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Smart board lesson

  1. 1. SMART Board Lesson:Understanding the Elements of Art By: Emily Davis
  2. 2. What are the Elements of Art?LINE SHAPE FORM SPACECOLOR VALUE TEXTURE
  3. 3. What is a Line? A line is a mark, which is greater in length then in width. Can anyone draw these different types of lines? Horizontal Lines: Diagonal Lines: ZigZag Lines:OutLine: Vertical Lines: Curved Lines: Click to the right of each line type in order to display the example
  4. 4. What is a shape? A shape is a two dimensional object: height and widthGeometric Shape can be measured mathematically.Organic Shape can not be measured mathematically. Geometric Shapes Organic Shapes
  5. 5. Match the ShapesWhen you get a match, tell the class if its a geometric or organic shape!
  6. 6. What is a Form? Forms are objects with three dimensions: -height -width -depthA form can be seen from many sides. It can be real object or an illusion.
  7. 7. Create a Form!!!Take the shapes below and turn them into a form, byadding a third dimension. TIP: Visualize and Create the shape in the back then make the connecting lines. For example:
  8. 8. The Solution:to creating a Form!!!
  9. 9. What is space?Space is the illusion of depth created between andaround objects on a flat surface. Positive Space: Negative Space: is space taken is empty space up by objects. around objects.
  10. 10. Can you create positive and negative space? Positive Negative
  11. 11. What is Color?Hue: the color itselfValue: the lightness or darkness of a colorIntensity: the brightness or dullness of a color All colors can be made from red, yellow, and blue! Secondary colors are created by mixing primary colors Tertiary colors are created with one primary and one secondary color.
  12. 12. Name that Color!Is it a Primary, Secondary or a Tertiary color? Primary Tertiary Primary Tertiary Secondary Tertiary Secondary Primary Tertiary Tertiary Primary Secondary Tertiary Click in the center of the color wheel to make it spin.
  13. 13. Can you create a secondary color? + = + = + =
  14. 14. Lets see how you did!!! + = + = + =
  15. 15. What is value?Value is the lightness and darkness of any object. To lighten the value of a color add? _______ To darken the value of a color add? _______
  16. 16. Can you put the color values in order?
  17. 17. What is texture?Texture is the Visual and Actual surface quality of an object. It can be smooth, rough, bumpy, or soft. Crinkly Smooth Bumpy Rough
  18. 18. Does the object have Visual or Actual texture?The desktop is smooth. The tree appears to have splinters. Actual VisualThe Metal grate looks The Paper feels rough. bumpy. Visual Actual
  19. 19. Image ResourcesImages: texture4.jpg