Industry Conference & Event Preparation


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Industry Conference & Event Preparation, Embry-Riddle Career Services

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Industry Conference & Event Preparation

  1. 1. Industry Conferences & Events By Sandi Ohman Career Services Office Prepare for Success
  2. 2. Step 1- Research • • • • • • Organization/Conference website Agenda Special Speakers bios Companies/Exhibitors Attending Presentations & Socials Available to Attend Etiquette for Attending Conferences – Search for Conference Etiquette on Internet
  3. 3. Step 2 - Plan Your Strategy • What events will you attend? • Receptions & Socials, Professional Development Sessions • Who do you want to meet? • Company Reps, Special Speakers • Set a Goal • What do you wear for different events? • Different Events require different outfits • Overall Goal of Event
  4. 4. SWE & SHPE • These are recruiting events – If you are seeking an internship or job have resumes for targeted companies – Have an elevator speech prepared – self promotion • Take advantage of opportunities to interact with employers • Volunteer Opportunities! • Do your research!
  5. 5. NBAA • This is NOT a recruiting event – Have an elevator speech prepared for self promotion • Research companies attending & take advantage of opportunities to interact with employers – Ask about hiring, tips for applying • Attend Student day and sessions • Research Volunteer Opportunities – great way to meet others!
  6. 6. Conference Do’s • Padfolio or • Portfolio – Resumes, Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation – Project Summary sheets, Accomplishments, Certifications – CSO website for more info • Business cards – Duplicating, QRC, LinkedIn • Handshake • Name Tags
  7. 7. Conference Do’s • • • • Business Casual for most events/sessions Wear suit(s) when talking to companies Wear comfortable, but nice shoes Ask for business cards and send thank you/follow up letters/email – LinkedIn? • Listen to what the recruiters/speakers say and ask good questions • Be respectful to speakers during sessions
  8. 8. Conference Don’ts • Forget the event begins in Daytona and doesn’t have to end when you are back in Daytona • Drink too much at events, on the airplane, or if you go out • Go unprepared, look or act unprofessional • Grab goodies and run, do TALK to recruiters first • Sleep during the sessions • Use Cell Phones during sessions (texting, internet)
  9. 9. What to Wear Check conference website! Business Casual • Dress pants or skirt, Suit jacket (optional), dress shirt, Cardigan sweater & shell • Comfortable dress shoes, stockings if wearing skirt, belt (for pants) • Conservative makeup, perfume, and jewelry Considerations: • Keep clothing conservative, nothing too low or tight, or too big
  10. 10. What to Wear Semi-Formal to Formal • Cocktail dress (knee to tea length) • Full-length formal gowns Considerations: • what travels better – Dry cleaner bag trick! • heel height for dress and comfort
  11. 11. You’ll get out of what you put into it! Questions?