LG Commercial Laundry System


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When you choose LG commercial laundry equipment, you get total laundry solution including most suitable equipment and full support for your business. Find detailed information on various business solutions we support.
LG Commercial Laundry Equipment is now available in Australia, distributed nationwide by Equipe Solutions.

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LG Commercial Laundry System

  1. 1. A global challenger in Commercial Laundry Systems LG Commercial Laundry Systems20 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea 150-721Homepage: www.lgcommerciallaundry.comTwitter: @lgcommercialwmYoutube: www.youtube.com/lgcommerciallaundryAU-2010-07-A
  2. 2. World renowned for residential washers, LG are rapidly evolving in the commercial laundry market Company Introduction _ 02 | More Efficiently _ 04 | More Durable _ 08 More Intelligent _ 12 | More Style _ 16 | Product Line-Up _ 20 MS No.1 (2010) LG has No.1 market share in over 30 countries. No.1 in USA Front Loaders Awards Industry Accolades We have received several industry renowned awards for our product achievements. No.1 in France Front Loader No.1 in Australia Washer Top. 1 / Best Buy No.1 in Korea Washer US UK Czech Germany . . JD Power Which dTest TEM . (2006~2007) (2003, 2004, (2011) (2011) TOTAL WSJ 2008~2011) (2007) FRONT LOADER Australia Denmark France Netherland Finland Choice Tenk 60millions Consumentengids (2002~2005, (2011) (2009) (2003, 2005, 2007~2008, 2008, 2009) 2010~2011) Czech Sweden Italia Korea Rad & Ron Altroconsumo France Ukraine Kazakhstan (2011) (2010) Portugal Taiwan USA Vietnam Awards Morocco Tunisia Thailand UAE Korea NCSI No.1 Korea KBIP No.1 Korea Good Design Korea Global No.1 National Customer Korea Brand (2002, Product Saudi India satisfaction Power Index 2005~2010) (2007) Nigeria Arabia Singapore Brazil index(2004, (2003~2011) 2006~2011) Peru Indonesia Germany Germany US Japan Australia Chile IF Design (2007, 2008, Reddot Design (2006, 2007, CES Innovation (2006~2009, Good Design (2004) South Africa 2011) 2009, 2011) 2011) Certification Germany US UK VDE Verification Energy Star Energy Saving (DD 10year Recommended reliability)02 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M C O M PA N Y I N T R O D U C T I O N 03
  3. 3. More Efficiently LG Commercial Laundry systems offer an outstanding cleaning performance with high technology in energy efficiency and water saving.04 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M M O R E E F F I C I E N T LY 05
  4. 4. F E AT U R E S LG Commercial laundry products are designed to use less More Efficiently energy and water without compromising on performance and superior cleaning.Quite More E ciently Efficient, clean, lean More E ciently More Intelligent More Intelligent More StyleQuite Inverter Control More Green More Intelligent Energy Star Qualification Inverter Control System generates less speed fluctuations, consuming a necessary amount of electricity LG Commercial Laundry models are ENERGY STAR qualified, meeting industry standards of energy during every step, and saving energy whilst ensuring optimum washing performance. efficiency. Choosing ENERGY STAR qualified commercial washer for your laundry facilities saves money. Utility Cost LG Direct Drive Motor (Inverter Control) Non-Inverter Motor (On/Off Operation) Saving Speed Set Speed Speed Set Speed Speed Set Speed Time VS Time Time Power Power On On On On On Power Off Off Off Off Time Time Time Embossed Inner Drum The surface of the Embossing inner drum increases the amount of contact with the fabric. This creates a better washing action and removes more dirt and stains. This effect helps to separate dirt and stains from fabrics and gives clothes a deeper clean. Washing Performance LG Embossing Drum Non-embossed Drum VS 06 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M M O R E E F F I C I E N T LY 07
  5. 5. MORE DURABLE Inverter Direct Drive technology of LG commercial laundry system promises a durable long lasting washing machine with a quieter operation.08 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M MORE DURABLE 09
