Automation 201


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Presentation from Sourcecon 2011 Fall, presented by Mike Notaro.

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Automation 201

  1. 1. Automation 201 Mike Notaro
  2. 2. A bit about meØ  Currently Reside in New YorkØ  Sourcing Innovation Specialist for AccentureØ  Recruiting/Sourcing for 6+ yearsØ  My Passion is Problem SolvingØ  Previous roles: –  Sourcer for Hewitt/AoN –  Sourcer for Coach Inc. –  Researcher for Deloitte –  Full Cycle Recruiter for The Horizon Group –  Full Cycle Recruiter for Candidates on Demand
  3. 3. So Many ProblemsØ  Problem: A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.Ø  Solution: A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.Ø  Automation: the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically.
  4. 4. The Automation Processü  How much time is wasted per day on this task?ü  Do others have the same problem?ü  What is at the core of my problem?ü  How much time is required for solution development?ü  Is my solution portable?Above all else ask yourself: Why hasn’t this problem been solved already?
  5. 5. Time Wasted vs. Worthy CauseØ  If my team is wasting more than one hour per day consistently for a lengthy period of time, it’s a worthy cause.Ø  If producing a solution to a smaller problem will lead to solutions of other problem, it’s a worthy cause.Ø  If I’m personally wasting more than two hours per day consistently for a lengthy period of time, it might be a worthy cause.Ø  If it’s a temporary minor inconvenience that will be out of your way within a short period of time, it’s NOT a worthy cause.
  6. 6. Do You Suffer Alone?Ø  If you feel you’re wasting more than 2 hours daily on a task, then ask your team if they are too.Ø  Identifying the problem and requirements to resolve it comes easier when working with a group as it allows you to see sides you hadn’t considered.Ø  If more than 3 members on your team are struggling with the issue for a period of time longer than three months, escalate to find out why this issue has yet to be examined, or what the outcome was if it has been.
  7. 7. What you’re losing?If you’re losing one hour per day and you have a team often, collectively you’re losing: –  10 hours per day –  50 hours per week –  2600 hours per year (325 Eight Hour Days) –  Est. Avg. Sourcer/Recruiter Contract Rate of $50/Hour –  $130,000 lost because of a simple process flaw Ask Yourself: How many years has this problem gone unresolved? How many other unresolved problems are there…?    
  8. 8. The core of the problemØ  Conceptualize the idea of a tool or service that would make your life easier and how it would do so.Ø  Google for existing products or solutions to your conceptualized model.Ø  Break the problem down into individual elements, all the way down to the smallest motion and write them out in logical order. –  Common Problems: •  Electronic/Software Deficiency •  Organizational Flaws and Miscommunication •  Flaw in Fundamentals/Practices •  Physical limitations
  9. 9. Factors for developmentØ  How much are you losing?Ø  How much is the company losing?Ø  How much spare time do you have?Ø  Are you solving a problem for yourself or one to share with others?Ø  Your level of knowledge surrounding the problem.Ø  What has your superior has said about the subject?Ø  Has the problem has been escalated before and gone unresolved?Ø  Is there available budget to purchase a solution?
  10. 10. How much Time to spend in R&D?Ø  If Google doesn’t turn up a quick fix for you, have someone else look for one. Syntax is key.Ø  If you don’t find a complete solution, look to the individual components of your problem and find individual solutions.Ø  Ask around in other places such a forums, twitter, and other social exchange platforms. Odds are if you’re having a problem, someone else is/was having it as well.Ø  If it’s something terribly obscure, you might consider being a hero/fool and jumping in with a “Dummies” or “Idiots Guide”.
  11. 11. Portable/transferable?Ø  Can you quickly and effectively training other individuals suffering the same problems?Ø  Does it take rocket science to implement with others?Ø  Can this solution be utilized by all computers/operating systems if electronic?Ø  How resistant to change is your team and are they willing to adopt and put in the time to learn?
  12. 12. Something to ConsiderØ  If it’s software related, why not hire a programmer, tell him what you want built, and allocate a fixed budget for it?Ø  $130k vs. $5-10k in development is well worth the time and money.Ø  Reaching out to other areas of your organization and integration into sourcing can lead to things you didn’t realize you had the ability to do.
