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For better or for worse, your organization’s culture and external brand are no longer separate entities. Employees are a defining part of your brand. Please join Julia Gometz, an eight-year leader of JetBlue’s People Department, and Susan Amori, Senior Director of AOL Talent as they dive in to the details surrounding the creation of the first ever roadmap for organizations, and its implementation at AOL. In this one-hour webinar, sponsored by Findly, Susan and Julia will cover the “right and wrong” approach to building a workforce of dependable brand ambassadors, the three pillars every organization needs to make that environment become a reality, the six channels for promoting employee involvement, and much more. Sign up now and join Julia and Susan for an engaging and informative webinar.

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3.19.14 ere webinar brandfulworkforce deck final[2]

  1. 1. ERE Webinar MARCH 19, 2014 www.brandfulworkforce.com
  2. 2. Why are you here? Employees and candidates are potential customers. But more importantly - every employee is a recruiter.
  3. 3. The World Has Changed… …From Behind Closed Doors
  4. 4. Toward Transparency …And Authenticity
  5. 5. At AOL...we do EVERYTHING out in the open…...for better or worse
  6. 6. Your Employees Are Your Brand
  7. 7. How Can You Create a Brandful Workforce? Employees who promote the brand
  8. 8. www.brandfulworkforce.com/book
  9. 9. The Employee Promise What you provide employees in exchange for what you expect from them. “If you only provide a paycheck, that’s all they will ever care about.” • Fast-paced, agile business – you will never be bored here • Work with global brands that have tremendous reach and continue to grow • Encouragement and support to help others - especially at the local community level • Strong emphasis on personal wellness – ‘whole’ person wellness, not just fitness and nutrition • Company values that are ingrained throughout the business – and reinforced through recognition programs • Fun, creative working environment – you get back as much as you give • Structured training and leadership development programs – with special focus on training for people managers
  10. 10. Do you have the BRANDFUL BASICS? Now, your employees have something to promote!
  11. 11. Channel 1: Communication The power of one individual voice can go a long way…especially at a media company like AOL
  12. 12. Channel 2: Citizenship Doing good on behalf of your organization promotes the brand
  13. 13. Channel 3: Employee Programs Employee ideas generate benefits to the brand like revenue, cost savings, and safety.
  14. 14. Channel 4: Celebration Spread the word!
  15. 15. Channel 5: Swag Tangible Ways to Promote the Brand
  16. 16. Channel 6: Recruitment Employees and candidates are potential customers. Every employee is a recruiter.
  17. 17. Employee-Inspired Videos Go to www.brandfulworkforce.com to view.
  18. 18. E: julia@brandfulworkforce.com Julia Gometz @juliagometz THANK YOU! E: susan.amori@teamaol.com Susan Amori @AOLCommunity