  6. 6. F E AT U R E S The Inverter Direct Drive technology on LG’s commercial More Durable washers ensures a long-lasting, powerful and durable machine. More Durable Durable, Reliable, Low Noise More Quite More E ciently More E ciently More Intelligent More Intelligent More Style Reliable More Durable More Quite More Green More Intelligent NeverRust™ Triple Damper LG’s advanced technology utilised in its Commercial Stainless Wash Tub (Washer Only) Vibration Reduction Laundry systems is reliable even in the most heavy- duty environments. The rust-free stainless steel drum prevents clothes’ Thanks to triple damping system, LG reduced from staining. Unlike normal painted drums, where vibration of the machine. the paint tends to chip after long usage, the scratch 20,000 3,000 resistant stainless steel drum and pulsator will last cycles cycles you for a very long time. Commercial Laundry System residential washer Inverter Direct Drive Motor By eliminating the belt and pulley found in LG Inverter Direct Drive™ Motor Belt Type BLDC Motor conventional washer motors, LG’s Direct Drive system increases the motor’s stability and lessens vibrations. This in turn gives Direct Drive increased durability, which translates to lower maintenance costs. Low Noise VS High performance and low noise. The Direct Drive motor combined with a high quality insulating construction results a low noise washer and dryer. Sound Pressure (dB) Universal Motor Pulley DD Motor Drum • Motor directly attached to the centre Commercial Laundry System of drum : - Increased Stability, Minimal Vibration. - Less Noise - No frictional noise. Belt Drum - Increased Durability • Unpleasant noise and vibration – Fewer moving parts. • Wear and tear of belt and its replacement 65dB 59dB 54dB 52dB 50dB Noisy Office Conventional in in 1400rpm spin Silent Wash Average home 1400rpm spin10 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M MORE DURABLE 11
  7. 7. More Intelligent The user-friendly system and intuitive programme, combined with a solid security feature is designed for convenience and comfort.12 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M MORE INTELLIGENT 13
  8. 8. F E AT U R E S Controlling a LG Commercial laundry product is easy and More Intelligent convenient with its intelligent system and programme. Plus it comes with a strong security system to make your business safer. ciently More Intelligent Convenient, Wise, Secure More Intelligent More Styletelligent Installation Flexibility PDA Link Function Easy Programmeming Easy Repair System Single washer, single dryer, stack dryer, The washer functions and usage data can be Intuitive programmeming mode allows operators LG Commercial laundry products are all front service stack washer/dryer - you can determine the best managed and controlled wirelessly using a PDA to choose and change a variety of functions and access. Valuable service time is not wasted gaining products or combination of products to fit your unique Linked function. programmes including price, cycle time, cycle access to key service elements. commercial laundry equipment needs. parameter, spin speed and more. This ensures that all your washing requirements are met. >>>>>>> <<<<<<< 1 Installation Flexibility 2 Steel Control Panel AdaptAble™ Controls The front access panel is constructed of strong Control Center Laundry with movable AdaptAble™ 3 coated steel – not plastic, to provide an important security barrier to the coin box and vault as well as Controls provide the space saving convenience of the machine control assembly. stackable laundry without compromising capacity and easy to reach controls. The AdaptAble™ Controls can be placed on the top of the dryer for side-by- side installations, or moved to the bottom for a stack Dual Lock System configuration. The control is always at a convenient LG’s double locking system for the front panel and height and is versatile enough to change as the coin vault access provides increased security. customer’s needs change. Lock Lock Reversible Dryer Door VS The direction of the door swing can be easily External Security Internal Security changed to the customer’s preference, left or right, with no additional parts required. AdaptAble™ Controls Non-adaptable controls 14 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M MORE INTELLIGENT 15
  9. 9. More Stylish The modern design and superior construction of LG commercial laundry systems will add a touch of elegance in any environment.16 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M MORE STYLE 17
  10. 10. F E AT U R E S With it’s modern streamlined design, stainless steel chrome door and More Stylish tempered glass, LG’s commercial laundry system is simply captivating.ntelligent More Style Stylish Exterior Design Streamlined Design The elegant and high tech design of LG’s commercial laundry depicts our strength, and an attractive feature of the product. Stylish Exterior Design The chrome door and grip opens wide for easy loading and unloading of even the biggest loads. It also keeps the washer looking like new for longer. Tempered Glass The tempered glass door is less susceptible to breakage Tempered Glass and scratch, whilst the transparent cover allows for easy viewing. 18 LG C O M M E R C I A L L A U N D R Y S Y S T E M MORE STYLE 19
