Leveraging Your Current Talent Acquisition System As a Candidate Relationship Management Tool


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ERE Webinar from 1/20/2010, presented by Alex Tellez.

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Leveraging Your Current Talent Acquisition System As a Candidate Relationship Management Tool

  1. 1. Sponsored by:  In Partnership with:  January 20, 2010 © 2010 HRchitect 
  2. 2.   Over 13 years of experience in the Talent Acquisition field   Extensive Talent Acquisition experience includes:   Director of Direct and Contingent Recruiting Operations   Project manager on multiple Talent Acquisition software systems   Director of Managed Talent Acquisition Solutions   Trainer of Recruiting and Associated Systems   Managed and consulted on many comprehensive projects in the areas of system assessments and implementations; training management; workflow analysis and development; and process re-engineering for ATS and Talent Management Systems   Involved with the implementation of over 25 Talent Acquisition projects including Blockbuster Video, Lyondell Chemical, Kindred Healthcare, Avanade Consulting, 3M, Manpower, NCO Group, McAfee and Sabre Holdings   Certified implementer on Taleo (Enterprise and Onboarding), Authoria and SmartSearch Applicant Tracking Systems; SmartSearch and WorkCard Vendor Management Systems; and is AIRS certified
  3. 3. •  Technology Strategy Development •  Business Process Redesign & Optimization •  Service Delivery Analysis •  Software Evaluation and Selection •  Implementation •  Systems Integration •  Change Management/Adoption •  Business Analytics •  System Administration Services •  ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Consulting
  4. 4.  WebMingles are broadcast live each Thursday at 2PM Central  Top industry analysts and vendors are featured  First episode of 30 Days in 30 Minutes airs tomorrow, 1/21
  5. 5. Candidate  Rela8onship  Management  Talent  (CRM)  Acquisi8on  Performance  Compensa8on  Management  Talent  Management  Learning  Succession  Management  Planning 
  6. 6. CRM, simply put, is a method for recruiters to continually engage prospective candidates with your organization. With the goal to hire prospective candidates that are an ideal fit for your organization; CRM is vital to that objective.
  7. 7. The primary components of CRM are: •  Verbal and written communication with prospective candidates •  Documentation of conversations with prospects •  Managing and tracking follow up tasks with prospects in structured method
  8. 8. •  Yes •  No, but planning on implementing w/n next 6 months •  No, but planning on implementing w/n next 12 months •  No, no plans to implement •  Not familiar with automated CRM
  9. 9. •  Prospects forget about or lose interest in your organization without continual interaction. •  Without a structured method to manage/track follow-up tasks, recruiters lose focus and may not be held accountable. •  CRM survives a recruiter. If done properly, you don’t have to rebuild history with a prospect if a recruiter leaves the organization.
  10. 10. •  Sources from passive and active candidate recruiting techniques •  Applicants with an ideal profile not ultimately hired •  Referrals
  11. 11. Typical functions of robust CRM software may include: •  Tools to mine for passive and active candidates on the web, job boards and social networking sites •  Prospecting/Sourcing Workflows •  Task/Activity management tools •  Robust email correspondence and campaign features •  Tools to export prospect data or integrate data with your ATS/TAS.
  12. 12. •  Yes •  No •  We don’t currently use a TAS
  13. 13. Most applicant tracking and talent acquisition systems can be used to perform many CRM functions, put with some limitations. Let’s look at how we can overcome some challenges with your ATS/TAS…
  14. 14. Some ATS/TAS integrate with talent data mining tools and job boards. If your system doesn’t have this functionality, here are solutions for creating talent profiles in your system: •  Manually Create Candidate Profiles •  Batch Import Candidate Profiles (.csv /.xml) •  Import Profiles via an Email Reader
  15. 15. As you work with your legal resources on using your ATS for CRM with passive candidates, consider the following strategies: •  Segregate passive candidates from the applicant pool •  Use a consistent method for determining the applicant pool •  Apply accurate source tracking data •  If possible, leverage your system’s data segregation and permissions features
  16. 16. Requisition Based •  Use category specific “dummy” requisitions for CRM (apply data segregation if possible) •  Create and apply CRM specific workflows •  Attach to an actual requisition when interest is established CRM Pipeline Workflow  Applicant Tracking Workflow 
  17. 17. Folder Based •  Use hierarchical folders per job category •  Attach to an actual requisition when interest is established Project  Engineers  Managers  Iden6fy  Iden6fy  Contact  Contact  Interest  Expressed  Generate  Generate  Leads  Leads  30 Day  30 Day  Follow Up  Follow Up  60 Day  60 Day  Follow Up  Follow Up 
  18. 18. As you move prospects through your pipeline, use your system’s various tools to manage next steps, such as: •  System task/activity scheduler •  Scheduling features with integration with Outlook or Lotus Notes •  If your system does not have either of the above features, be diligent in managing tasks with your organization’s calendar tools (Outlook, Notes, etc..)
  19. 19. Use your system’s email correspondence features to follow up with prospects or to alert them of special events: •  Tie in letters with your pipeline to manage email campaigns •  If available, leverage your system’s workflow auto-trigger features to send email as you move a prospect through your pipeline
  20. 20. •  No •  Yes, we use LinkedIn •  Yes, we use Twitter •  Yes, we use facebook •  Yes, we use multiple social networks
  21. 21. Many ATS career portals can leverage RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds and social networking sites. If your ATS has these features: •  Encourage prospects to create a profile on your career portal and create matching criteria for certain job types •  Encourage prospects to accept notifications for new job openings •  Create a CRM specific career portal. Post “campaign” job postings to this portal so you can leverage RSS and social networking sites to mimic your email campaigns
  22. 22. Items to consider when determining if you can leverage your ATS/TAS as a CRM tool: •  Does your system have many of the features and functions outlined in this presentation? •  Consult with your organization’s legal resources. What’s their comfort level on performing CRM in the same database with your applicants?
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