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Making a Candidate Yours Forever Starts With A Time Investment - And the Payoffs Are Huge! - Jackie Nabat
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Making a Candidate Yours Forever Starts With A Time Investment - And the Payoffs Are Huge! - Jackie Nabat



Don’t let your hot prospects – and your big payday – slip away. Candidates, like significant others, need to be nurtured and cared for. Building the right relationship takes time and commitment ...

Don’t let your hot prospects – and your big payday – slip away. Candidates, like significant others, need to be nurtured and cared for. Building the right relationship takes time and commitment but has huge rewards. The payoff is you won’t have to worry about counteroffers, and you’ll get introduced to a whole new network of other great talent — a sure-fire way to grow your business.



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Making a Candidate Yours Forever Starts With A Time Investment - And the Payoffs Are Huge! - Jackie Nabat Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Making aCandidateYours ForeverWhy Reinvent the Wheel?
  • 2. Making a Candidate Yours ForeverDon’t let your hot prospects – and your bigpayday – slip away. Candidates, like significantothers, need to be nurtured. Building the rightrelationship takes time and commitment but hashuge rewards. The payoff is you build a referralnetwork based on friendships, follow yourcandidates to the top, and create a food chainthat organically feeds your volume ofproduction and saves you time through referrals.WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER = FUN + $$$
  • 3. Where Do Our Candidates Come From?
  • 4. You need to continue to find newcandidates/bird dogs!Like the saying goes:Make new friends, but keep the old.One is silver, the other gold.
  • 5. Would I be impressed if I… Googled you? Viewed your profile on Facebook orLinkedIn? Read your tagline? Viewed your postings?
  • 6. It Is Important to Position and BrandYourself It sets you apart from your competition It draws in business by using key wordsthat search engines recognize It lends to credibility It’s your way to advertise…for free, exceptfor some time investment
  • 7. Positioning and Branding YourselfWhat Do You Need to Do? Invest the time Write a good bio, fix your tag line, updateyour posts on your website, LinkedIn, etc. Name drop, who placed, references Sell your skills, niches, associations, offer uptips, use buzz words, connect to groups Perception – you’re connected Makes clients and candidates haveconfidence in you Then…keep it updated!
  • 8. Building a Relationship Matters What is of value to them and why? Motivators
  • 9. Be Their Consultant Help them to figure it out Give them constructive feedback Assess placeability Not a fit, get basics and move on
  • 10. Live By the Golden Rule Tell them if you can’t help them Manage their expectations Be genuine, they appreciate it
  • 11. So You Think You Found a Fit! Complete compensation breakdown Counter offer Relocation Who else is involved? Has this been discussed? What is your plan?(Roleplay)
  • 12. Where Deals Fall Apart Where have they sent their resume or hadan interview? Where are they in the process with each? Have they ever worked with a recruiter? Discuss expectations of how you work It’s your career, I am just your guide Open communication – things change
  • 13. Prepare for Next Steps Availability and best times tointerview, numbers and timezones, airports, etc. ASK FOR REFERRALS
  • 14. Closing the Loop Agree on timeline for candidate actionitems (reference checkforms, addendums, referrals) Manage the expectation for feedbacktime frame Reminder of commitment to let you knowabout any changes
  • 15.  Has anything changed? Nurture them with information to besuccessful – preparation breeds confidence Let them know what you told the company Have examples of what matches the job specand what is on their resume General prep - $, enthusiasm, dress code Closing techniques, counter offer/pendingoffersCandidate PrepBuild Rapport, Make Deposits
  • 16.  Discuss pros and cons of current job, andother career opportunities Follow up protocol Source/ask for referralsCandidate PrepBuild Rapport, Make Deposits
  • 17. Interview Follow UpWhere Deals are Saved/Won Debrief Check their pulse Compare pros and cons Trial close Counter offer Source and remind them of other referralsyou need Find a back up candidate
  • 18. Protect Your Client’s Asset…and Your Placement Remind them of their commitment to callwith any updates, including: Situational changes Recruiter or company calls/interviews Current job changes, raises, promotions This is a mutual investment Do you have references yet? Backup(re)sources?
  • 19. Update, Offer, and Placement Do not reverse the order!
  • 20. After Acceptance Walk candidate through the steps they mustnow take Go over counter offer, other offers, takingtheir resume off the boards, walk throughresignation and what could happen Are you prepared to tell your boss you don’tlove them anymore? Send sample resignation letter Find out their date of resignation Role play
  • 21. Pre-Start Date Send candidate congrats card/level appropriate gift Ask for a LinkedIn recommendation Stay in touch with candidate Find out how the resignation went Call them every couple of days; feel their pulse Check to see that their resume is not posted (if that ishow you found them) Ask them if they have been contacted about any morejobs. Remind them to call you if there are any changes Ask them for referrals Call them the day before they start and wish them luck
  • 22. After Placement Call them after their first week Call them in 1 month, after following up withthe company Remember to ask for referrals and companynews Contact them no less than every 2-5 months –maintain rapport, find new info aboutclient/industry, source for other job orders LinkedIn referral? Use as a reference source?
  • 23. Keeping up the Rapport Send tidbits and make deposits Checking in and what’s new Life events:illnesses, birthday, anniversaries, relocations, new jobs Use the info you gathered: calendaralerts, annual emails Remind them of what you wouldappreciate, offer up your assistance Genuinely say thank you Remember to stay in touch and market inyour #2’s if they were strong candidates
  • 24. Making Them Loyal to You“I Want to Know First” Reminder Dynamic world/things change quickly;appreciate professional courtesy of aphone call or heads up Save the deal Be the first to know about “news” or jobopenings Become the Consultant/be “in the know”
  • 25. Making a Candidate Yours ForeverPeople Will Help People They Like If you treat people well, they remember If you’re helpful to others, they will like you It is easier to make 1-4 calls to yournetwork of old and new friends than it is tomake 30 cold calls
  • 26. The Takeaway is… You don’t need to reinvent the wheel By investing your time throughout theprocess, you develop deeperrelationships That makes this job about networking andnot cold calls, which makes this careerfun, easier, and more financiallyrewarding