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Marketing for Startups - A Sales for Startups Presentation at Mexican.VC
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Marketing for Startups - A Sales for Startups Presentation at Mexican.VC


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Elizabeth Quintanilla, Marketing Gunslinger, presentation for SalesforStartup Event with Mexican.VC on 10/26. Covers the Marketing Tips and Strategies that all startups need in one hour. Event Info: …

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Marketing Gunslinger, presentation for SalesforStartup Event with Mexican.VC on 10/26. Covers the Marketing Tips and Strategies that all startups need in one hour. Event Info: Unless you have 100,000 dollars in Sales a month, you should be HERE! The event where Startup people gather - Startups are not familiar with what it takes to successfully sell and market their offering. Whether you're at the idea stage or have a well-funded startup with traction, this event will provide you with the knowledge and actionable items to hit the ground running.

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  • 1. Capitalize on Your Mistakes – We first heard about the Kardashian sisters when sister Kim’s home-made film with ex-boyfriend and singer Ray-J was leaked to the public. Instead of cowering behind her indiscretions, Kim capitalized on them. Kim made appearances on talk shows, late night television and radio stations. Ultimately, the negative press ended up being the catalyst for the Kardashian’s fame.
  • CampusLIVEpaid Lindsay Lohan about $3,500 for one tweet which resulted in 4,500 clicks to their website. This equates to $o.77 cent a click and at this price point celebrity tweeting competes with Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.Control the news: One of the best marketing tactics is to befriend others; groups, individuals and/or news organizations. Let people and organizations know what your business is about, how you benefit the community and upcoming events. Toot your horn so that the entire world may hear the music.Consumers are eager to be reminded of exciting events, have their minds taken off negative aspects of the economy and learn about savings or events that will benefit them. Vera Wang is rarely if ever photographed walking down the streets of NY. Wang did something unheard to promote the Kardashian wedding gown. About one week before Kim’s wedding, Vera and Kim were photographed together walking down a NY street.
  • Low and Slow Conversational talk
  • Transcript

