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12.12.13 sourcecon webinarI'M READY FOR MY CLOSEUP!: How To Find and Attract Passive Candidates with Photos
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12.12.13 sourcecon webinarI'M READY FOR MY CLOSEUP!: How To Find and Attract Passive Candidates with Photos

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe its worth a few hires as well. Jim Stroud, Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy for Bernard Hodes Group, LLC will explore the possibilities......

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe its worth a few hires as well. Jim Stroud, Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy for Bernard Hodes Group, LLC will explore the possibilities of how online photos can be leveraged for a recruitment and sourcing advantage. In a 1-hour webinar, Jim Stroud will explore reasons why photos are increasingly relevant to a sourcing strategy, give a high-level view of how photos can be leveraged to find passive candidates and low-level tactics that you can put to immediate use.

In this webinar you will learn:

Why photos are increasingly relevant to your sourcing strategy.
How to attract passive candidates with online photos
How to find passive candidates using online photo websites
How to track people via their online photos and uncover their contact information
Plus, reviews of cool tools for sourcing with photos
If you have a smartphone and more than a few reqs to fill, you do not want to miss this event.

More in: Technology , Business
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  • AGENDA <br /> Why photos? <br /> How to attract talent with photos <br /> How to source talent via photos <br /> How to track people by their photos <br />
  • Why follow people you are not networking with? <br />
  • Add more examples as you find them. <br />
  • I looked up conference photos on Twitter and tried to track them but it did not work as I was not connected to them. The workaround is to frequent conferences, upload and hope people tag them for you? Hmm… I could track them via their twitter photos <br />


