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Making Mobile Recruiting Strategic: Integrating Mobile Into Your Overall Recruitment Approach (Antoine Jenkins)
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Making Mobile Recruiting Strategic: Integrating Mobile Into Your Overall Recruitment Approach (Antoine Jenkins)


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Presentation from ERE Recruiting Conference 2013 by Antoine Jenkins

Presentation from ERE Recruiting Conference 2013 by Antoine Jenkins

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Open your mind – Think outside the traditional recruitment routes Who are the leaders? How can you follow? Match? Lead?
  • Open your mind – Think outside the traditional recruitment routes Who are the leaders? How can you follow? Match? Lead?
  • Job Seeker Behavior – Where we were? Where we are?
  • Classified Ads Sitting with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning
  • Billboards – Out of Home
  • Snail Mail – Direct Marketing Initiatives
  • Where we are today
  • Search
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • How mobile crosses all pillars Major search player with over a quarter of all Google searches Americans access Facebook more often from a mobile device than desktop plus also have a higher retention rate at 70% compared to desktop ’s 40% Twitter was designed specifically for mobile thus the character limit modeled under an SMS character limit More than half of all mobile data is dedicated to video. More than a quarter of smartphone users watch a video each day.
  • People are always on the go and on their phone. But not just when on the go, even when on the computer or especially while watching television, there is another device around beyond the laptop for doing searches and casual, passive browsing. Great opportunity to reach those stealth candidates.
  • Accessibility has changed During the workday, while using powerpoint and outlook, the desktop still dominates but by the evening, tablet and mobile usage has equaled and even surpassed desktop usage
  • This holds true for the weekend as well
  • A big part of why accessibility has changed is because of the evolution of mobile technologies to move beyond just the phone.
  • Data specific to recruitment: Listen to candidates; fish where the fish are When surveyed, over 65% of candidates would search and apply from a mobile device if organizations provided it 72% want to receive communications like job alerts and other career information directly to their phone This evolved from basic SMS campaigns to thin mobile sites to complete search and application experience Ability to provide more value and tracking to off line and out of home media.
  • Mobile devices are on people everywhere they are. And always on them People look for immediate gratification after interacting with a brand and having initial interaction. Great opportunities for retail integration to engage candidates while in store or as they are leaving instead of reengaging when they get home. For many, mobile devices are the main or only means of accessing the internet. More personalized experience also bringing in location capabilities. Tracking offline media Multiple ways of engaging – website, organic, paid, social
  • Smartphones are everywhere Have changed the landscape
  • Apple and Android the two elephants in the room Android currently has the larger share though has a fragmented system (windows of mobile)
  • Penetration in major countries is over 50% The United States is at 49% and growing past 50% with new activations. Dominant devices are the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 Android has a larger share than iOS
  • HTML5 is the future of the browser Web apps allow better cross browser and cross device functionality and more efficient process Native apps or applications built specifically to be downloaded to phones like through the app store on iOS or likewise on the Android platform. Native apps also cost more because of building multiple instances plus with Android ’s fragmentation, less compatibility. Web app or website (same thing) will work across all devices and be ready for new devices like Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone.
  • Open your mind – Think outside the traditional recruitment routes Who are the leaders? How can you follow? Match? Lead?
  • Must have ’s to meet candidates needs Responsive design Optimized Description Application capabilities – easy process ATS integration
  • Responsive web design is the best practice today providing for a platform agnostic nature optimizing for all devices Also cheaper and easier to offer dynamic content but having one content management system to update instead of editing multiple sites The refresh of the Walmart careers site is being built in responsive web design to optimize however the job seekers come in.
  • Optimized Job description Accessible on all devices Ability to sign up for a talent community if in a rush GPS Functionality for personalized results
  • Optimized Job Description Requirements pulled out dynamically to focus on main content Media integration – photos and videos – to display brand and culture customized for categories and locations providing the candidate with complete understanding of the job from functions to culture. Multiple options for actionable items. Most importantly, the ability to apply. Also can be used to refer a friend or send to email for later.
  • Application integrates with the ATS Ability to prepopulate the resume with LinkedIn profile Deeper capabilities to upload resume using dropbox or other solutions like copy/paste This allows for true mobile application capabilities instead of the usual, longer desktop experience.
  • iPhone number one device due to Android fragmentation but Android still dominating the OS share. Samsung dominant Android devices
  • Candidates applying multiple ways LinkedIn is popular but other ways, like resume upload, are seeing equal numbers showing higher than anticipated adoption
  • A quarter of candidates are converting through started mobile application
  • Open your mind – Think outside the traditional recruitment routes Who are the leaders? How can you follow? Match? Lead?
  • Open your mind – Think outside the traditional recruitment routes Who are the leaders? How can you follow? Match? Lead?
  • Listen to your candidates; survey them; learn from them Talk to new hires as they onboard to understand what job seekers are looking for
  • QR Code has become mainstream This happened essentially when Martha Stewart was talking about it for Macy ’s during Christmas a couple seasons ago Great opportunity to enhance print or offline materials at very little cost and providing that fully integrated, end-to=end solution thus getting better ROI out of media whether paid or in store.
