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Hassas Kontrollü Klima, Özellikleri, Mikro İşlemci Ayarı, Yerel Ağ Yönetimi ve Uzaktan Kumanda, Soğutma Devresi

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Crac systems gb

  1. 1. Rittal – CRAC systemsFresh powerfor data centres and server rooms
  2. 2. IT-specific climate controlModern IT climate control technology ensuresoptimum thermal conditions in rooms exposedto high loads, such as data centres and serverrooms. The main aim here is to ensure constanttemperatures and precise humidity levels.Continuous-operation designs and redundantsystems ensure that all key functions aremaintained.Rittal CRAC systems dissipate waste heat from theIT equipment on demand, ensuring that the overallsystem operates in the most energy-saving waypossible. Conventional system: Rittal CRAC system: The fan is positioned inside the raised floor. This facilitates a larger heat exchanger area, as well as a larger filter area. This configuration is designed to minimise internal installa- tion and deflection losses. In turn, the reduced power con- sumption (Δ Pw) produces considerable energy savings. Advantages of the new technology ● No losses from flow ● Enlarged heat exchanger deflection, and no loss and filter area of installation height ● Low energy consumption ● Optimum cold air and space requirements distribution ● Superior cooling output2 Rittal CRAC systems
  3. 3. Rittal CRAC systems are used for base load cooling of computer rooms.The systems, based on the tried-and-tested Rittal TS 8 enclosure system, are equipped with a heat exchanger inthe upper section. Underneath the raised floor is a high-efficiency EC radial fan which blasts cooled air into theraised floor without any further deflections.Applications:Combination with cold aisle containment Combination without cold aisle containmentHere, CRAC systems are used in conjunction with Rittal cold aisle Here, CRAC systems are used in conjunction with standard air dis-containment. The system is designed with 1+1 redundancy. tributors, making use of the hollow space beneath the raised floor. The system is designed with 1+1 redundancy.The hot air expelled at the rear of the cold aisle containment isdrawn in freely from the room and processed. After filtering and The heated air is drawn in freely from the room and processed. Aftercooling, and with optional additional dampening or drying, the filtering and cooling, and with optional additional dampening or dry-air is returned to the raised floor, which serves as a hollow space ing, here too the air is returned to the raised floor, which serves as athrough which the air is routed. hollow space through which the air is routed.Benefits:● Supports high return air temperatures of more than 30˚C● Very high level of efficiency CRAC system Cold water variant: Refrigerant variant: In this design, the customers This design comprises the key in-house cold water system is components of a cooling circuit used as the cooling medium, for (compressor, evaporator coil example, with a water/antifreeze and expansion valve). These mixture. In IT applications, the systems require a condenser aim is to achieve dry cooling sited outdoors and a coolant with no condensation at an inlet pipeline system in order to temperature of between 10˚C function. and 14˚C.A high cooling output with a small primarily to the optimised arrangement of the Commissioning, maintenance and ser-footprint and minimal power con- fan in the raised floor. vicing work is minimal. All elements aresumption ensures long-term bene- readily accessible, and the compact This allows the heat exchanger to befits in terms of operating costs. enclosure dimensions allow them to be enlarged and internal losses minimised. used even in less-than-ideal siting con-The high efficiency of the Rittal ditions.CRAC system is attributableRittal CRAC systems 3
  4. 4. Technology Enclosure/supporting structure Supporting structure ● Vibration-insulated feet Enclosure ● Individually height-adjustable (adjustment range ● Twin-walled design with integral thermal 50 mm) insulation for a high level of enclosure ● Special heights available to order rigidity and optimum sound insulation ● For low raised floor heights, the supporting ● Smooth internal surfaces reduce flow losses structure protrudes from the raised floor, with ● Highly accessible, thanks to removable precise-fit panelling in the TS 8 enclosure enclosure panels on all sides system ● Stable profile frame structure based on the tried-and-tested TS 8 enclosure system ● The electrical part and the controller for the air treatment system are shielded, allowing repairs and maintenance to be carried out with the system operational Control/regulation Operator terminal ● LCD display, 8 lines, 22 characters Rittal CRAC systems are fitted as standard with a ● 6 keys with LED check-back signal controller. ● Acoustic alarm signal Electrical part ● Front installation ● The controller and the power pack are ● Protection category IP 65 contained in the base unit Controller ● Standardised contactor motor circuit breaker ● Microprocessor 16 bit, 16 MHz, 256 KB RAM combination to protect the built-in components ● Clock, battery-buffered ● Electrical part shielded from the airflow ● RS485 interface for