  • 1. “I’M READY FOR MY CLOSEUP!” How to Find and Attract Passive Candidates with Online Photos Presented by: Jim Stroud Presented by: Jim Stroud Director, Sourcing & Social Director, Sourcing & Social Strategy Strategy Findly Findly
  • 2. Forget about the Forget about the agenda! I’m ready for agenda! I’m ready for my close-up now. my close-up now. AGENDA •Why photos? •How to attract talent with photos •How to source talent via photos •How to track people by their photos
  • 3. Who does not Who does not have a have a smartphone? smartphone?
  • 4. 149.2 Million people in 149.2 Million people in USA have aa smartphone. USA have smartphone. 62.5% market 62.5% market penetration. penetration. Stats say just about everybody has a smartphone.
  • 5. #1 #1 And what are people doing with those smartphones? Uploading pictures! Check out these Facebook stats. source: http://buff.ly/1gpwspD
  • 6. #2 #2 Next to sending tweets on Twitter is the act of uploading and sharing photos. source: http://buff.ly/1gpwspD
  • 7. #1 #1 Are you sensing aa Are you sensing pattern? pattern? source: http://buff.ly/1gpwspD
  • 8. Benefits from photos. Photos speak to short-attention spans. No language barriers. Photos require search friendly captions which can boost your visibility in search engines. Pictures (and video for that matter) increase audience engagement and photos that elicit an emotional response work best.
  • 9. Not going to bore you with a lot of stats about Instagram. Trust me. They are a big deal. Okay, maybe just this: •150+ million users •16+ billion photos shared •1 billion likes daily •Facebook paid $1 billion to buy it.
  • 10. At a glance, it doesn’t look like too many companies are promoting their employment brand on Instagram. Good news for you!
  • 11. While I applaud the effort, these are practices I do not recommend. This is some of what This is some of what I Isaw when I Iscanned saw when scanned some some of of those those accounts. accounts. • 15-Second videos of someone reading a job description. (@jobs_hiring_in_philly) • Images of job titles above a recruiter’s email address. (@jobs_in_kuwait) • An account made exclusively of clip art (@jobscouting) • Spam in the comments of photos pointing to a website. Why not delete it? Not monitoring? (@jobscouting) • Images of partial job descriptions with links to the full job description in the comments section of the photo. (@jobsinjordan) • Accounts without websites associated with them or a clear mission statement. (@jobsinthed) • Accounts with several pictures that looked the same. (@jobs4bahrainis)
  • 13. Have a distinctive user logo to differentiate between consumer brand and employment brand. Have a clear statement of who you are and a link to career site. (Adding a hashtag to follow would not hurt either. Change it to stay current with your ad campaigns.)
  • 14. You can’t go wrong with a well-planned content strategy! • Who are you trying to attract? • What would best express your company culture? • What hashtags could you create or dominate? • What events or promotions do you want to share? • How can you showcase your employees?
  • 15. Making branded photos does not have to be expensive.
  • 16. No pics? Post a quote! source: www.recitethis.com
  • 17. Just a quick FYI, keep in mind that your photos can appear outside of Instagram.
  • 18. Monitor which photos are Monitor which photos are resonating with your audience. resonating with your audience. source: www.statigr.am source: www.statigr.am
  • 19. Is your competitor on Is your competitor on Instagram? Maybe recruit their Instagram? Maybe recruit their followers? followers?
  • 20. Hmm… Could it be people following @starbucksjobs have an interest in working at Starbucks? Could it be people @Starbucksjobs is following are folks they hope to hire and/or get referrals from?
  • 21. Check out how @yenromano discovered Starbucks Jobs’ Instagram profile. A liked photo encouraged further interaction!
  • 22. People often add their job titles to their bios on Instagram.
  • 23. site:instagram.com software.developer
  • 24. I was experimenting with this. It could work for you! First, follow those on instagram you want to recruit. Take a photo and tag someone you want to recruit. Maybe the photo promotes the company culture in some way ? Once photo is tagged, the person is notified. Tagged photos are added to a “Photos of (Username)” section. Unless user turns it off, your photo could be seen by that user’s network.
  • 25. Instagram doesn’t have an email system. Unfortunately. You can contact people publicly on Instagram •Leave a comment on a photo and hopefully they will respond to you. Or…
  • 26. This week? This week?
  • 27. #SourcingNinja How to source leads from photos.
  • 28. Don’t call it a comeback! Its been here for years! 80 million users New upgrades since new CEO took over Lots of new activity (71%) since upgrade* read: http://buff.ly/1f7Difx
  • 29. Just like other social networks, Flickr users volunteer their job titles.
  • 30. site:flickr.com inurl:people occupation "software developer" | “software engineer” hometown Atlanta
  • 31. When you are logged into Flickr, you can contact other Flickr users via FlickrMail.
  • 32. Of course, you send them a variation of this message.
  • 33. Most likely, they will check out your Flickr profile out of curiosity. Of course, it would be to your advantage if they saw pictures about your company and its culture.
  • 34. College recruiting tip! College recruiting tip!
  • 35. Hmm… Targeting schools and majors is a good way to refine your searches as well.
  • 36. Why not track conference photos via Flickr and ask for referrals?
  • 37. Honorable Mention: Tineye Let me share what I like of the image search from these sites.
  • 38. *This search is focused on pictures from company websites. Bing lets you refine the results* by “Just faces” and “Head and Shoulders.”
  • 39. Yahoo lets you refine searches* by “icon” and this tends to return photos from company pages. *This search is focused on pictures from company websites.
  • 40. *This search is focused on pictures from company websites. Google lets you refine your searches* by “Face.” This tends to bring up company pages and news reports.
  • 41. Um… This is for educational purposes only.
  • 42. This is one way Image search can really come in handy
  • 43. Okay, so here I am site searching Viadeo for images of CFOs.
  • 44. I click a photo and drag it up to the search bar.
  • 45. See the link to the Viadeo site? Click the “Cached” link.
  • 46. This tactic lets me see names This tactic lets me see names and titles of people on Viadeo and titles of people on Viadeo even ifif I I am not using their even am not using their premium service. Umm… just premium service. Umm… just sayin’. sayin’.
  • 47. Hmm… You can also upload pictures for Google to search. I’m curious. How would you use that functionality? Tweet me anytime. @jimstroud
  • 48. Okay, so I had this idea…
  • 49. II wonder if wonder if this would this would work? work?
  • 50. Google banned facial recognition. How long before hackers get around that ban? source: http://buff.ly/1gWter3
  • 51. Hah! That didn’t take hackers very long.. source: http://buff.ly/1gWwouQ
  • 52. source: www.hyperlayer.io
  • 53. Matches 3 jobs you posted on LinkedIn… [more] source: www.hyperlayer.io
  • 54. Any questions on what I have shared?
  • 55. Contact me: Jim Stroud Director, Sourcing and Social Strategy Findly Phone: 404-939-5752 Email: jstroud@hodes.com Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimstroud Twitter: @jimstroud Google Plus: http://www.gplus.to/jimstroud YouTube: http://youtube.com/jimstroud
  • 56. E’ ya’ later!