How to Win in the Relationship Economy

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Jon Bartos' presentation from the Fordyce Forum 2008

Jon Bartos' presentation from the Fordyce Forum 2008

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  • 1. • Difficult to get people on the phone • Candidates taking control of hiring processes • Candidates have multiple opportunities • Offers getting turned down • Candidates accepting counter offers • Employers doing everything to keep good employees • Becoming more difficult to influence decisions
  • 2. • Baby Boomers retiring ( (5‐10 million more jobs than p p ) j people) • Multigenerational mix in the workforce • Employment tenure • Unemployment (4.6% ‐ 5.1%) • The Emergence of the Relationship economy
  • 3. Definition: “Economy created by the convergence of technology y y g gy and the use of it that accelerates the power of relationships and facilitates dynamic communications – from peer to peer and to entire groups” • Good for those in the network • Not good for those not within network • Birth of social networking
  • 4. In this Economy: “Y Your relationships will b will b your net l i hi ill be ill be worth.” “Your ability to influence decisions based on your relationship will be imperative to your success.” success • Trust • Influence
  • 5. Understanding how to deal with different generations:
  • 6. • View of Work • Loyalty • Messages that Motivate essages a o a e • Feedback and Rewards • Work/Life Balance • Communication Methods
  • 7. • Baby Boomers • What impact they will have on their team • The Vision of the company and how they will participate • Their word is still important to them • Respect their experience and accomplishments • X Generation • What s What’s in it for them? • How the position can help their next step in their career • Training and Development they will receive • Work Life Balance • YG Generation or Mill i Millennial i l • How the job will keep them engaged • The work environment • The culture of the organization g • Coach/Mentor relationships work • Watch out for Squatters • Life is Work and Work is Life • Use technology to your advantage gy y g • Power of Teams
  • 8. • Communication Priorities Today • Instant Message (IM) • Text message on cell • Voicemail on cell phone • Email • Voice mail on land line
  • 9. • Explain roles and Set expectations up front • Take “A” players to the market, get exclusivity A market • Find all available opportunities for “A” talent A • Join only the social network media that you will use and focus on • Relationship Marketing: Touch your candidate pool monthly y • Develop long‐term relationships – “Trusted Advisors” • Platinum Rule not Golden Rule
  • 10. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, It nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” ‐ Charles Darwin
  • 11. Understand the importance of Relationships Understand the Generations Build “trusted advisor” relationships “Success in the Relationship R l i hi Economy! Economy!”
  • 12. Jon Bartos 513.701.5910 513 701 5910 Jonathan Scott International, LLC 5700 Gateway Blvd. Suite 400 Blvd Mason, OH 45040 www jonathanscott com