How to Delight the Hiring Manager


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Who Are You Really Working For? Most Likely A Hiring Manager. So for you to thrive in your career, you need to keep that Hiring Manger happy.

Jim McCarthy has spent 15 years as a hiring manager and executive at companies such as Yahoo, NexTag, BlueLithium, and Drawbridge. He has built many high performance teams in various functions by working with awesome (and sometimes not-so-awesome) recruiters.

In “How to Delight the Hiring Manager”, you will learn strategies and frameworks to implement right away. Jim will share some of his key insights, anecdotes, and experiences such as

• What drives hiring managers crazy — and how you can help
• Where hiring managers are clueless – and how you can help
• How to work with the hiring manager so you do a great job of “selling” the role
• How to coordinate with the hiring manager to run a smart process — from scoping the role, to sourcing resumes, evaluating candidates, and eventually closing the best people.

This training is primarily aimed at in-house recruiters, though the lessons help anybody who is involved in hiring. Apply what you learn in this webinar, and you’ll become a hero in the eyes of your hiring manager — Please join us!

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  • {They’re busy!!!! And often the thing that they’ve never been properly trained on is “How to Hire Great People”. [So you need to help them… ] Defining strategy Executing on that strategy – hitting team goals Interfacing with other departmentsFighting battles for easier goals, more budget, headcountUnderstanding competitors, industry trendsTravel, preparing presentations, attending conferences and trade shows Managing current employees Bringing great talent onto the team…[last but not least] This is where you come in…
  • hiring manager in product management, marketing, business development, sales, sales operations, account management, ad operations, finance, and engineering Internet companies – sometimes tons of candidates for a position, sometimes very few, and you really have to work hard to recruit somebody.
  • Recruiters do their jobs all day long, but many hiring managers might be hiring for the first time in their lives. Or the first time in this organization. Many hiring managers have never been trained on how to do hiring!
  • This stuff drives the Hiring Manager crazy!Process – too much = bureaucracy / red tapeprocess – not enough - “How do we do this?”??? Location to do a quick poll? Too much process / red tape? Not enough???
  • ORCHESTRATE – SLIDE 1Opening question -- Have you ever had to take your car into the garage for a recall? Story of auto recalls?  In any process (like manufacturing), the more careful planning you do up front, the more likely you'll have a great outcome at a minimum amount of cost.  $500 to correct somethign in the design stage of a car could literally save $10M if the car has to be recalled. And it could save lives, too. (of course, you need to be able to course correct as well. Finding the balance is important.) [Parallel in recruiting – time, focus, energy, and organization at the start will save you a ton of time, money, and heartache later on. ][ FIND THE RESEARCH WHICH INDICATES THE COST OF REPAIRING AN ERROR IN MANUFACTURING ]
  • Clear – clear, frequent, direct communication.
  • * Make sure it's clearly defined how to get reqs approved, what the steps are, where this approval process is, and who is responsible for pushing it forward* manage expectations re bottlenecks (how to unplug them), and the probability of getting approvals, and what it takes to make it happen. (Yahoo examples) Alternatives for getting headcount approved? If you can't get the full time req approved now, how about later? Part time vs full time? contractor? Paid intern? Unpaid intern? Brainstorm with teh hiring manager re what might be possible.  * clarity on work permits and visas - what will the company sponsor? What not? What is subject to approval?
  •  COMP and Title:* Many hiring managers don’t know what the pay / comp ranges are, or the proper titles. You can help a lot here!!! Give examples from other companies. Do you job to let the manager know what the proper comp ranges are within the company. [ Injustices between companies is normal. Injustices within a company is bad.] Especially helpful when dealing with stock options.* get clarity re all aspects of the comp -- base, bonus, equity, perks, vacation, etc. What is the range? * Give them a template for the job description. Show them examples from other companies. But the HM should take the responsibility of writing the job description – an important process in thoughtfully scoping the role. * title - what would it be? If it's a new title, what is it, and how does it compare to other levels? Is this fair? * What is the highest or lowest qualified person you'd hire? Would you hire a VP rather than a Sr. Director? Or a Sr. Manager rather than a Sr. Director?
