Lead Generation Tools that Get Results


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Mark Berger's presentation from the Fordyce Forum 2008

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Lead Generation Tools that Get Results

  1. 1. Lead Generation Tools That Get Results A look at some of the most popular and productive commercial tools available to the sourcing and recruiting community. By Mark E. Berger, CPC, CIR
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Why Use the Tools? The Big Boards Resume Generating Tools Name Generating Tools Business Networks Social Networks Resume Distribution Services
  3. 3. Monster; CareerBuilder; HotJobs; et. al. On the plus side… Database Population Easy to Search Active Status of Candidates On the minus side… Competition Among Recruiters Competition Among Clients Active Status of Candidates
  4. 4. Getting Passive Candidates
  5. 5. Random Resume from Search
  6. 6. Resume Generation Tools Uses an interface to search the open web for resumes using your input. Diver (Broadlook Technologies) ResumeFinder (eGrabber) Platinum Recruiter (InfoGIST) TalentHook (TalentHook)
  7. 7. Why Use Them? Access to tens of millions of web resumes. Increases productivity by saving hours of manually searching and reviewing results. Easy to use interface. Solid ROI.
  8. 8. Broadlook Diver
  9. 9. eGrabber’s ResumeFinder
  10. 10. Platinum Recruiter by InfoGIST
  11. 11. TalentHook
  12. 12. Name Generation Tools Uses an interface to search a proprietary database of names (profiles) resumes using your input. SourcePoint (AIRS) ZoomInfo (ZoomInfo) SearchExpo (SearchExpo) SGA Executive Tracker (Sheila Greco)
  13. 13. Why Use Them? Names are aggregated from lists, scraped from websites, or generated manually. Easy to use interface, usually searchable by industry, title, location, and other filters. Great ROI if the service has the type of person you are recruiting.
  14. 14. SourcePoint (AIRS)
  15. 15. ZoomInfo
  16. 16. SearchExpo
  17. 17. SGA Executive Tracker
  18. 18. Business Networks Use an interface to search for contacts within a group of business professionals. LinkedIn Spoke At least dozens more.
  19. 19. LinkedIn – cpa audit public in or near 43210
  20. 20. LinkedIn – Results Page
  21. 21. Social Networks Use an interface to search for contacts within a group of individuals interested in dating and socializing. Tip - Turn your pc speakers off! MySpace (100mm) FaceBook (40mm) Friendster (60mm)
  22. 22. MySpace – technology/internet/web designer/html
  23. 23. MySpace – Results Page
  24. 24. MySpace - Abi abicushman.blogspot.com http://maps.google.com/
  25. 25. Resume Distribution Services Services that charge the job seeker a fee to distribute their resume to the recruiting community. Mostly free to recruiters. Status – Very Active. ResumeDeliver - www.resumedeliver.com ResumeBlaster - www.resumeblaster.com ResumZapper - www.resumezapper.com ResumeAction - www.resumeaction.com ResumeAdvance - www.resumeadvance.com ResumeSpider - www.resumespider.com
  26. 26. ResumeSpider.com – My Settings
  27. 27. My Outlook – 6022 Items
  28. 28. Google – “resume distribution”
  29. 29. In Closing… Have a plan…create a process. Investigate ways to make the Internet help you. Experiment – try different sites, different techniques – learn what works best for your office. During slower times, use the Internet as a source of marketing leads.
  30. 30. Please contact me with any post-presentation questions or comments at: Mark E. Berger Swat Recruiting 314-962-7515 mark@swatrecruiting.com http://www.swatrecruiting.com Invite me to your LinkedIn network!!!