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From Offer to Seat: The Lack of Luv Tour
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From Offer to Seat: The Lack of Luv Tour


Published on

ERE Webinar from 2/15/12, presented by Mark Mehler.

ERE Webinar from 2/15/12, presented by Mark Mehler.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. From the Offer to the Seat, It s the Lack of Love Tour Mark Mehler Co-founder CareerXroads Explore our Website; Register for our Newsletter; Follow us on Twitter; Read our Blog; Connect with us on Linkedin
  • 2. Back Story:
  • 3. Contrast This: I received my job offer in writing after my Summerinternship and accepted immediately.The Recruiter who hired me does not respond to mytext messages, emails or phone calls. Does XXXXXX stillwant me?Tweeted to over 500 friends on Facebook
  • 4. With This: - Recruiting passes the candidate to the Hiring Mgr. - Candidate assigned a Mentor -  Candidate option includes a return visit… …bring anyone they wish. - Mentor invites mentee home for lunch. - Realtor shows Apartments/Homes. - Saturday dinner with department heads. - Candidate given agreed time to accept. One Fortune 500 Consumer Product Company s On- boarding practices immediately after offer extended…for entry-level
  • 5. Bottom Line….engagement leads to performance I graduated last Friday. Started work with xxxxx on Monday in NYC. Tuesday I worked a 13 hour day. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5 AM to do it again. No one told me….Work Sucks.
  • 6. Where??
  • 7. What software/vendor(ATS, HRIS) or RPO service do you use to leverage your onboarding?
  • 8. Who is responsible for staying in touch with the candidate until they start? - HR Shared Services - Center of Excellence team. - Electronic pre-set messages - India will contact them with logistics - A "buddy" is assigned to the new employee - Onboarding Coordinator - Service Center Associate - HRIS as needed - No one is formally designated. - Sadly - it is a hodge podge of people – on rare occasions, no one.
  • 9. It depends
  • 10. How does the communication take place?Portals
  • 11. What does your company send tothe new employee prior to starting? - Company logo items on the first day. - A small portable appliance Most Frequent - A lot of forms to fill out -  Nothing -  Only Execs
  • 12. The New Employee is provided with…
  • 13. Enroll in Benefits & Get Paperwork
  • 14. Additional Comments-  If they are relocating, we may send them info on the new area; respond toquestions and concerns to ensure they remain engaged and do not rescind.-  Compliance related communications, sometimes discussions about theirtechnology set up preferences - i.e. have an i-phone? need special privileges onaccess to technology arranged?-  Buddy and/or hiring manager is supposed to call/email at least once before startdate. (This happens about 70% of the time). There are informational websites(externally facing) that give advance info on company.-  CEO Video welcoming them to the company. Available globally.-  Welcome card- All employees have "Full Tools" on "Day One": Computer, Email, Phone, Badge,etc. Most Frequent Comments:- On-boarding portal with info about first day, benefits, enrollment, etc.- Nothing much, just detail stuff
  • 15. From Offer To Seat: 8 Tips1) Recruiter and On-boarding Team MUST be on the Same Page.2) Take Recruiting Out of the Process: Volunteers Mentors Department Participates3) Offer Letters must be Clear – Childproof4) Give Fellow Employee Contacts/Alumni Internal Network5) Affinity Group Contact Information6) Do not rely on your ATS – Human Contact a MUST!7) Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, Nothing but…8) Stay in Touch or You Will Lose Them!
  • 16. Explore our Website; Register for our Newsletter;Follow us on Twitter; Read our Blog; Link to us on Linkedin THINK Good Hunting! Mark Mehler Co-Founder. Chief Strategist CareerXroads www., 732-821-6652