  11. 11. G I A N T- C & G I A N T- C P L U S F1069FD* RN1329A** mODEL NUmBEr F1069FD* (Giant-C & Giant-C Plus) mODEL NUmBEr rN1329A** (Gian-C) rV1329A** (Gian-C) CYLINDEr rN1329A** S (Gian-C Plus) rV1329A** S (Gian-C Plus) Washers Drum volume cu.ft. (ℓ) 4.2 (102.7) Gas Dryer CYLINDEr Diameter in. (mm) 22.05 (560) Drum volume cu.ft (ℓ) 7.3 (206.7) 7.3 (206.7) RV1329A** Depth in. (mm) 16.51 (419.3) Diameter in.(mm) 26.1 (663) 26.1 (663) Capacity kg (1:10) 10.2 Max Washing Capacity kg 15 Electric Dryer Depth in.(mm) 22.46 (570.6) 22.46 (570.6) DImENSIONS & WEIGHT Capacity kg (1:20) 10.2 10.2 Height in. (mm) 38 11/16 (983) DImENSIONS & WEIGHT Width in. (mm) 27 (686) Height in. (mm) 30.78 (983) 30.78 (983) Depth in. (mm) 30 1/5 (767) Width in. (mm) 27.01 (686) 27.01 (686) Door Opening in. (mm) 50 13/16 (129.1) Depth in. (mm) 30.08 (764) 30.08 (764) Weight : Net / Gross lbs. (kg) 190 (87) / 207 (94) Door opening in. (mm) 49.8 (1,264) 49.8 (1,264) SPEED Weight : Net / Gross lbs. (kg) 130.95 (59.4) / 147.93 (67.1) 130.95 (59.4) / 147.93 (67.1) Wash RPM 45 OPErATION Extract (High Spin) RPM 1,150 Heating Type Gas Electric G-force G 413 Type of Drying Ventilation Ventilation ENErGY Motor KW 0.25 (220-40V / 50Hz) 0.25 (220-40V / 50Hz) Electric Power Consumtion HP(W) 0.67 (500) 1) 0.42 (120V / 60Hz) 0.42 (120V / 60Hz) Total Energy Consumption per Cycle (DOE) KWh 0.36 2) Gas Ratings BTU/hr 20,000 - Modified Energy Factor 2.6 WATEr USAGE Heating Element (Electric) W - 5,400 1) Average Total Water Usage per Cycle gal (ℓ) 12.87 (48.72) Programme durations in minutes(Default) min 45 45 Average Hot Water Usage per Cycle gal (ℓ) 1.57 (5.93) CONNECTIONS Average Cold Water Usage per Cycle gal (ℓ) 12.61 (47.73) Air outlet diameter in. (mm) 4 (100) 4 (100) Operational Water Pressure psi(bar) 14.5-116(1-8) Exhaust airflow diameter in. (mm) 4 (102) 4 (102) NOISE & CYCLE TImE Gas Inlet diameter in. (mm) 3/8 (17.2) - Noise Level (Sound Power) dB Lower than 64 SYSTEm & CONTrOL Programme durations in minutes(Default) min 37 Intelligent Electronic Controls • • SYSTEm & CONTrOL DrY PrOGrAmS Inverter Direct Drive Motor • White And Color(High) • • Intelligent Electronic Controls • Perm Press(Medium) • • 3 Compartment Dispenser • • • Delicates & knits(Low) Forced Drain System • No Heat • • WASH PrOGrAmS Whites (Hot) • EXTErNAL FINISH Colors (Warm) • Top Plate Porcelain (Single) Porcelain (Single) Delicates (Cold) • Painted Steel (Stack) Painted Steel (Stack) Permanent Press (Warm) • Transparent Glass Window Door • • Super Wash Added (Option) • Door Rim Stainless Steel Stainless Steel COVENIENCE FEATUrES Colors White White End of Cycle Beeper • Cabinet Painted Steel Painted Steel Door Lock Display • Control Panel Steel Steel Self Diagnosis • Window Display Silk Screen Silk Screen Auto Balancing • Window Aluminum Aluminum Auto Sud Removal • COINVENIENCE FEATUrESEATUrES 1) Data is based on U.K non-heater model and it could be Forced Drain System • Audible End of Cycle Beeper • • Remaining Time Display • - Multi-Level Control different by power rating. Heater Type Status Indicator • Gas Valve Type On/Off - 4 Adjustable Leveling Legs • 2) Data is based on American model(non-heater) and it could Reversible Door • • LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation • 1) 4,000W for some country due to power limitation Time Remaining • • be different by power rating. Coin Box Open Sensing • EXTErNAL FINISH (e.g. Australia) Coin Box Open Sensing • • Drum NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum Leveling Legs 4 Adjustable 4 Adjustable Top Plate Porcelain (Single) Painted Steel (Stack) Easy Sliding System (Giant-C Plus only) • • Transparent Glass Window Door • Door Rim Stainless Steel Colors White Cabinet Painted Steel Control Panel Steel Window Display Silk Screen Window Aluminum CIrCUIT PrOTECTION PCB fuse - Main Control Board amps 8 (220-40V/50Hz) / 12 (120V/60Hz) PCB fuse - Filter Assembly amps 15 HOSE Inlet Hose Ft. (mm) 4.92 (1,500) Drain Hose Ft. (mm) 6.56 (2,000) COIN TYPE DRYER DRYER CArD TYPE DRYER DRYER COIN TYPE WASHER + DRYER ON PrEmISE TYPE WASHER + DRYER + + + + WASHER DRYER WASHER DRYER PRODUCT LINE_UP 21Pictures may be slightly different from the product and specifications subject to change without notice for quality improvement
  12. 12. M E M O22 MEMO MEMO 23