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A Talent Pipeline Starts with Solid Relationships
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A Talent Pipeline Starts with Solid Relationships


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Presentation from the ERE Expo 2011 Fall, presented by Diane Borhani.

Presentation from the ERE Expo 2011 Fall, presented by Diane Borhani.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Relationship RecruitingDeloitte’s JourneyDiane Borhani, National Director of Campus RecruitingSeptember 2011
  • 2. Overview• Where We Started• Our Journey• Where We Are Today• Ongoing evolution• Key take-aways• Q&A2 © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 3. Where We Started3
  • 4. 200 • Lacked compelling campus6 strategy• Meeting hiring goals • Fragmented go to market approach• Established campus recruiting organization • Minimal accountability to overall organization• Passionate practitioners involved in recruiting • No consistent performance efforts measurements across teams • Inconsistent approach to university partnership4 Transactional Recruiting © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 5. Our Journey5
  • 6. 200 Organizational Change6Getting the vision in place and action plan moving… ü  Engaged key stakeholders ü  Created business case to support desired change (benefits and risks if we did NOT change) ü  Develop strategy document with roadmap to desired end stateü  Addressed critical success factors and potential obstacles ü  Established detailed project plan with clear roles and responsibilitiesü  Developed and distributed toolkits to enable the effort © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 7. It all started with200 Organizational Change a picture.6 Marketing / University High School PR Recruiting Outreach Diversity UNIVERSITY RELATIONS Foundation Research / Learning & Faculty Case Studies Development Partners, Campus Champions and Recruiters Universities Desired Intellectual Diversity Enhanced Shared AlignedGraduates Capital Outreach Brand Facilities Curriculum © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 8. 200 Organizational Change62007 Build the Foundation 2008 Improve the Infrastructure 2009 Take the Lead 2010 “Where the Best Choose to Be”•  School roster •  Continued eval of •  Capture ROI •  Sustain refinement school roster •  Selection tools improvements•  “One Deloitte” •  Operational •  New programs •  New programs•  ATS improvement Excellence •  Take relationships with Gen Y focus•  Diversity / WIN •  Further university to “new level” •  Explore broader relations partnership •  External image possibilities •  Broaden marketing development “What gets measured gets done.” © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 9. Partnership with the200 Organizational Change business.6Identifying and on-boarding campus champions… Fall/Winter Winter/Spring•  Make introductions to key •  Additional meetings to identify faculty, deans, Career Services, further partnership student groups, etc. opportunities with key contacts•  Information sessions •  Intern recruiting takes place•  Career Fairs •  Events with student groups•  On-Campus interviews for FT •  Pursue guest lecturer hires opportunities•  Sell events on and off campus •  Additional informational sessions to targeted audience © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 10. Where We Are Today10
  • 11. 200 2016 1 • One consistent, compelling• Meeting hiring goals campus recruiting strategy despite increased • Firm leader sponsorship competition • Consistent goals and• Enhanced campus performance measures recruiting organization • Resources and structure to• Passionate practitioners enable university partnerships engaged in recruiting and relationship efforts • Established processes and systems11 Relationship Recruiting © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 12. Presence200 201 on Campus6Identification &Selection of Talent 1 Relationship Building Branding & Reputation•  Career Fair •  Administration and •  Case Workshops Faculty Meetings•  Information session •  Case Competition •  Student Group•  Resume review •  Classroom Presence Events Opportunities•  Diversity events •  Coffee Chats •  Curriculum•  Interviews •  Mentorship development•  Sell events programs •  Conference •  Student office visits speakers/ sponsorship12 © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 13. Early ID200 201 Programs6 1 Virtual Team Challenge Immersion Program Alternative Spring Break Leadership Conferences Internship Programs13 © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 14. University200 201 Relations6 1 Talent Client Acquisition Service & Alumni Opportunity Relations Partner Matters PPDs University Relations US Center of Excellence Personnel Deloitte Best Foundation Deloitte Academic Primary Impact PracticeTechnical industry •  Institutions knowledge Leaders insights •  Faculty sharing •  Students Community InvolvementWomen’s Secondary ImpactInitiative Deloitte’s Clients University Diversity & University Inclusion Deloitte Service Briefing Research Assessments Books Talent Deloitte Development University Retired Communica Risk & Partners & tions Regulatory Principals © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 15. The Evolution Continues15
  • 16. 200 201 Beyond6What’s next? 1 Continued • Continue to expand relationships on Focus on Relationships campus with students and faculty Process • Refinement of our selection methodology Refinement • Continue to streamline processes Evolution of • Mobile strategyCommunications • Paperless recruiting © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited16
  • 17. Keys to Success © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited
  • 18. Top 5 Keys to Success… 1.  Engage your key stakeholders from the beginning 2.  Align people that are passionate to the effort 3.  Present a compelling business case 4.  Have a well established implementation plan 5.  Develop a clear communication plan18 © 2010 Deloitte Global Services Limited