Innovation in Staffing: The Future of Talent Development + Engagement


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Presentation from the ERE Expo 2011 Fall, presented by Amy Buck.

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Innovation in Staffing: The Future of Talent Development + Engagement

  1. 1. Building a Ferrari by Amy Buck 9.11ERE
  2. 2. in no va tion1.  Something new or different introduced.2.  The act of innovating: introduction of new things or methods.
  3. 3. Roadblocks
  4. 4. Winning the race
  5. 5. 1. Build the (Agile)team This is your Ferrari, think horsepower
  6. 6. 2. Solve a businessproblem Urgency + Value
  7. 7. 3. Get a businesssponsorCredibility, Validation, Influence
  8. 8. 4. Provide the vision Know the reason why
  9. 9. 5. Communicate:embrace the PurpleCow Bust through clutter, motivate to action
  10. 10. 6. Remove obstaclesto action Be prepared to “do it for them”
  11. 11. 7. Never let up Traditions die hard
  12. 12. 8. Make it stick What gets measured gets managed
  13. 13. Real life exampleSIO and Cisco Talent Connection
  14. 14. SIO Organization SIO PortfolioR&D Delivery Common Services Sustaining •  Marketing/OA •  Business Analytics •  Technology
  15. 15. Complex Business EnvironmentWeb 2.0 COLLABORATION 50+ Market Adjacencies Collaborative LeadershipGlobalization Entering New Business Models
  16. 16. By the Numbers >4,000 Open opportunities 2% profiles completed Survey: Almost 50% of employees sayBusiness Imperatives “internal development opportunities are NOT available”
  17. 17. Talent Connection Journey Back-door Current manager/ Limited visibility Post and pray interviews, notified staffing “My talent”into opportunities at application limited involvement Current Open Opt-in manager Both managersmarketplace of employees notified after and staffing “Cisco talent” opportunity contacted employee is as partners vetted
  18. 18. How Talent Connection Works Managers Managers / regularly engage Employees: in open If both hiring manager Managers: conversations Once a requisition and employee are with employees interested in moving for open position is regarding their forward in selection approved, it career automatically posts process,, employee development notifies current manager on CareerPath soopportunities and that employees can of decision to pursue their areas opportunity. see it and apply of interest. for it. Managers need to Managers: Then a Selection ensure that a hiring To augment the slate Qualified candidates’ Meeting will be decision is made Employee creates of candidates who information scheduled between the within 5 days of the CareerPath profile and apply, recruiters will sent to manager for hiring manager, current Selection Meeting. opts in to also search for review and decision on manager learn more, recruiters candidates who have whether to interview. and recruiter. may contact. the skills and expertise to match Interviews take place. the position.
  19. 19. Communications RTP Career Fair Video/Photo Contest Grassroots Targeted Mass
  20. 20. Talent Connection Metrics Evolution KPIs Stabilization Success Staffing Staffing Program Focused Focused Focused Execution / ProgramExecution / Activity Activity Goals & Based Based Objectives Drive the over-allPerformance Ensure Process Success of to Process Stabilization Talent Connection
  21. 21. Talent Connection Program SuccessMeasures Enterprise Engagement/Adoption Enterprise Business Value As Presented in the Qtrly OPS•  Awareness •  Cost Avoidance/Savings •  Survey Cost Saving Elements •  Cost savings due to internal hires vs. external •  Web Hits hires•  Participation •  IT Cost Savings •  Profiles/Opt In (Open Market) •  Staffing Cost Savings •  Total Candidates Attached to •  Reduction in voluntary attrition Requisitions (Open Market) •  Reduction in Time to Fill = if the TC Operational Success Employee Career Development •  Pulse Results (Yearly) •  Internal Recruitment effectiveness (% of total •  Staffing Career Growth survey question (link reqs filled internally) to pulse score improvement) •  TC Hire = #of Hires that have gone through •  Promotions through TC (measureable career the TC Process (Search, Selection Mtg) growth through requisitions) •  Over-all Process Satisfaction •  % of reqs filled with employees with a •  TTF difference between Internal & External completed profile Requisitions
  22. 22. Success Stories—Pilot & Beyond Pilot Launch> 3% employees performing below average participated No rush of low performing employees wanting new Internal reduced time to fill by 25 days roles ~ 20% employees promoted into new role 1330 requisitions filled internally in 3 months, 48% of No rush of employees wanting to be promoted open reqs filled internally Hiring satisfaction increases 10% when recruiters 100% manager participation in Selection meetings source employees 75% employees say TC effectively aided in career + 23% response when communications were targeted growth
  23. 23. The mechanics Starting team 2 years of 35 ended $150k comm’s with 11 1 market 8 off-sites 1 launch party study $150k 60 program 3 launch dates recruiter reviews training 200+ HR 1 Proto, 1 500 speaking presentations global Pilot engagements
  24. 24. •  Fancy org names•  Hire marathon runners not sprinters•  Keep it simple
  25. 25. Build the Ferrari
  26. 26. Pre-race Checklist 1. •  Build your team 2. •  ID the business problem 3. •  Get your sponsor 4. •  Define the vision 5. •  Create your comm’s/OA plan 6. •  ID stakeholders & obstacles 7. •  Carbo load & test endurance 8. •  Measure and don’t let up, accountability
  27. 27. Resources•  Our Iceberg is Melting, John Kotter•  Coaching Agile Teams, Lyssa Adkins•  Me,