Optimizing The Candidate Experience


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ERE webinar from 11/18/2009, presented by Erin Peterson.

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Optimizing The Candidate Experience

  1. 1. November 2009 Building World Class Candidate Experience To protect the confidential and proprietary information included in this material, it may not be disclosed or provided to any third parties without the approval of Hewitt Associates LLC.
  2. 2. About Hewitt   The world's largest provider of multi-service HR business process outsourcing and the only firm fully integrating HR outsourcing and consulting   More than 65 years experience in putting clients first   Approximately 23,000 employees in 33 countries Erin M. Peterson VP of Global Talent Acquisition 2 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  3. 3. Agenda Why World Class? Mobile Marketing Candidate Communications Candidate Surveys Onboarding Welcome Portal 3 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  4. 4. Polling Question How many of employed adults report they are at least somewhat likely to look for new jobs once the economy turns around? A.  0 – 25% B.  26 – 50% C.  51 – 75% D.  76 – 100% *2009 Adecco study 4 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  5. 5. Why World Class? Negative Experience Positive Experience   Decline in the acceptance of   More hires employment offers   Strengthens a   Decrease in the company’s quantity and quality employment brand of applicants applying   Reduces cost per hire   Negative image of the company in the labor market 5 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  6. 6. Building a World Class Candidate Experience   Reviewed how candidate experience could be optimized by enhancing recruiting programs –  Candidate touch points –  Type and frequency of communications –  Interactions with candidates –  Measuring candidate experience   Cross discipline talent acquisition team 6 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  7. 7. World Class Candidate Experience Project Charter   Re-energize sourcing, interviewing, offer & on-boarding processes to   Provide a consistently great experience to candidates and   Reflect best practices. 7 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  8. 8. World Class Candidate Sub-Projects Global Candidate & Onboarding Candidate Process Manager Assessment Surveys Integrate personal Customer A solution to Greater interaction with satisfaction manage new hire predictability of innovative surveys transitions from success in role technology point of accepting with consistent their offer to their standards start date 8 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  9. 9. Global Process Framework Vision Integrate personal interaction with innovative technology to create an outstanding candidate experience. Future Possibilities   Dynamic on-line role information   Video connection with candidate   Video screening   Self-service scheduling   Web portal to share logistics information 9 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing 10 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  11. 11. Polling Question There are currently 4 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. How many subscribers are projected by 2013? A.  4 to 4.9 billion B.  5 to 5.9 billion C.  6 to 6.9 billion D.  7 to 7.9 billion 11 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing: Creative Connections Worldwide, 4 billion mobile subscribers 3 billion using text messaging “Opt-in” = target audiences with a clear 72% of those interest in between 25 – 49 company years old use text 53% of those who messaging. send & receive text messages are 35 years old and up. Statistics by Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA) and Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) 2009 12 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  13. 13. Mobile Marketing: Benefits For Candidates…   Stay engaged with a target company and latest career opportunities   Maintain confidentiality   Able to easily opt-in or out of mobile campaigns For Recruiters…   Build “opt-in” talent community.   Offer prospects a discreet alternative to staying current on the latest opportunities   Demonstrate company is innovative and “forward-thinking”   Accurately measure success 13 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  14. 14. Sample SMS Campaign Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Send a text msg. New subscribers Subscribers are 3. Actuarial job Subscribers may 4. Subscribers with the keyword receive an auto- now able to view posting, engage or express engage by ‘HEWITT1’ to response which new opportunities mobile- interest by filling responding 88000.  confirms their opt- via a mobile- optimized. out here… short a very in participation.  optimized site (w/ “contact us” form.   job listing).   14 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  15. 15. Candidate Communications 15 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  16. 16. Polling Question What percentage of organizations use their talent acquisition providers for contact management? A.  10 – 25% B.  26 – 40% C.  41 – 55% D.  56 – 80% 2009 Bersin & Associates: “Talent Acquisition Systems 2010: Executive Summary” 16 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  17. 17. Communications: Avoiding the “Black Hole” I submitted my My application resume generally was sent in 2 but I haven’t heard weeks ago but anything… no word yet…. I thought the interview went well My friend referred but it’s been a week me but I haven’t with no update…. heard anything….. 17 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  18. 18. Communications: Avoiding the “Black Hole” •  Communicate at every stage of the process •  Reliably •  Consistent messages •  Automate delivery based on status 18 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  19. 19. Eliminating Candidates with a Positive Spin Generate Positive Hewitt Image New Job Seekers Learn About Hewitt P O S I Free & Confidential T Candidate Applies Service I V AID IN JOB SEEKER’S SEARCH E I M A G Candidate Evaluated Referred to E AllianceQ Candidate Dispositioned 19 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  20. 20. 20 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  21. 21. Reimbursement: Where’s the Money? Problem Solution o  Delay with expense +  Prepaid AMEX Card with reimbursement checks ATM access o  Required ongoing +  Candidates receive expense communications with reimbursement within 7-10 candidates days o  Lack of visibility into status of +  On-line request system reimbursement +  Card co-branded with AMEX and Hewitt branding 21 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  22. 22. Candidate Surveys 22 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  23. 23. Survey: Questions and Objectives Questions Overall Hiring Experience Offers Why was offer accepted / declined? Offers Accepted Process Experience Declined Hiring Manager Interviews Company Best Practices Comments Info Obtain candidate view Manage & reward performance Determine trends Identify key drivers for declines Learn of key competitors Find out what is impressive 23 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  24. 24. Survey Benefits: “We Hear You” In response to candidate feedback, we have:   Streamlined processes   Improved handoffs and transitions   Implemented additional communications to new hires   Shared feedback with recruiters   Learned more about the expectations of candidates 24 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  25. 25. Onboarding Welcome Portal 25 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  26. 26. Polling Question Top-performing companies with formal onboarding procedures in place saw what percentage of improvement in new employee engagement? A.  5 – 15% B.  16 – 25% C.  26 – 35% D.  36 – 45% 2009 Aberdeen “Fully On-Board: Getting the Most from Your Talent in the First Year" 26 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  27. 27. Welcome Portal: Scope & Objectives Pre-Hire: offer accept to prior to state date to Day One: Start Date   Create “wow” experience   Improve timeliness and efficiency of information delivery   Eliminate paper and postal delivery costs   Increase compliance 27 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  28. 28. Welcome Portal: Structure Benefits   Better connection to new hires Hewitt.com prior to start   Easier access to information   More reliable, efficient and Welcome! cost-effective method for delivery of pre-hire and virtual orientation materials   Reaffirm a candidate’s choice to accept employment offer Before Your Your   Form a positive impression of You First First Hewitt Start Day Week 28 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  29. 29. Welcome Portal 29 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]
  30. 30. Questions? 30 [Title MM/DD/YYYY]