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Tri-County Small Business Summit Social Media 101



Published in Business
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  • 1. TM
    The Power of Social Media to Market Your Business - "Social Media 101”
    Ricardo Guerrero
    Founder & CEO, &
    Elizabeth Quintanilla
  • 2. Agenda
    Social Media Landscape
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. Who?
    Ricardo Guerrero (aka @ggroovin)
    • Entrepreneur:
    • 5. SM strategy, implementation, &coaching: Social Media Dynamo
    • 6. Founder: Stwittergy
    • 7. At Dell (10 years):
    • 8. Created most of Dell’s Twitter accounts, incl. @DellOutlet
    • 9. > $6.5M revenue in 2.5 years
    • 10. See more
  • Stwittergy & Social Media Dynamo
    Social Media Dynamo:
    Not a “consultant,” but a Partner for SMBs to develop a measurable, sustainable, and effectivesocial media presence
    Helping Businesses use Twitter more effectively by identifying Influencers with whom to build relationships
  • 11. EQ Who?
  • 12. Take A Risk – Show some Personality
  • 13. “If you don’t know HOW to
    USE Social Media as a Networking Tool,
    You are probably not very marketable in the first place…..”
    - anonymous
  • 14. Be Seen – Don’t expect to be found!!
  • 15.
  • 16. Primary social network by country 2009
    • Source (June 2009):
  • Most important social networks
    For consumers:
    For professionals & companies:
  • 19.
    • Social network for biz people/B2B
    • 20. Smaller than Twitter/Facebook, but good for:
    • 21. SEO, since Google follows links from LinkedIn
    • 22. Keep your personal presence separate from biz
    • 23. Can create groups & answer questions that can bring visibility/leads
    • Most popular social network
    • 24. Generally closed (not accessible outside of Facebook), but pages are open
    • 25. Pages allow interaction among fans/likes
    • 26. Examples: Dell Outlet y Coca-Cola
    * Fuente:
  • 27.
    • Fastest growing soc. network (8x last yr)
    • 28. Open, viral, very “opt-in”, like a cocktail
    • 29. Simple but confusing, particular syntax/format
    • 30. More visibility among influencers than FB
    • 31. Examples: @Dell Outlet & @woot
  • My Twitter story
  • 32. SXSW Interactive 2007
    Twitter was a TV with quirky little TXTs
  • 33. How I Got Started
    Created personal account: @ggroovin
    Only 2 friends; thought “waste of time”
  • 34. Reconsidering Twitter
    Apr. 2007 NYTimes article made point: Twitter gives you a “social 6th sense”
    by the end of the article I wondered… could Twitter be used for marketing?
  • 35. Dell’s Twitter story
  • 36. The Start of @DellOutlet
    No control of inventory, periodic “bubbles”
    To drive demand, usually dropped price
    Offer discountsvia Twitter
    Launched June 2007
  • 37. @DellOutlet Results
    Surveys 1 & 6 months after launch:
    25-30% didn’t know D.O. before Twitter!
  • 38. Other Dell Twitter Accounts
    Multiple Blogs/Community Sites:
    @Direct2Dell (1st Twitter acct, several langs), @IdeaStorm, @DellDigitalLife, @Edu4U
    Dozens of “offers” accounts:
    @DellHomeUS, @DellSmBizOffers (U.S.)+ Canada, Europe, AP, many Latin America
    100s individual employees & growing:
    Generally folks tweeting for Dell include “atDell” in their acct – like “@RicardoatDell”
  • 39. What’s the “right” way to use Twitter (& Social Media)?
  • 40. Small & Large Biz Approach: MEBE™
    • Monitor:
    • 41. Survey customer satisfaction
    • 42. “Poach” from competitors
    • 43. Find potential leads
  • Small & Large Biz Approach: MEBE™
    • Engage:
    • 44. Humanize brand
    • 45. Build interested audience
  • Small & Large Biz Approach: MEBE™
    • Brand:
    • 46. Satisfy audience wants/needs
    • 47. Add impressions of your brand
  • Small & Large Biz Approach: MEBE™
    • Empower Evangelists:
    • 48. Identify influencers & foster relationships with them so they will increase your visibility!
