Cracking the Code of Connecting: Finding the Syntax for A players

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Presentation from Sourcecon 2010 DC, presented by Earl Mann

Presentation from Sourcecon 2010 DC, presented by Earl Mann

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  • 1. Cracking the Code of Connecting: Finding the Syntax for A players
    Earl Mann
  • 2. 1500 year old lesson on performance
  • 3. The Weird Perspective
  • 4. Earl Mann – “Weirdo” by Design!
    14 yrs Military (Navy and Marines)
    10 years Start ups
    Always focused on New and Next and start-ups (aka..unknown not understood)
    Advanced Technology Provider to HCM since 2000
    My 10000 hours (sales, Internet Marketing, Direct Selling, Performance Psychology, Leadership)
    Most useful accomplishment- The Book Rule
  • 5. What I hope you gain insight on
    Ways to make a connection with others
    Ways to use connections to your advantage
    How to stand out or be remembered
    Some fundamentals on building a personal brand.
    How to have more fun, create world peace, and become the most valuable person in the world.
  • 6. Being better is a battle
    Theme of today – Be Bruce Lee
    Mixed Methods Approach
  • 7. What do You Want to Happen Right now?
  • 8. Date for permission to Date
    What’s LOVE got to do with it?
    Acknowledge what caught your attention
    Be specific
    Explain you’re your drivers
    Explain the process
    Let them Opt in or Out
  • 9. You are not a frog… Don’t Camouflage Yourself
  • 10. Great opportunity, Great company blah blah blah
  • 11. Big opportunity, Industry leaderblah blahblah
  • 12. What the brain does
    The reticular formation is a part of the brain that is involved in actions such as filtering incoming stimuli to discriminate irrelevant background stimuli
  • 13. So, Be relevant and “different” if possible.
    Read “Relevant” as matter of their focus.
  • 14. Network to a Personal Brand
    Who do you know that can help someone that you know?
  • 15. Use a Systematic Approach to contacting.
    Only way to CONTROL getting better
    Use “unscripted” scripts
    Have well defined call to actions
    Question to gain insight into their perspective not objective facts.
    the gold is for them to tell you a story or you to tell them one.
  • 16. Applied Social Networking
    Who do you know?
    Find and Leverage experts
    Find influencers
    “Ping” your network often
    Get better
    Get smarter
  • 17. Most useful strategy: You Inc. Mindset
    You are a stand alone biz of 1
    You have 2 important markets: Coworkers –Non Coworkers
    You are always Building a brand –so own it.
    Your market value is directly tied to the “Rate of Interest” people have in using what you create.
    Your business must be in the business of change
  • 18. The CODE
    To relate to an “A” player – you must BE an “A” player!
    Hint: if this is good news to you, you are an A player!
  • 19. Source of your greatest Power
    Perspective that comes from the love of the game
  • 20. The chance at Your greatest moment is often dressed as a challenge
  • 21. Thank you!