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Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance
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Chapter 11 - Armed Resistance


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Chapter 11 Armed Resistance
  • 2. Big Idea
    The Jews in several of the ghettos and camps rose up in armed revolts against the Nazis.
  • 3. Events
    There were many armed revolts in camps such as:
    There were also uprisings against the Nazis in some of the ghettos such as Warsaw
    They went up against trained German soldiers and sometimes even tanks.
  • 4. Treblinka
    Death Camp part of Operation Reinhard
    Locksmith came and made copy of key to SS arsenal
    August 2, 1943, weapons were stolen from the arsenal.
    Attack began a half an hour ahead of time.
    400 escaped the camp. Only 100 evaded capture
    20 Germans and 10 Ukrainians killed
  • 5. Sobibor
    Death Camp part of Operation Reinhard
    October 14, 1943, sonderkommandos killed SS men and took their guns.
    A German was killed and panic arose as watchtower guards began shooting
    Prisoners escaping through the barbed wire killed by mines
    300 escaped. 200 evaded capture
  • 6. Auschwitz
    Death Camp part of Operation Reinhard
    Revolt put off several times
    300 started a revolt alone with 3 pistols, a few explosives, and sharp tools
    Crematorium 4 explodedand fighting broke out
    500 made it outside the fences. All were shot.
    January 17, 1944, the Germans abandoned the camp and took the remaining prisoners with them.
  • 7. The Warsaw Ghetto
    Ghetto in Poland
    The Jewish Combat Organization (ZOB) planned to fight back
    Were smuggled inside. Jews armed by Polish Underground
    January 18, 1943, SS troops marched on Ghetto. They were met by gunfire. The Germans were forced to retreat
    SS attacked a second time with infantry, tanks, and artillery.
  • 8. The Warsaw Ghetto Continued
    The Germans were defeated again
    SS finally killed the leaders of the ZOB and raised the Warsaw Ghetto to the ground.
    Some Jews managed to escape through the sewers to the non-Jewish side of the city
  • 9. People
    Polish Underground-The organized resistance to the German occupation of Poland. They helped arm and supply revolts.
    SS Brigadier General Jürgen Stroop- High ranking officer in charge of defeating the Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto.
    ZOB- Jewish Combat Organization
  • 10. Words
    Revolt- an armed uprising to an oppressive rule
    Underground- secret organized resistance to an oppressive rule