How to Improve Quality-of-Hire and Efficiency using Web 2.0 Reference-Checking


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ERE Webinar from 10/18/11 presented by Jack Kramer.

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How to Improve Quality-of-Hire and Efficiency using Web 2.0 Reference-Checking

  1. 1. SkillSurvey  Pre-­‐Hire  360™   Revoluonized  Assessments  for  Business  
  2. 2. 1  minute   5  minutes  2  seconds   10  minutes   Page 2
  3. 3. About  Us:  SkillSurvey  •  Inventor  of  web-­‐based  reference  checking  with  a  patent  pending  •  Providing  Reference  SoluEons  since  2002  •  25,200+  Candidates  in  September     –  September  2010  –  14,200+   –  151,000+  people  experienced  the  SkillSurvey  process  •  490+  customers  •  220+  surveys  in  current  inventory     –  Cynthia  Hedricks,  PhD,  Chief  AnalyEcs  Officer   –  18  Surveys  for  IT  roles,  12  for  Sales  roles,  9  for  Customer  Service  roles,  19  for   Finance  roles,  68  Clinical  and  Healthcare  related  roles   Page 3
  4. 4. Sample  Clients  &  Partners  Financial Services & Healthcare Gov, Non-Prof & Edu Services & IT Pharma & Medical Insurance Engineering & Consumer Products & Energy & Utilities HR Related Manufacturing Construction Retail
  5. 5. Customers  for  Today’s  Audience  
  6. 6. TradiEonal  Phone  Checking   Quality  of  Hire   Behaviors    
  7. 7. From  Candidate  PerspecEve  –  Today’s  Approach   Phone interview I’m a Team PlayerRecruiter Face to Face Candidate I interview well I’m terrific Resume Personality / Behavior I work really hard, weekends Assessments too! Page 7
  8. 8. From  Reference  PerspecEve  –  Today’s  Approach   Phone interview She’ a Team PlayerRecruiter Face to Face Reference She works hard Resume She’s terrific Personality / Behavior Assessments I would hire her again, yes! Page 8
  9. 9. A  New  PerspecEve  –  The  New  Paradigm   Phone interview Work Ethic Face to Face Dependability IntegrityRecruiter Resume Teamwork Personality References Personality / Behavior Interpersonal Skills Assessments Page 9
  10. 10. Comparison   SkillSurvey Solution Typical Phone CheckMore  references   5+  business  references   2  to  3   50%  of  which  are  former  or   current  Supervisors  Faster   1  to  2  days   3  to  5  days  Guide  Hiring  Managers   Previous  managers  assisEng  in   No   leading  interview  Pauses  a  hiring  decision   5%  -­‐  10%  of  candidates   <  1%  of  candidates  Passive  sourcing  tools   5  references  per  candidate  –   2-­‐3  on  paper  or  in  ATS  –  not   warm  leads     uElized  Compliant/Legal  Risk   Supports  compliance  with  EEOC   Uncertain/Inconsistent   and  OFCCP   Page 10
  11. 11. Why  You  and  SkillSurvey?  •  Improve     –  Quality  of  Hire   –  Hiring  Manager’s  Interview  EffecEveness   –  Efficiency   –  Passive  Sourcing  •  Drive     –  Compliance  and  Consistency  •  Elevate  Recruitment’s  Role   Page 11
  12. 12. Improve  Quality  of  Hire   SkillSurvey References Perceive That 10% or more of Candidates Have Great Developmental Need Avoidable, High Risk Candidates = over Great $420k in savings annually (see next slide)Developmental Need Coachable,  Moderate  Risk  Candidates  =   Moderate Interview  and  on-­‐boarding  assistance   Minimal 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Percent Page 12
  13. 13. Hard  ROI  Example  Johns Manville, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading manufacturer and marketer ofpremium-quality building insulation, commercial roofing, roof insulation, and specialtyproducts for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. q  293 Candidates entered in 2010 q  30.33% with a moderate or great developmental need – medium or lower scoring q  With SkillSurvey, avoided 6 hires at $70,000 salaries q  Bad hire avoidance of a little less than 5% of external hires q  Approximate $420,000 Cost Savings Page 13
  14. 14.   Improve  Hiring  Manager’s  Interview  EffecEveness  •  Lack  of  consistency  for  hiring  managers  •  Managers  looking  for  differences  in  candidates  •  Probing  quesEons  driven  by  previous  managers’  comments   Page 14
  15. 15. Low  Scores  Guide  Targeted  QuesEons   Page 15
  16. 16. Improve  Efficiency  –  Time  and  Money   Screen  to  top  3  candidates    Recruiters  Source  Candidates   Page 16
