Extreme Makeover: The Transformation of an Employer Brand


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Carmen Hudson's presentation from the ERE Expo 2009 Spring.

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Extreme Makeover: The Transformation of an Employer Brand

  1. 1. Extreme Makeover: The Transformation of an Employer Brand Carmen Hudson Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Yahoo! ERE Expo, Spring 2009
  2. 2. You still have time. Walk through a real-life case study as Carmen Hudson describes the Yahoo! Staffing Team's heroic response to dramatic business challenges. In early Spring 2008, the team was called upon to meet an enormous hiring goal, despite distracting headlines, low morale, and uncertainty about the company's future. The staffing team partnered with the corporate marketing executives to transform the employer brand and create messaging that inspired skeptical candidates and hiring managers. She will share details of the groundbreaking branding, advertising, and referral campaigns that created buzz, news headlines and, most importantly, resulted in hiring hundreds of engineers during a critical time period for Yahoo! Facebook Application
  3. 3. Carmen’s Mashup
  4. 4. Yahoo! Mashup
  5. 5. January 2008 •  Beginning to hear more about economic downturn •  Y! had just completed a round of widely publicized RIFs, primarily in non-critical business units •  “No March Madness this year” •  Newly formed “Strategic Sourcing” team –  Employer Branding –  Recruiting Events –  Employee Referrals –  Job Boards and Tools
  6. 6. February 2008
  7. 7. On your mark, get set, GO! •  Hire an undisclosed, but almost impossible number, of technical Yahoos in 60 days •  Oh yeah, hiring senior engineers in Silicon Valley is really hard even in the best circumstances •  P.S. We don’t think you can do it, but if you’re willing to try the resources of the company are at your disposal
  8. 8. The Secret Sauce
  9. 9. Transforming the Brand •  What does our brand stand for (currently)? •  Who is the audience? •  Who are the influencers? •  What perceptions are we trying to change? •  What perceptions do we want to leave in place? •  How can we differentiate? (ownership) •  Avoiding “me too” branding •  Test all hypothesis •  Decide on marketing/advertising media •  Let the final say come from the professionals
  10. 10. Think Big! Think Purple! •  Intriguing •  Yahoo! “owns” purple •  References existing brand •  Preview upcoming corporate branding •  Message: –  We’re still Yahoo! and we’re hiring –  We solve big, hairy technical problems –  Emphasize the fun and irreverence
  11. 11. Time-Quality-Cost Paradigm We had to deliver high quality candidates. We had to act $ immediately.
  12. 12. Branding = BUZZ
  13. 13. Comprehensive, multi-layered campaign •  8 weeks of high-profile outdoor billboards on Hwy 101 and VTA bus wraps (85 MM impressions) •  6 weeks of radio (3 weeks of :10 spots and 3 weeks of :30 spots) •  8 weeks of off-network online on job and tech sites (10MM impressions) Radio Outdoor •  Search keyword advertising •  Placements on approx. 10 network properties and X off-network sites •  High Profile Referral Campaign Employee •  Targeted candidate research project Referral Campaign •  Re-launched careers page •  Targeted Event Recruiting Off-network Online Referral 3 s as % 2 of 7 hires 2 3 % % % careers.yahoo.com re-launch On-network
  14. 14. Strategic Referral Campaign
  15. 15. Outdoor Highlights “ I heard today that the plane flew over Stanford during their graduation ceremony. My contact that was there said we definitely made a statement! Yahoo!” “HAHA! That was my building at eBay! I know the owners of most of those cars! AWESOME!”
  16. 16. Billboards and Bus Wraps
  17. 17. Digital Creative
  18. 18. Branded email Campaign
  19. 19. www.careers.yahoo.com Re-launch
  20. 20. Internal communication was critical
  21. 21. Rebranding Talent Acquisition
  22. 22. Results were Immediate and Dramatic TBTP Buzz Purplemani a Launch in 5 offices Avg resumes submitted/day from 50 to 150 – 200% increase!
  23. 23. Website traffic increased dramatically Prior to launch, the old Careers site averaged no more than 10,000 pvs/day As of May 19, daily traffic increased, with an avg. of over 80,000 pvs/day
  24. 24. We were so successful…
  25. 25. …we had to shut it down.
  26. 26. Silicon Valley ADDY Awards
  27. 27. Extreme Makeover: The Transformation of an Employer Brand Carmen Hudson Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition Yahoo! ERE Expo, Spring 2009
  28. 28. Extreme Makeover: The Transformation of an Employer Brand cahudson@yahoo-inc.com Twitter: @peopleshark