  • Image is of a consumer campaign Walmart has done with Augmented Reality. Campus and other parts of recruiting are about to leverage augmented reality. “ Great example of those who may not know what AR is, if you watch any football, you’ve probably seen the yellow first down line laying over the field. That is augmented reality.”
  • Augmented reality is great for bringing more out of printed material or engaging with candidates at careers fairs. It creates a dual effect of providing more content and driving traffic by people wanting to see what other ’s are doing/looking at. Also helps measure offline material.
  • How we are measuring
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile Recruitment
    • 2. The Importance of Mobile
    • 3. 3
    • 4. 4
    • 5. 5
    • 6. 6
    • 7. 7
    • 8. Augmented reality example
    • 9. Augmented reality example
    • 10. Augmented reality example
    • 11. Cross Medium 87% of job seekers said they’d use mobile devices to find jobs 57% search on their smartphones every day 27% of Google searches are done from a mobile phone Social sites like Facebook have more mobile DAUs than desktop 80% of mobile users access a social network from their device 55% access a social site once a day Facebook has 600 million mobile users 76% of smartphone users watch videos 25% at least once a day 51% of all mobile traffic is related to video Facebook, TechCrunch, Cisco, Our Mobile Planet
    • 12. Candidate Behavior has changed always on | media-snacking | constant partial attention13 13
    • 13. Accessibility Has Changed• Most tablet activity observed in late evening 9pm -11pm.• Mobile traffic peaks during typical commuter travel hours (around 9am and 6pm).• Computer-based traffic highest during typical office hours, spiking around lunchtime. Comscore, 2012
    • 14. Accessibility Has Changed• Usage patterns align more closely at weekends.• Two Saturday spikes at 11am and 6pm. Comscore, 2012
    • 15. 16
    • 16. Candidates Want Mobile Recruitment - Listen 85% of job seekers think every company should have a 15-20% of traffic to recruitment sites is coming from a mobile-friendly site – not just the big companies mobile device72% of job seekers want to receive career opportunity 80% of recruiters see mobile key to social recruiting information on their smartphoneOnly 7% of employers have a mobile version of their career site, while a mere 3% have a mobile job app Comscore, SimplyHired, Our Mobile Planet
    • 17. Why Mobile is ImportantAbility for candidates to engage with brands wheninterested whether in a store or watching televisionEnd-to-End solution for immediate gratification and lessdropped candidatesMobile allows a direct interaction with offlineadvertising from events to print to in-store advertisingThis is the preferred method of communication withusage growing rapidly
    • 18. Everyone Had a Smartphone
    • 19. Everyone Had a Smartphone
    • 20. Smartphone Penetration Rates ComScore MobiLens
    • 21. What We’re Doing
    • 22. Mobile Functionality Must Haves What we needed for mobile to work: •Responsive design •Optimized Job Description •Easy resume upload •Branch-out and knock-out questions similar to desktop •Submission into the ATS
    • 23. Responsive Web Design
    • 24. Smartphone Penetration Rates
    • 25. Smartphone Penetration Rates Optimized Job Description Targeted photos and videos Application and alert capabilities
    • 26. Smartphone Penetration Rates
    • 27. Metrics – Last 30 Days800,000 Page views from 112,000 unique visitors (18% of overall traffic)5.37 Page views/visit – 70% more than desktop visitorsTop Sources – Careers Site, Indeed, Google, Yahoo, JobungoTop Job Categories – Technology, Warehouse, Driver, Retail, PharmacyUsers typically accessed the site over Wi-Fi compared to 3G or other mothernetworks
    • 28. What Candidates Are Using to Apply Top 5 Devices for Applicants Android is Preferred OS Device Walmart Overall* iPhone 36% 34% Samsung Galaxy S3 6% 6% 65% iPod 4% 3% Samsung Galaxy SII 3% 3% Motorola Droid Razr 4G 2% 2% Note: Tablet traffic not currently being directed to the Walmart mobile site. *Overall represents all JIBE clients utilizing their mobile platform
    • 29. How Candidates Are Choosing to Apply Resume Upload Methods Chosen by Applicants Copy/Paste LinkedIn GoogleDocs Email Dropbox
    • 30. Where Candidates Drop Off Application Flow Conversion Walmart Overall* 55% 58% 46% 49% 24% 26%*Overall represents all JIBE clients utilizing their mobile platform
    • 31. Things to Think About
    • 32. Where Candidates Drop Off
    • 33. Where Candidates Drop Off
    • 34. QR CodesA QR Code is a 2D image similar to abarcode that can be scanned by amobile device.Code can drive to website, ‘Like’ aFacebook page, ‘Follow’ on Twitter,Email, and moreGreat for direct, actionable item onprinted material while also offeringsome measurement capabilities.Can have creative layered on with logosor brand to provide a fully integrateddesign
    • 35. Augmented Reality While people are on break at a conference or waiting in line for an event, we will engage them through posted brand displays that will connect the offline recruitment effort to the digital through videos and targeted content.
    • 36. Augmented Reality While people are on break at a conference or waiting in line for an event, we will engage them through posted brand displays that will connect the offline recruitment effort to the digital through videos and targeted content.
    • 37. Measurement • Tracking source to hire from mobile marketing • Measuring engagement from social sites accessed via mobile • User behavior patterns – on phones and on tablets • Site activity and content consumption • Interaction according to device type
    • 38. Mobile Myths “My candidates won’t fill out an application” – With 25% of started applications completed, and thousands of conversions, this is false. “My candidates won’t search for jobs on their phones” – Careers sites are seeing 15-20% of their traffic coming from mobile. The top pages on mobile devices are constantly for search specifically. Bottom Line: It’s about content. Make it easy and show the value of the organization and candidates will turn into conversions through their phone while they are engaging with the brand wherever they are from watching television to shopping in a store. Jibe;iMomentous
    • 39. Closing Remarks Mobile is not only here to stay but provides a great opportunity to provide a targeted recruitment experience Ignoring mobile means ignoring a desired job seeker behavior thus losing candidates Mobile is entrenched in all digital hotspots from search to social to video with growth continuing to accelerate Mobile provides opportunities to augment past campaigns by adding metrics or additional features to necessary offline or in-store media
    • 40. Questions?