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Web 2 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. WEB 2.0 FOR INSTURCTION Elizabeth Reihman
  • 2. Web 2.0: online tools which provide information for the student as well as the opportunity for student input.
  • 3. Cyberlearning: the incorporation of a Web 2.0 tool which supports the extension of learning.
  • 4. GREENELLE’S NUMBERS  In this interactive Math game Greenelle is trying to count her toys. The students have to help her count her toys.  Math Website used for activities in a lesson on Number Recognition for my Kindergarten class.  Available at: http://sheppardsoftware.com/preschool/ngames/numbers.htm  After a lesson on number recognition and counting this game would be incorporated into the technology center of the classroom. Students would be encouraged to work independently on this game. For differentiated lessons Students would work in pairs.
  • 5. BUTTERFLY LIFE CYCLE  In this interactive online activity students watch a two minute video about the life cycle of a butterfly. It incorporates four main vocabulary terms for students to learn. Students must place the correct vocabulary term next to the correct place in the life cycle of a butterfly.  Scientific activity best used during the life cycle Science lesson in my Kindergarten class.  Available at: http://turtlediary.com/kindergarten-games/sciencegames/butterfly-life-cycle.html  After watching the two minute video on the White Board, during whole group instruction, students will pair up in the computer lab and place the vocabulary in the correct areas in the activity.
  • 6. U.S. MAPS  Interactive activity for the placement of the states on a map of the United States of America.  Social Studies activity best used during the instruction of mapping for Kindergarten students.  Available at: http://turtlediary.com/kindergarten-games/puzzlegames/us-map.html  After reading about the maps of our area, how to read maps, and the map of The United States of America, students will be asked to work in a group of four to five students to play the interactive puzzle game of place the state in the correct place on the map of The United States of America.
  • 7. CHALLENGES  For each game students could conceivably click all choices until the right answer is chosen. This would mean that a Kindergarten student would have to monitor himself/herself and be responsible about his/her own learning.  It is very difficult to differentiate the activity for different levels of academic achievements unless the teacher choose different activities for those students. Thus making it difficult to allow for small group instruction with these specific activities.  There is no way of recording the data from each student’s activities. Therefore, I would not be able to use this information as an informative assessment to drive my lesson planning.
  • 8. MAJOR BENEFIT OF CYBERLEARNING  The major benefit of cyberlearning is to extend the learning. While these activities can be used in the classroom they can also be used at home. They are free and easily navigated by a parent or guardian with the child at home. This allows the teacher to collaborate with the student and parent to provide resources to allow the child to be as successful as possible.