  13. 13. My Top 3 Solutions1.  FireFox Addon Outwit2.  FireFox Addon – iMacros3.  FireFox Addon – FEBE
  14. 14. Outwit HubØ  OutWit Hub breaks down Web pages into their different constituents. Navigating from page to page automatically, it extracts information elements and organizes them into usable collections.Ø  A fast and simply way to grab data and generate a list of leads with very little effort.Ø  Outwit Hub Free has limitations, however the paid version only costs $34.90.
  15. 15. The Value of Outwit•  Sitting there looking at a site full of profiles but the requirement to click on each one and copy/paste is terribly daunting. –  Outwit Can Pull 1,000’s of profiles worth of data and arrange them into an organized spreadsheet in seconds. –  Outwit can extract entire documents. –  Outwit can pull email addresses, tables, links, and images. –  Outwit is capable of digging through multiple pages of results all the while pulling data as it goes.
  16. 16. Outwit & YouØ  Consider visiting a website or forum that contains thousands of profiles of individuals gathered for what you’re sourcing for.Ø  If there isn’t much detail to a profile, it wouldn’t normally make sense to spend the time copying and pasting all of them.Ø  With Outwit, you can do it in moments so why not have extra leads later on?Ø  Outwit is the CHEAPEST and most USER FRIENDLY scraper I’ve found. Outwit = WIN
  17. 17. how to Scrape  1)  Navigate in FireFox to the site you’d like to start scraping. Ex:  Look for an click on a user profile link. ie: Skyhawk1333)  Launch “Outwit Hub” from FireFox.4)  Select “Scrapers” from the left hand menu/column.5)  Click “New” to create a new scraper.
  18. 18. how to Scrape<title>skyhawk133 – Viewing Profile</title> Looking for “skyhawk133” à Use the “Find” feature to locate key words you’re searching for by example. à Name Each Row à Set what comes before Set what comes after what what you’re looking for you’re looking for <title> - Viewing Profile</title>
  19. 19. how to Scrape  Info you might liketo grab… or not.It can get a little repetitivedepending on how much you’re looking to scrape Once you’ve got them all squared up, be sure to save it and that the “Ok” boxes are checked off for the pieces you wish to extract
  20. 20. Gathering Links to Scrape   “View All” of his 346 friends? Sure, why not!
  21. 21. Gathering Links to Scrape  Select “lists” fromthe right à handcolumn.Select row if “Page Url” Contains click “Catch”
  22. 22. De-duplicate   ßDelete All Cell DuplicatesSelect All à
  23. 23. execution!   ß Apply ScraperSelect All à
  24. 24. Results!  Now Just Go Ahead and Export to Excel, Find Another Profile to Grab, Rinse and Repeat!
  25. 25. iMacrosØ  iMacros is another addon for FireFox with Chrome and IE versions also available.Ø  iMacros will save hours upon hours of your time handling repetitive data entry chores if you let it.Ø  iMacros is as simple as operating the “Record” and “Play” button on your DVR/VCR.Ø  iMacros can do LOTS of other stuff if you take the time out to really experiment and play with it.
  26. 26. The Value of iMacrosImagine having a desk of 15-30 positions open and all ofthe clicking, copying, and pasting required to effectivelymarket each one daily. –  All of the tweets to be sent. –  All of the groups to be posted. –  All of the standard forms to fill out in your ATS. –  All of the copying and pasting of items from web to desktop application.
  27. 27. iMacros & YouØ  Now imagine a world where you only had to do each of these tasks one time, then replay them as needed with a double click of a mouse and not all the other typing/clicks.Ø  Filling out time cards, posting jobs, sending tweets, done in an instant.Ø  iMacros is EXTREMELY user friendly for the non-technical.Ø  iMacros is FREE and works with FireFox, Chrome, and IE. iMacros = WIN
  28. 28. What iMacros Looks LikeIt’s basically a little with “Play”, “Record”, and “Edit” tabs. Once ready to do what it is you need to do, click the “Record” button. à When you’re done, click the “Stop” button”. à
  29. 29. Keeping Track of your iMacros Once you’ve finished recording, go to the “Play” tab and you’ll see a new item “#Current.iim”. That’s the macro you just recorded.   If you “Right Click” on the macro you’ll see this menu. Select “Rename” and you’re all done. In order to run your new iMacro, simply select it from the list and click “Play” then watch it run.