  17. 17. Improve  Efficiency  –  Time  and  Money  •  Improve  efficiency  –  me  and  money  •  Six  Sigma     ü   From  60  work  weeks  to  4.8   Use  of  SkillSurvey  Pre-­‐Hire  360®  Resulted  in  a  92%  Reducon  in  Time  Spent  Reference   60   Checking   50   Work  weeks  to   reference  check   40   2,272  job   30   candidates   20   10   0   Telephone   SkillSurvey  
  18. 18. Passive  Sourcing  by  the  Numbers   Talent  Pipeline  and  Funnel   • MulEplier  Effect  Based  on   100   300   1,500   Number  of  Candidates  Screened  Job opening Candidate Reference • Builds  AutomaEcally   s s Industry  Professionals  with  Whom   To  Network  and  Source   •   “Great  People  Know  Great   People”   • “Warm  Lead”  vs.  “Cold  Lead”   An organization 3 candidates 3 candidates 85% of the 1,500 contacts opt in to learn about future has 100 job apply on average SkillSurveyed and career opportunities. 1,500 x .85 = 1,275 passive openings for each job = 300 provide 5 references candidates candidates each = 1,500 potential contacts Page 18
  19. 19. Increase  Compliance  and  Consistency  •  SkillSurvey  reference  feedback  shows  no  differences   between  sub-­‐groups   –  Helps  support  your  efforts  to  remain  EEOC  and  OFCCP   compliant    •       Standardized  process    •       Eliminates  risk   – In  a  decentralized  environment,  recruiters  tend  to  do  things   their  own  way   Page 19
  20. 20. Why  You  and  SkillSurvey?  •  Clear  ROI  for  Finance  and  Budgets   –  Quality  of  Hire   –  Turnover   –  Efficiency   –  Passive  Sourcing    •  Quickly  Implement  and  Easy  “Win”  for  HR  •  Elevate  Recruitment’s  Role   Page 20
  21. 21. 1  minute   5  minutes  2  seconds   10  minutes   Page 21
  22. 22. Step  1:  Enter  Candidate  Data  
  23. 23. Step  1a:  Select  Survey  
  24. 24. Step  1a:  Select  Survey  Send emailto candidate
  25. 25. Other  Libraries:  IT,  Customer  Service,  Healthcare,  Finance,  etc
  26. 26. Other  Libraries:  IT,  Customer  Service,  Healthcare,  Finance,  etc
  27. 27. Other  Libraries:  IT,  Customer  Service,  Healthcare,  Finance,  etc
  28. 28. Other  Libraries:  IT,  Customer  Service,  Healthcare,  Finance,  etc
  29. 29. Other  Libraries:  IT,  Customer  Service,  Healthcare,  Finance,  etc
  30. 30. Survey  Availability   Job Level ► Entry- Hourly Clerical Professional Supervisor Manager Executive Job Family LevelGeneral ü ü ü ü ü ü üProduction ü ü ü ü üSales ü ü ü ü ü ü üMarketing ü ü ü ü üIT ü ü ü ü ü ü üOperations ü ü ü ü üCustomerService ü ü ü ü ü üR&D ü ü ü üAdmin ü ü ü ü ü üFinance ü ü ü ü ü üLegal ü ü ü ü ü üHR ü ü ü ü ü üEngineering ü ü ü ü üEducation ü ü ü üHealthcare ü ü ü ü ü ü ü
  31. 31. Step  1a:  Select  Survey  Send emailto candidate
  32. 32. Step  2:  Candidate  Enters  References  From: Your Company Name RecruitingSent: Thursday, June 6, 2011 Automated  Email  From  To: Patrick T Recruiter  to  Candidate  Subject: Your Company Name Selection Process Information Explaining  the  Process  Dear Patrick T,Thank you for your continued interest in the Major Account Sales position with your co name. As alreadyexplained to you, a critical step in the selection process is reference checking. org name uses web-basedreference checking for this purpose.Please click on the link below. It will open a web page where you will input your reference. You will alsobe able to review a sample of the questions being asked and the email that will be sent to yourreferences. Your references will be emailed a reference survey and their responses will be submitteddirectly back to SkillSurvey. No one will see your references individual responses because all responsesare electronically aggregated together to produce one summary report.Note that all references will be responding as individuals, not as representatives of any company ororganization.Please click on the following link (URL) to begin:
  33. 33. Step  2b:    Candidate  Inputs  References  
  34. 34. Step  2c:  Candidate  Confirms  References  and  Signs  Legal  Waiver   Proof  of  Consent   “…I  hereby  release  any  such   person,  their  company,  and  any   affiliated  officers,  directors,   agents,  and  employees  from  any   and  all  claims  I  may  have  arising   out  of  the  disclosure  of  such   informaEon…”  