  • Know What You Are Selling – SLIDE 1*** YOU CAN DELIGHT THE RECRUITER BY DOING A GREAT JOB OF SELLING TOP CANDIDATES ON THE ROLE. IN ORDER TO DO THAT, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT EXACTLY YOU'RE SELLING. *** Work closely with the HM to learn that. How is this role a launching pad for a great career? ("Don't sell the job. Sell the opportunity" - Lou Adler quote?)Find compelling stories which will get the candidate excited! “The hiring manager is awesome because… A person started on his team, and then went on to do X, Y, Z”)“What is great about the role (Working on especially cool stuff? Less cool, but a big part of the existing revenue? Part of a new strategic initiative? Part of cool international expansion? )*** what is the day in the life of a person in this role? ***you as the manager (Tell me about your background? How did you end up in this role? What makes you a great leader and manager? Why would someone want to work for you?)the team (* Tell me about the ppl on this team -- who is really happy to be on this team? What is their profile? Can you give an anecdote or success story (great for selling the opportunity, especially if someone gets promoted, transferred to working in a great location, etc. KiYonna example...) * What sort of ppl would NOT be happy on this team?  the business unit the company the industry?”
  • Ask the Hiring Manager for 3 adjectives to describe the ideal candidate. Pros and cons to each. Trade-offs
  • ORCHESTRATE – SLIDE 5 SOURCING Make sure they seek employee referrals. Implement referral bonus program if it doesn’t already exist. Many companies have 50% of hires from referrals. Tends to work well for team cohesion, retention. * let HM know where you are trying to find resumes. Tell them your search criteria? Ask for companies / titles / roles where you should hunt. Have them send along LinkedIN profiles of the sort of ppl you'd like to attract.And even reach out directly if the manager has target ppl (but maybe the manager doesn't want to look like he's poaching from a former employer, or even from a friend!)
  • Cultural Fit - (with the manager, teammates, business unit, and company)* Ability to do the job (right hard skills and right soft skills, experience) * Pay (compensation) * Expectations (re the role, career path and opportunity in the industry, work/life balance)
  • ORCHESTRATE – SLIDE 6 EVALUATING: Resumes* do lots of quick iterations on initial resumes with the HM. Make sure he or she gives you feedback on the resumes,such as "too senior", "not enough leadership", "wrong programming languages", etc. Ideally, do over the phone or face to face. Investing in this stage of the process will make the recruiting process a lot more efficient. Define process for communicating your own thoughts -- "They don't have the greatest GPA, but they are really enthusiastic about the role, they love our products, and they sounded great on teh phone." vs "Perfect background, not sure if we can recruit them away from their current job."
  • Who is on interviewing committee?phone screens? -- Recruiter does the most basis phone screens, just to weed out people who have immediate deal-killer characteristics (unreliable, poorly spoken, can’t work legally in the country, completely off comp expectations) How to organize the timing? Speed? Same day vs multiple days? Diff pplvs same. * what options are possible for the media -- phone vsskypevs email vs face to face. OK for candidate to travel to your office?* understand anything which might be unconventional in the process -- engineers who have to do a coding exercise, sales and BD ppl who have to do a presentation of how to sell. (It's ok to surprise the candidate, as long as you're doing this consistently for all ppl in the process.) * debrief process – what does the interview team think of the candidate?
  • Who is on interviewing committee?phone screens? -- Recruiter does the most basis phone screens, just to weed out people who have immediate deal-killer characteristics (unreliable, poorly spoken, can’t work legally in the country, completely off comp expectations) * Give them interview questions which will help them know what to ask. Train them so they don’t ask questions which will get you sued for discrimination. Also coordinate who asks what!handle all the busywork of scheduling - timing, confirming dates and times, paperwork and logistics of phone calls, trips in order to visit the company, receipts and reimbursements
  • Who makes the job offer? When? How is it done? Does the offer go out in writing, or is is verbal until the candidate accepts? How much time do they have to give an answer? If this candidate says no, how good are the options # 2 or 3?  What if you find 2 great candidates rather than just 1? Could you hire 2? Benefits of hiring at the same time? (train at same time). Process for getting approval on a counter offer? How long? How much?
  • How to Delight the Hiring Manager

