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Rotate Your Company’s Sales Team Through Recruiting - LinkedIn Recruiting Associate Program (Brendan Browne)
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Rotate Your Company’s Sales Team Through Recruiting - LinkedIn Recruiting Associate Program (Brendan Browne)


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Presentation from ERE Recruiting Conference 2013 by Brendan Browne

Presentation from ERE Recruiting Conference 2013 by Brendan Browne

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • A look at LinkedIn’s incredible growth over the past 7 years.With about half a billion professionals on the planet: we’re only getting started!
  • Let’s talk about how we start executing and operating using the future of data NOW…TODAY.In the States we call the impossible to find candidate the “purple squirrel” because they don’t exist.Raise your hand if you have every worked with a hiring manager who is asking you to recruit a type of candidate who simply doesn’t exist. They are asking for too much.The Engineer with a PhD from Oxford who also speaks Italian, can lead teams, can also sell to customers and has worked at a multinational, a start-up and is now working at either company X, Y or Z.…Can any of you relate with that?Well we can now start using structured data to educate our clients, our executives and hiring managers about the market and the “addressable candidate pool”. What does this do for our function?It builds credibility.Let’s take a look at an actual example from LinkedIn.
  • This was from an actual search we conducted for a Data Center Manager. David Henke, our SVP of Engineering, was under the gun, putting huge pressure on recruiting to get the search filled.We met with David to understand his requirements seen here. Told him we would be back in an hour to talk further. We knew that this was going to be very hard to fill, but we didn’t want to get in to a debate with our Sr. Vide President. So we went away, pulled some data and returned to his office to meet him.
  • Transcript

    • 1. How The RA Program Changed My LifeBrendan Browne, Director of Global Talent Acquisition Recruiting Solutions 1
    • 2. 2
    • 3. The Biz Problem 3
    • 4. Recruiting Associate Program Sales Dev hires enter RA 4 month rotation Week 1 = week long Must graduate with LI Recruiting Boot passing grade and Camp certification Learn by doing…be a recruiter and deliver Drive activity to ‘top exceptional activity of the funnel’ & metrics continue to train with THE RUBRIC 4
    • 5. Start With RA Sprints Contact 400 targeted ‘interested’ candidates (Referrals, Qualified Applicants) Pass 160 qualified candidates to Hiring Mgrs for screen or preso 80 interviews through Batch Days 20 Accepts 5
    • 6. Recruiting Associate + Recruiter Magic Recruiter Fills Shared Recruiting Associate Hiring Manager Rates Project Folders With Inmails 4s & 5s on Candidate Profiles 1-5100 Target Profiles and behalf of Recruiter in excel or RecruiterContinually Refreshes 1 .5 DAYS for first 100 1 Day to reach 100 .5 DAY for first group then ongoing then ongoing then ongoing Recruiting Associate Recruiting Associate does intake with Recruiter pitches and schedules longer call positive screens qualified between Recruiter andrespondents, applicants candidates ‘qualified’ candidates. , referrals, TD Enters cand. into ATS Progress Workflow 2 DAYS then ongoing 3 DAYS then ongoingRecruiter passes strong Batch Day of 12 candidates to RC to RC schedules and candidates yielding 3 schedule candidate coordinates batch day offers preso or batch day. Progress Workflow RC progress and Progress Workflow 2 DAYS close workflow. 2 DAYS 1 DAY 6
    • 7. Reporting Progress – Owner: Recruiting Associate• Weekly Progress report: • Have RAs reached 100 target profile goal? • Scoring Results: How many 4s and 5s over the past week • Weekly report on number of • Inmails sent • Positive responses • Recruiting Associate intake calls • Recruiter in-depth screens • Qualified candidates passed through to HM for screen, preso or directly to batch day • Candidates interviewed • Source of candidates • Hires QTD 7
    • 8. Rubric = "a standard ofperformance for a definedpopulation” (source: wikipedia)
    • 9. The RubricWhat is it? LinkedIn delivery expectations for Recruiters  Platform to Best on Planet…Make the Choice  Learn & Lead  Demand Excellence  Think Transformation A Career Development tool  Know your strengths, expand your capabilities  Test the standard & calibrate expectations  Grow Everyday
    • 10. Problem Solving Operational & Innovation ExcellenceBusiness Acumen 10
    • 11. Training…making it realWhat I hear, I forget.What I see, I remember.What I do, I understand.- Confucius
    • 12. • 120 hours• 20% Theory• 80% Hands on role play & doing it…no really doingit• Test at the end of the week • Written module • Role Play w/video tape module •Intake
    • 13. FEEL IT & WALK THE TALK 13
    • 14. I’m concerned… 14
    • 15. TAM… 15
    • 16. TAM for members 1 100M+ LinkedIn Members 2 640M+Worldwide Professionals 23,300M+ Worldwide Workforce 1 LinkedIn members as of March 31, 2011 | 2 Source: International Planning & Research 16
    • 17. TAM for monetization Worldwide talent acquisition Worldwide Internet and staffing services advertising spend 1$27B 1 $25BAddressable B2B Today 2 $85B 2 $69B Total Total 1 LinkedIn estimates 2 Source: IDC 17
    • 18. TAM for TALENT 18
    • 19. Using data to set expectations… Keywords: "Data Center" OR "Datacenter" Location Within 50 Miles Industry: Internet Seniority: Manager Interested In: Potential Employees Company Size: 501-1,000 OR 1,001-5,000 OR 5,001-10,000, OR 10,000+ Years of Experience: 6 to 10 years OR More than 10 years Years in Position: 3-5 years OR 6-10 years Company Type: Public Company Language: English Recommendations: 3-4 OR 5-10 OR 11-20 OR >20
    • 20. Search Results Initial Search = 7 Remove Recommendation = 19 Remove Years in Position = 71 Remove Company Type = 82 Remove Company Size = 126
    • 22. Can’t measure it then you can’t manage it!
    • 23. Change Management 24
    • 24. RUBRIC = THE PATH TO INFLUENCELow Value High ValueOrder Takers Talent Advisor•Recruiters on their •Drive hiringheels strategy•Some Reqs filled The Advise •Challenge and Persuade Master Influence Persuade HMs•Low Biz Acumen & Story & Teller Close •High Biz Acumen Consult•Reaction Driven •SLA Driven 25
    • 25. IT’S A CHOICE…
    • 26. QUESTIONS????