  35. 35. Step3a:    Automated  Email  Sent  to  All  References  From:  Patrick  T  Sent:  Thursday,  June  6,  2011  To:  ScoZ  Davies  Subject:  Patrick  T  Reference  Request      Dear  ScoZ  Davies,    I  am  pursuing  a  professional  development  opportunity  and  Id  like  to  use  you,  as  well  as  several  other  individuals,  as  a  professional  reference.  All  you  need  to  do  is  complete  a  short  (less  than  30  quesons),  confidenal,  web-­‐based  survey  regarding  my  skills.      No  one  will  see  your  individual  responses  because  the  system  averages  the  responses  from  all  of  my  references  together  to  produce  one  summary  report.  To  further  ensure  confidenality,  no  report  will  be  produced  unless  at  least  3  people  respond.      Please  note  that  you  will  be  responding  as  an  individual,  not  as  a  representave  of  any  company  or  organizaon.  Also,  I  have  executed  a  legally  binding  agreement  that  releases  you  as  well  as  any  organizaon  with  which  you  are  now  affiliated  or  have  been  affiliated  in  the  past,  from  any  potenal  liability  for  providing  this  informaon.    The  process  is  quick  and  easy.  Please  click  on  the  following  link  to  begin:  hZp://      If  you  have  any  quesons,  you  can  email  me  at      Thank  you  for  your  me,  Patrick  T   Page 35
  36. 36. Step  3b:  References  Receive  Automated  Email  Dear  Scop  Davies,    Thank  you  for  taking  the  Eme  to  respond  to  Patrick  T’s  reference  request.  Before  you  take  the  survey,  please  take  a  moment  to  review  the  informaEon  in  the  form  below.  If  any  informaEon  is  incorrect,  please  select  the  appropriate  field  and  make  the  desired  changes.  When  you  are  finished,  click  the  conEnue  bupon  at  the  bopom  of  the  page  to  save  your  changes  and  access  the  reference  survey.  
  37. 37. The  Surveys:  Job-­‐Specific,  Behaviorally-­‐Based  QuesEons  
  38. 38. The  Surveys:  Job-­‐Specific,  Behaviorally-­‐Based  QuesEons  
  39. 39. The  Surveys:  Job-­‐Specific,  Behaviorally-­‐Based  QuesEons  
  40. 40. The  Surveys:  Job-­‐Specific,  Behaviorally-­‐Based  QuesEons   Would you like to learn more about job openings at Your Co name?
  41. 41. Drive  Warm  Candidates  to  Career  Page  
  42. 42. SkillSurvey  Goes  Mobile  SkillSurvey  Mobile  •  On-­‐the-­‐go  access  anyEme,  anywhere    •  Use  your  iPhone,  BlackBerry,  Droid,  or  Windows-­‐ enabled  Smartphone    •  No  hassle  for  recruiters,  candidates,  or  references        
  43. 43. Step  4:  Aggregate  References  into  a  PreHire  360  
  44. 44. Step  4:  Aggregate  References  into  a  PreHire  360   Candidate and Reference Response Data
  45. 45. Step  4:  Aggregate  References  into  a  PreHire  360   Reference Information Corrected
  46. 46. Step  4:  Aggregate  References  into  a  PreHire  360   IP Address Alert for Review
  47. 47. Validated  Candidate  –  Good  Fit  
  48. 48. Validated  Candidate  –  Good  Fit  
  49. 49. Pause  or  Avoid  this  Candidate  –  Low  Scoring  
  50. 50. Professionalism  
  51. 51. Interpersonal  Skills  
  52. 52. Problem  Solving  and  Adaptability  
  53. 53. Personal  Values  
  54. 54. VerbaEm  Comments  
  55. 55. VerbaEm  Comments  
  56. 56. VerbaEm  Comments  
  57. 57. Candidate  Comparison  Report  
  58. 58. Business Intelligence Dashboard
  59. 59. Passive  Candidate  Compiler  
  60. 60. Passive  Candidate  Compiler  
  61. 61. Integrated  Link  to  LinkedIn,  Zoom  info  
  62. 62. Integrated  Link  to  LinkedIn,  Zoom  info  
  63. 63. Passive  Candidate  Compiler  –  Daily  Sourcing  Update  
  64. 64. Quick  Startup  and  ROI  •  SoluEon  up  and  running  in  less  than  3  hours   –  Setup,  training,  launch  •  No  need  for  IT  involvement  •  Not  a  long  and  complex  project  •  Provides  a  quick  and  easy  “win”  for  recruiEng  and  HR   Page 64
  65. 65. Why  You  and  SkillSurvey?  •  Clear  ROI  for  Finance  and  Budgets   –  Quality  of  Hire   –  Turnover   –  Efficiency   –  Passive  Sourcing  •  Quickly  Implement  and  Easy  “Win”  for  HR  •  Elevate  Recruitment’s  Role  in  the  OrganizaEon   Page 65