p-LAN ● Contact hazard protection with plexiglass cover ● Display connection ● Keyed connectors for fans and sensors ● Program storage on non-volatile flash memory Motor/heat exchanger Filter ● Circulating filter in cassette form (filter class G4, Fan motor unit optionally F5 or F7) ● High-capacity radial fan with EC motor ● Continuous filter monitoring via differential technology in the supporting structure; easily pressure sensor pulled out forwards ● Filter may be replaced from the front ● The fan speed is set via EC controller according to the individual volumetric flow Pump cold water ● Cooling circuit fully plumbed internally, including Heat exchanger constant 2-way cold water valve ● Large-scale Cu/Al heat exchanger ● Easily accessible for cleaning work 2-way valve ● Low flow speed means minimal pressure loss ● Variant with screw connections ● Aluminium condensate tray, easily removed and ● Material: brass or red bronze cleaned ● Good accessibility ● Self-filling shut-off siphon ● Easy on-site connection Optional components Electric heater (optional) ● Bare-tube stainless steel heating rods Humidifier (optional) ● Triple protection against short-circuits and ● Electrode vapour humidifier for fully automated overheating, thanks to miniature circuit-breaker, production and emission of mineral-free, circuit-breaker and safety thermostat, constantly odourless, sterile vapour regulated ● The humidifier has a microprocessor controller and automatically adapts to the existing water conductivity (auto-adaptive) ● Direct connection to all standard water supply systemsRittal CRAC systems 4
  5. 5. CRAC systems Useful cooling output 18 – 118 kW T B H B = Width H = Height T = DepthFunctional principle: Equipment: Benefits:The CRAC system draws warm User-friendly, high-quality con- ● The unit is available in awaste air from the top of your trol with an extensive range of broad output range, and fordata centre, cools it with either functions and connectivity. a variety of cooling media.water or refrigerant in a closed Space-saving, readily accessi- ● The unit supports optimumheat exchanger, and blows the ble, high-efficiency fan. integration of both hardwarecooled, filtered supply air into Flow and energy-optimised spe- and software.the raised floor with overpres- cial heat exchanger with a gen- ● Optimum energy and spacesure. erous safety factor. efficiency thanks to intelligent design features, such as the slanted heat exchanger and base-integrated fan. ● Frame based on the popular TS 8 system.Model No. SK Without heater 3301.620 3301.660 3301.830 3301.870 3300.510 3300.560 3300.710 3300.760Model No. SK With heater 3301.630 3301.670 3301.840 3301.880 3300.520 3300.570 3300.720 3300.770Model No. SK With humidifier 3301.640 3301.680 3301.850 3301.890 3300.530 3300.580 3300.730 3300.780 With heaterModel No. SK 3301.650 3301.690 3301.860 3301.990 3300.540 3300.590 3300.740 3300.790 and humidifierUseful cooling output1) 23 kW 39 kW 78 kW 118 kW 18 kW 30 kW 43 kW 54 kWOperating voltage V/Hz 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 W 1100 1100 1800 2600 1100 1100 1400 1800Dimensions mm H 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 D 650 850 850 850 850 850 850 850Cooling medium Water2) Refrigerant R407C2)Volumetric airflow at an external pressure loss 6000 m3/h 11000 m3/h 22000 m3/h 33000 m3/h 6000 m3/h 8500 m3/h 12500 m3/h 16000 m3/hof 20 PaNo. of fans 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 2Power consumption of fans 0.6 kW 1.5 kW 3.0 kW 4.6 kW 0.6 kW 0.9 kW 1.8 kW 1.7 kWStart-up current of fans 1.8 A 4.6 A 9.2 A 13.8 A 1.8 A 4.6 A 4.6 A 9.2 AMax. speed 1150 rpm 1200 rpm 1200 rpm 1200 rpm 1150 rpm 1200 rpm 1200 rpm 1200 rpmNo. of compressors – 1 2 3 3Power consumption of compressors – 5 kW 8.8 kW 13.1 kW 15 kWStart-up current of compressors – 13.1 A 25.6 A 38.4 A 39.3 AType of connection Terminal strip –Weight 300 kg 360 kg 550 kg 770 kg 455 kg 505 kg 585 kg 935 kgNoise output 75 dB (A) 79 dB (A) 82 dB (A) 84 dB (A) 74 dB (A) 74 dB (A) 81 dB (A) 76 dB (A)Filter quality to DIN EN 779 G4 G41) Output figures less heat from the fans. CW: 26˚C/45 % air inlet and 10˚C/15˚C water temperatures DX: 26˚C/45 % air inlet and 50˚C condensation temperature2) Other media available on request.Other options available on request. We reserve the right to make technical modifications.Rittal CRAC systems 5
  6. 6. Turnkey philosophyRittal recommends its turnkey philosophy for coolingIT operating environments.This refers to a complete cooling solution, from the IT chillerthrough to energy-efficient refrigeration with free coolingconcepts, including the entire Rittal piping system withhydraulic separating filter and redundant media pumping.The range also includes customised cooling units for directcooling of hardware or for conventional cooling using araised floor for air distribution.Queries and information From:We will be happy to send you further information or advise Surname / first nameyou in person. Company / customer no.Please send me the following brochure(s): Department / function❑ IT Catalogue❑ IT News 2008 Address❑ IT Cooling Solutions 07/08 E382 Telephone E-mailRittal GmbH & Co. KG Postfach 1662 D-35726 HerbornTelephone: +49(0)2772 505-0 Telefax: +49(0)2772 505-2319 eMail: Switch to perfection