  • Small Biz Is ABOUT Relationships
    • You compete with big brands
    • 49. Customers know you personally
    • 50. Close connection to your customers
    • 51. Your business DEPENDSon that relationship…
    • 52. Social media is all about relationships…
    • 53. So, YOU have an advantage in social media!
  • Examples of Small Bizusing Twitter
  • 54. Small Biz Use of Twitter: Case Study 1
    • Humphry Slocombe(@humphryslocombe):
    • 55. Business type: Small Ice Creamery (SF, CA)
    • 56. Example of: Timely Announcements100s of flavors; tweet when available
    • 57. Followers: >300K
    • 58. Quote:“We started using Twitter just because we have zero money for any kind of dvertising or promotion whatsoever. Our customers were asking, ‘How do you keep us up to date on the different flavors?’ Twitter was the perfect answer.”-- Sean Vahey, co-owner
  • Small Biz Use of Twitter: Case Study 2
    • Palo Alto Software(@Timberry):
    • 59. Business type: Biz Software (Eugene, OR)
    • 60. Example: Promote Blog (thought leadership)100s of flavors; tweet when available
    • 61. Followers: >6K
    • 62. Quote:“The key thing is being interesting. [pique interest and establish himself as a trusted authority] If you’re just selling, it doesn’t work. If somebody starts selling, I stop following them.”-- Tim Berry, president
  • Small Biz Use of Twitter: Case Study 3
    • Kiss My Bundt (@KissMyBundt):
    • 63. Business type: Bakery (Los Angeles, CA)
    • 64. Example of: Focus GroupFeedback on new recipe ideas & tastings
    • 65. Followers: >2.5K
    • 66. Quote:“It’s great for getting input — they become your sounding board. It’s a way to break out of the business owner’s bubble and get an outsider’s perspective.”-- Chrysta Wilson, owner
  • Small Biz Use of Twitter: Sources
    • NY Times Small Biz articles:
    • 67. Article on how Small Biz can use Twitter:
    • 68. Some businesses using Twitter:
    • 69. Radio Ink article:
    • 70. Twitter still growing & users better educated:
  • Twitter or Facebook?
  • 71. Comparison: Facebook & Twitter
    • > 160M users
    • 72. Open system:
    • 73. Can export (RSS)
    • 74. Info visible to anyone (or private)
    • 75. Good for getting to know & keeping up with new people/info/news/trends
    • 76. > 500M users
    • 77. Closed system:
    • 78. No exporting info
    • 79. No viewing info w/o creating account & becoming “friends"
    • 80. Good for direct relationships (friends/family)
  • Facebook & Twitter for Business
    • For attracting new customers:
    • 81. Can “listen” for people mentioning your brand, competitors, or keywords that identify them as prospects!
    • 82. Influencers (especially bloggers) are more likely to be on Twitter
    • 83. For your current customers:
    • 84. Create a FB “page”
    • 85. Allows you to communicate w/ your company’s “fans” who know you & love you
    • 86. Fans can talk to each other (but you must watch for negative comments!)
  • Twitter Gives You “Social 6th Sense”
    Common Craft video:
    “What happens between
    blog posts & e-mails.”
    Hence, I describe it as:
    The most intimate of Social Media applications
    Platform for connecting/building relationships
    Growing like the early days of the internet; not a fad & companies jumping on it
    A huge, international “cocktail party”
    “cocktail party effect” = can hear mentions of you
  • 87. How Market Your Company at Cocktail?
    DON’T be pushy salesman!
    DON’T be “card ninja”
    Find the people who fit your target audience
    Join the conversation & add something interesting & relevant when appropriate
    (Be authentic and helpful)
    Invite most promising new contact to coffee
    Let them ask YOU what you do (softest sell!)
  • 88. Social Marketing = Cocktail Marketing!
    But you’re blind
    All you can do is listen to find target audience
    & must approach more carefully
    Some folks may not understand what they said on Twitter is available publicly
    Otherwise very similar:
    Be authentic and helpful
    Be responsive and not pushy
    Be interesting & relevantto your audience!
  • 89. Why should your biz use Twitter?
