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Medieval architecturparkerandethan Medieval architecturparkerandethan Presentation Transcript

  • Medieval ArchitectureBy: Parker Acuff & Ethan Royal
  • Goth Architecture 1200 AD to 1500 AD• Gothic Architecture was developed between the Romanesque and the Renaissance styles of architecture. Gothic architecture is characterized by stained-glass windows, gargoyles, buttresses, tall spires and pointed arches.
  • Gothic Arch• A Gothic Arch is a structure that is used to support the main part of the structures, as well as allow a huge opening. The use of the Gothic arch gave the builders tremendous flexibility. The Gothic arch could not only support greater weights but could also could span greater distances, allowing vaults to be taller and wider.
  • Gargoyles• Gargoyles were usually carved in the form of a grotesque face, figure or frightening creature projecting from a roof. Gargoyles were painted and some were even forged. Gargoyles might depicted any number of grotesque images including:• Ugly human faces• Animals• Mythical creatures• Imaginary creatures• Gargoyles combining several animals are also referred to as chimeras
  • Romanesque Architecture• Romanesque architecture is a style of architecture developed between the Roman and the Gothic styles after 1000 AD. Romanesque architecture is characterized by round arches and vaults and by the substitution of piers for columns.
  • Characteristics of Romanesque Architecture• The castle design and Romanesque architecture needed to convey Fear, Domination, Respect, Power and Wealth• The Comfort of the stone castle interior significantly improved from the wooden Motte and Bailey Castles but were still cold, smelly and dark.• The Medieval Stone masons were able to add some interior design to the Romanesque castles• Economy - The Medieval castles designed in the Romanesque Architecture style was expensive - but durable!
  • Medieval Castle Architecture• The development, architecture and building of these great fortresses changed as time progressed, influenced by important historical events such as the Crusades and the technology of siege warfare.
  • Works Cited• architecture.htm•• cathedrale_de_wells.JPG/250px-Interieur_cathedrale_de_wells.JPG