  30. 30. Hands-Free iMacros Ø  iMacros allows you to export your macros as bookmarks which can then be added to a scheduling agent such as “My Weekly Browsing Schedule” for FireFox. Ø  You don’t even have to be there so long as FireFox is open and your work will get done for you.Right Click on Macro and chose“Add to Bookmark” Click “OK”
  31. 31. Open My Weekly Browsing and select “Add from Bookmarks” Scroll down and select the Macro Added.Set Dates andTimes
  32. 32. FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)Ø  FEBE is a FireFox addon which allows you to export all of your settings, bookmarks, addons, etc.Ø  FEBE allows others to then import all of those things into FireFox into individual profiles. Ø FEBE also allows you to back up all of these things onto so you can always access your full FireFox if you’re without.
  33. 33. The Value of FEBEImagine yourself as a new contractor still trying to get upto speed on everything. –  All of the important links you need. –  All of the tools you left behind on your old laptop. –  Remembering all of the days/times things are required to be submitted. –  Finding all the websites that may help you or be specific to your new role. –  Organizing all of this while trying to make a good first impression.
  34. 34. FEBE & YouØ  Now imagine a world where you could have all of that done within minutes of your first day.Ø  Taking time out to organize a proper web browser might take a few hours or so, but in the end look how many man hours and how much stress you’ll save anyone on your team.Ø  FEBE is EXTREMELY user friendly for the non-technical. individual.Ø  FEBE is FREE and works with ALL versions of FireFox.Ø  FEBE is Portable, Solves Issues for Many, Saves LOTS of time. FEBE = WIN
  35. 35. This is FEBEThe items highlighted inyellow are the only itemsyou’ll need for the entireexport and import.  The first thing you need todo is setup your options. à
  36. 36. Setting Your OptionsThe items in yellow are all youneed to be concerned with.Once you’ve setup youroptions, click “Ok” and thenselect “Perform Backup” fromthe FEBE Options this time.Once it’s complete the setupprocess is all finished and yourexport file will be in the folderdesignated in the “Where toBackup” tab of the Optionsmenu.
  37. 37. backing UP  Click on the “Where tobackup” button then selectthe folder where you wish tosave the exported file. Close the Options and Click on FEBE again. Select “Perform Backup”.
  38. 38. Importing FEBE ProfileTo Create a New FireFoxProfile, click the “RestoreProfile” button. à When this window pops up, chose the “Create New Profile” button and give your profile a name. Next go to “Select local backup to restore” and navigate to the FEBE file to import. Lastly, Select “Start Profile Restore”
  39. 39. Testing Your New ProfileOnce your profile is imported, all that’s left is to go into “FireFoxStart Options” from the Import Menu and select “Use ProfileManager”. It will then ask you to restart FireFox and when itloads up you’ll see a box like this. Select the Profile you wish to load and click “Start FireFox”.
  40. 40. Contactv  Michael Notarov  Email: Zetsui@gmail.comv  Twitter: @MikeNotarov  LinkedIn: MikeNotarov  Google Voice #: 516.806.4519v  Cell Phone #: 516.318.9893v  Skype: Michael_Notaro
  41. 41. Take-Away Materials
  42. 42. OutWit Take-Away Bonus #1!•  For Outwit Hub Pro Users: LinkedIn Profile Extract1.  Download and Import the Scraper.2.  Click on the “Links” button in the left hand Menu.3.  Setup your link settings like this:
  43. 43. Instructions (Continued)4.  Click the Refresh Button.5.  Click the “Load Next Page in Series” Button.6.  Stop when you’re ready and remove the duplicate values from your “Catch” by right clicking on an item.
  44. 44. Instructions (Continued)7.  Go over to “Scrapers” and make sure you’ve “checked”/Enabled “Profile Extractor”
  45. 45. Instructions (Continued)8.  Right Click in your Catch Box and “Select All” Then Click “Apply Scraper on Selected URLs” and chose “Profile Extractor”
  46. 46. Instructions (Concluded)9.  Right Click on your fully extracted results list, “Select All” then Export to Excel.
  47. 47. outWit “DreamInCode” & Linkedin Demo