  • 90. Brand Perception
    Your brand doesn’t belong to you now
    People talk about your business
    This drives perception of your brand!
    PARTICIPATION can influence perception
    Non-participation may hurt brand
  • 91. Relationships & Buzz
    Twitter drives Buzz (& Rumors)
    Easy connectivity & sharing drives virality
    Transparency & engagement can either defuse rumors or help fan the viral growth
    Establishing rapport with influencers can drive the shift more quickly
    Friends > likely to help you or defend you
    Squash rumors before they get big
    Your message gets to more people faster
  • 92. Not the Solution to Everything
    Content is still King
    Without good content, hard to get buzz
    Transparency & authenticity are key
    Participating in social media can help create confidence, but still fragile
    “Lipstick on a pig”
    Product must be good & reputable, or social media will hurt not help
  • 93. Why Twitter? Why NOT?!
    You can start with a limited amount of time… in fact, start by listening!
    Search for your keywords in Austin at: (see next slide)
    If you don’t get any results, try broader or different keywords
    If you still don’t get any results, there may not be many conversations about that topic yet(Setting up automated e-mails when anyone mentions you or your competitors or keywords is 1 of my products - Ricardo)
  • 94. Using
    Put in your keywords and pick a radius around your city
  • 95. Sample Results
    Searched for “plumber” around Austin:
    Results only visible for 12days
    Updates youif any new tweets appearwhile viewing
  • 96. So, why use Twitter?
    It’s free
    It’s big & growing, and it’s open
    Open means you can listen to almost everyone (like the “cocktail party effect”)
    It’s where the influencers are
    It doesn’t have to take a lot of time
    & most importantly…
    Depending on your biz, you can find new / connect with more customers more deeply
  • 97. Why should small businesses use Facebook?
  • 98. Facebook not just popular, sticky
    • Twitter like the radio, FB = snail mail
    • 99. Twitter very timely, but fleeting
    • 100. People connect with fewer people on FB, and review all connections’ updates when log in
    • 101. Many applications, much time spent
    • 102. Facebook is most popular photo sharing site
    • 103. Social gaming, other apps very popular
  • How to use Facebook!
    Fan Pages!
  • 104. How to setup a Facebook Fan Page
  • 105. How to setup a Facebook Fan Page
  • 106. Facebook Fan Page Extras!
  • 107. Facebook Fan Page Applications
  • 108. Slideshare within Facebook
  • 109. Slideshare Continued!
  • 110. Slideshare in a Fan Page!
  • 111. Fans
  • 112.
  • 113. Don’t have to do this alone!
  • 114. Google your name and your company!
  • 115. People Search / Company Search
    Brands are not just for companies anymore. We all have our own unique personal brand!
  • 116. Write a Bio! Short and Sweet…..
    Elizabeth is not just your average Austin girl. As a Business Detective focused on determining why customers don't buy products or services or finds waste through inefficient operations. She focuses on understanding the customer perspective and bringing that to businesses.
    Additionally, she founded EQ Consultants Group, LLC. is a City of Austin certified woman minority owned business. Currently, she independently consults on a variety of topics, which include social media, product management, marketing, as well as government procurement.
    She was the 2010 sponsors lead for ProductCamp and actively volunteers as a Social Media Ambassador for the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC), and attends a variety of other Austin business and tech events. Also, Elizabeth taught herself web development, SEO, and Social Media. In her limited spare time, she also is an avid glider pilot, scuba diver, and competes in local triathlons.
  • 117. LinkedIn – Overlooked yet Powerful
  • 118. Powerful Profiles Get Attention
  • 119. Companies have Profiles also!
  • 120. Don’t miss opportunities
  • 121.
  • 122.
  • 123. Connect with Colleagues!
  • 124. Always write a note!
  • 125. Get Recommended!!
  • 126. Groups – Participate!!!
    Can Participate in up to 50 groups!
  • 127.
  • 128. Answer Questions!
  • 129.
  • 130.
  • 131. Enhance your profiles with Applications
  • 132.
  • 133.
  • 134.
  • 135. Careful: Only accept/send invites from/to people you know
  • 136. Questions?