.A.OperationalEffectivenessUniversityRecruitingDiversityProgramsSourcingCenterOfExcellenceEmployeeReferralProgramInternalMobilityCareer Portal – Mobile Access – Email – SMS – Social – Chat – WebMeetingCandidateProspectingJob AdSyndicationCampaignMgmt.MicrositeLandingPagesInteractiveCommunityEmployment Value Proposition / Employment BrandingContent Management Platform (video, rich media, collateral, etc.)Applicant Tracking System / OnboardingReportingandMetrics
  15. 15. 15Creating a Platform for Change:ADP Global Recruitment Council
  16. 16. Creating a Platform for Change• Common challenges when creating a global platform:• Every business feels its challenges are unique• A consistent process and technology requirescompromise• At an individual level, managers and recruiters oftenask “What’s in it for me?”Overcoming these challenges requires a comprehensivechange management strategy with both an INDIVIDUALand ORGANIZATIONAL focus
  17. 17. Creating a Platform for ChangeINDIVIDUAL FOCUS Organizations don’t change – individuals do Clearly articulate the benefits for all stakeholders Understand the resistance faced by each stakeholderORGANIZATIONAL FOCUS Create a platform to manage change centrally – butgather input and support locally Develop tools and processes to support all stakeholderaudiences
  18. 18. Creating a Platform for Change:ADP Global Recruitment CouncilHiring Manager Effectiveness – Create a One ADP mentality – providing aconsistent Recruitment process across geographies and providing one tool set formanagers to meet their global Recruitment needsStaffing/HR Effectiveness – Identify, develop and implement effective andinnovative Recruitment strategies – sharing best practices, creating synergiesacross geographies and businesses, and maximizing efficienciesGlobal Recruitment Planning – Understand our Global workforce needs andplanning process – establishing a global talent network and candidate pipeline –the right job, in the right place, with the right talentPURPOSEEstablish a forum for key Recruiting, HR, and Business Stakeholders around the world todevelop sustainable Recruitment strategies, processes and toolkits across ADP –establishing a OneADP approach to recruiting and onboarding.FOUR Key GoalsCandidate Experience – Improve the candidate experience, presenting a OneADPapproach to attracting talent internally and externally – improving the candidateexperience with a global career section to search ADP jobs globally.
  19. 19. Global Recruitment CouncilExecutive SponsorsFunctional SponsorsProject Management TeamKey StakeholdersOther StakeholdersProcess /ConfigurationWork StreamTeam MembersTechnology /IntegrationWork StreamTeam MembersMetrics /ReportingWork StreamTeam MembersBranding /Career PortalWork StreamTeam MembersPrograms /PoliciesWork StreamTeam MembersCommon Change Management Platform and MethodologyGlobal Recruitment Council - Program Structure
  20. 20. 20Continuing the Journey: Next Steps & Ongoing Initiatives
  21. 21. Improve recruitment experience for external candidates and associates Simplify global online candidate experience Consistent, improved candidate communication during recruitmentprocess Leverage common Recruitment platform across all countries Harmonize referral and mobility policiesContinue building capabilities in Recruitment & Staffing Focus on core competencies of recruiter Provide training to reinforce these key competencies Implement recruiter scorecards to drive behavior Leverage metrics to drive continued business process improvementand innovationNext steps – Evolution in Recruitment
  22. 22. Recruitment enabling ADP’s Growth as a Human Capital ManagementLeader – continuous improvement through thoughtfulanalysis, including: Benchmark data & analysis Workshops and Focus Groups Stakeholder Surveys Executive InterviewsThe future evolution of ADP’s Talent Acquisition : Continuous structured improvement on EFFECTIVENESS & EFFICIENCY Identify future needed skills in Human Capital Management Talent throughconsultative TA service delivery model, strategic global workforce planningand use of competency modelsOngoing Initiatives
  23. 23. Q & A23