    1. 1. “How to Delight the Hiring Manager” By Jim McCarthy Leadership Consultant Webinar for Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013 2 PM Eastern Time
    2. 2. Normal responsibilities (headaches) for the Hiring Manager: 1. Strategy 2. Politics 3. Competitors 4. Travel 5. Manage 6. Hire "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    3. 3. MY BACKGROUND • Hiring Manager since 1997 • Companies from 10 to 15,000 employees • Hired for many different functions – in U.S. and internationally • CURRENTLY: I teach companies how to build high performance teams. (Recruit. Develop. Manage. Retain.) "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    4. 4. TODAY’S AGENDA • • • • • • Where Hiring Managers Need Help Where Recruiters Can Improve The Hiring Process More Helpful Info Q&A Feedback survey "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    5. 5. The Hiring Process: Where Hiring Managers Need Help Process / Bureaucracy 1. Scoping 2. Sourcing 3. Evaluating 4. Closing Use your expertise to train the Hiring Manager on all aspects of a clean process! "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    6. 6. The Hiring Process: Where Recruiters Can Improve 1. 2. 3. 4. Process -- too much Process – not enough Misunderstanding the role Bad pool of candidates "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    7. 7. Process Spend • Time • Effort and •$ now… …will save you • LOTS of Time • LOTS of Effort and • $$$$$$$$$$ later! "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    8. 8. Process Do you have a hiring process? If yes, then educate the HM If no, then develop one with HM’s input: • Thorough but fast • Clear – no surprises "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    9. 9. Process Help the Hiring Manager understand how to: 1. Get job reqs approved – and alternatives 2. Anticipate bottlenecks 3. Manage work permits and visas 4. “Work the system” "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    10. 10. Scoping Discuss with the Hiring Manager: 1. Pay / Comp 2. Best templates for the job description 3. Title 4. Most or least qualified person? "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    11. 11. Scoping: Know what you are selling! “What should be exciting to a candidate about the… • Role? • Manager? • Team? • Location? • Business unit? • Company? • Industry?” "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    12. 12. Scoping: Recognize the ideal candidate Adjectives? • quantitative vs qualitative • introverted vs extroverted • creative vs detail oriented • multi-talent vs specialist • junior vs experienced "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    13. 13. Sourcing: Continue to work closely with the Hiring Manager 1. Get employee referrals. 2. Ask for companies / titles / roles where you should recruit. 3. Get LinkedIN profiles of ideal prospects, reach out 4. Let HM know your search criteria / where you are sourcing ( Elsewhere?) "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    14. 14. Sourcing: Hiring Manager needs candidates who have the right… • Cultural Fit • Ability to do the job • Pay • Expectations "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    15. 15. Sourcing: Reviewing Resumes with the HM 1. Define process for communicating 2. Iterate quickly on initial resumes 3. Repeat until you are on the same page "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    16. 16. Evaluating: Ask the Hiring Manager 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. “Interview Team” composition? Timeframes / deadlines? Phone vs Skype vs face to face? Anything unusual? Debrief process? Getting feedback from the Interview Team? "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    17. 17. Evaluating: Where you can help 1. Phone screens 2. Interview questions 3. Scheduling 4. Travel plans / reimbursement 5. Reference / backchannel / background checks "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    18. 18. Closing the Candidate 1. Who makes the job offer? 2. How much time to give an answer? 3. Getting approval on the candidate’s counter offer? How long? How much? 4. How good are candidates #2 or #3? 5. Hire 2 candidates instead of 1? "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    19. 19. Use Your Expertise to Delight the Hiring Manager! • Process / Bureaucracy • Scoping • Sourcing • Evaluating • Closing = A Fantastic New Hire! "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    20. 20. More Helpful Info • Get my one page overview “HIRING – Process for Success” • Email me: • Please include your first and last name, title and company name "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    21. 21. Thank you and Thank you "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    22. 22. Questions??? "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    23. 23. Feedback, please!!!! I’d greatly appreciate if you could give me some feedback. Thank you! Jim "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
    24. 24. • Jim McCarthy teaches companies how to build highperformance teams. He works with organizational leaders to strategically devise and implement programs to recruit, develop, and retain people who love their work. • Jim received a BA in Political Science from the University of Iowa, was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, and earned his MBA from Stanford. He lives in San Francisco. • • "How to Delight the Hiring Manager" by Jim McCarthy. ©2013.
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