    • 1. Intro to Startup Marketing: – Top of the Funnel: Starting Point Hello Mexico City! – 10/26/12#s4s @equintanilla
    • 2. El cliente cambia. ¿Y su negocio? Todos éramos un cliente tradicional hace diez años. Compramos productos y servicios basados en el precio y el uso. Se comunicaba por medio de carta, teléfono y ocasionalmente, si era posible, por correo electrónico . Pero ese cliente cambio con el cambio social al comienzo del siglo. El cliente tomó las riendas del ambiente de negocio y se cambio para siempre.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 3. “ La conversación informal es probablemente el mecanismo mas antiguo con la cual se desarrolla, expresa y difunde opiniones acerca de productos y marcas “ John Arndt#s4s @equintanilla
    • 4. B2B Buyer’s Journey Sales Implementation Outbound Referrals Social Online Media Research#s4s @equintanilla
    • 5. “To compete for consumers’ time and divided attention, brands must also find ways to better resonate with their audiences.”“Building a successful multichannel marketing campaignrequires the right mix of channels that offer brands theability to reach and engage consumers!”#s4s @equintanilla
    • 6. Common Marketing Goals 1. Implement foundational marketing improvements, including branding, messaging, website, content, and search to increase awareness and support future growth. 2. Build AWARENESS of ACME Products and Professional Services, and EDUCATE our Customers and Stakeholders. 3. Strengthen relationship with select partners to improve credibility, expand ACME sales force, and increase leads. 4. Present ACME as an industry thought leader - a proven, credible provider of TNT Products and Professional Services.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 7. #s4s @equintanilla
    • 8. Marketing Funnel Awareness Web Site & Search Content/Core Materials Media & Analysts Relations Social Media Database Marketing Lead Generation Events Advertising Marketing Lead Automation Nurturing#s4s Sales Funnel Sales @equintanilla
    • 9. #s4s @equintanilla
    • 10. #s4s @equintanilla
    • 11. ReachRelevanceRepetition#s4s @equintanilla
    • 12. Provide useful content: • Engage with your customer • Dont just sell. Ofrezca contenido útil • Es importante atraer y encajar bien con su cliente • No es cuestión de solo vender#s4s @equintanilla
    • 13. Social Media Objectives: Opportunity to Generate Leads#s4s @equintanilla
    • 14. The New Marketing …. Don’t expect PRIVACY IN SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Source: John Jantsch#s4s @equintanilla
    • 15. All About SEO ….  Researching Keywords  Selecting the Domain  On-site Optimization  Off-Site Optimization Linkbuilding  Social Media Content Marketing#s4s @equintanilla
    • 16. What are people searching ¿Qué buscan las personas? for? (Keywords) (Palabras clave) How does your website ¿Qué posición ocupa su rank? sitio en la lista de • Monitor your search resultados. engine rankings. • Supervise los cambios en su posición#s4s @equintanilla
    • 17. Keywords .. What is Palabras clave… lo your biz? que abarca su negocio 1.Write down your words related 1.Anote todas las palabras que to your business pueden definir o relacionarse con su negocio 2.Use names and phrases your friends would use google to find 2.Utilice las palabras y frases que you. sus público usaría para encontrar Caterer – wedding catering, su negocio con Google. party food provider, your Florista – diseñadora floral, thoughts? decoradora, coordinadora de eventos, sus opiniones profesionales?#s4s @equintanilla
    • 18. Blog Elements ►Build Thought Leadership ►Earn People’s Trust: Use Meaningful “Non-salesy” content (71% say blogs are part of buying decisions) ►Be a Problem Solver: Highlight how you solve your customers problems #s4s @equintanilla1
    • 19. Blog Elements #s4s @equintanilla1
    • 20. Reference #s4s @equintanilla2
    • 21. Top 5 Blog Elements: Title aka your Headline.►Blog Title – Make sure your headline is “sticky” yet “POSITIVE”!►Tips: • Actionable, Clear and Direct, and Contains at least 1 Keyword  People search the web by using keywords • Create a Sense of Urgency or How To (or How Not To!) • Newsworthy .. Or Cautiously Use Controversial Sensational titles  Make sure you use solid points to back up your opinions • BRIEF (8-9 words – do not exceed ~60 characters)!  Twitter only allows for 140 character messages.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 22. Top 5 Blog Elements: Title aka your Headline.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 23. Top 5 Blog Elements: Content.►Blog Content – Length: 300 – 800 Words • Who, what, when, where, how, and why .. Remember the reader►Tips: • Answer Common Customer Questions • Conduct Interviews►Thought Leadership Content • Industry/Market Data • Industry Best Practices • Reports based on industry research • Educate the Reader • Industry Case Studies • Industry-related news topics and takeaways#s4s @equintanilla
    • 24. Top 5 Blog Elements: Content.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 25. Top 5 Blog Elements: Content.►Blog Content – Definitive • Be clear, direct, take a stand, use strong word choices, BE THE EXPERT!►Types of Content: • Text-based Copy (Common) • Charts or graphs (Chip’s Slideshare) • Audio Content (Rudy’s Podcast) • Cartoons (What is IT thinking?) • Infographics • Guest Bloggers (Channel Partners) • Curated Lists • Industry book reviews • Q&A’s • Videos (Gartner Video) • Employee Contributions .. Manufacturing, Inside Sales, Support#s4s @equintanilla
    • 26. Top 5 Blog Elements: Calls To Action (CTA).►Calls To Action (CTA) – introduce & qualify reader to sales funnel • Can be at the beginning, middle, or end of a post►Tips: • CTA: Calls to Action – Remember to Link Keywords  To Anue Systems (….)#s4s @equintanilla
    • 27. Social Media as a Lead Source Links are your social media Calls To Action (CTA)! Includ in all social messaging: Twitter feeds, Facebook Wall posts, Pins, etc. Ideally, the links will bring users to a landing page, with more CTAs. Use demand generation software’s URL builder so you can pass social media as a lead source, as well as measure the effectiveness of the social media aspects of your campaign. The URLs will be long. Shorten with Bitly or HootSuite, and for added marketing strength, consider a vanity URL – track analytics!#s4s @equintanilla
    • 28. Top 5 Blog Elements: Calls To Action (CTA).#s4s @equintanilla
    • 29. Top 5 Blog Elements: Images►Images are Important! Tell 1000+ Words at once • Break up text into digestible chunks • Convey post’s message with a helpful image#s4s @equintanilla
    • 30. Top 5 Blog Elements: Keywords.►Keywords – Critical and everything pivots from a keyword.►Tips: • Use Industry Keywords that people enter in Google to research vendors • Pick a Keyword and write a post about that word .. Drive SEO • Use Keyword in title, copy, images (filename and image description) • Embed keywords into posts .. Remember to format appropriately to capture the readers attention:#s4s @equintanilla
    • 31. E-mail Basics  Opt-in mailing lists are now the preferred method for customers.  Consider creating an online newsletter.  Consider time-limited online "coupons" that can be redeemed at your site.  Each email should also contain instructions for removed from the email list.  Best email content should be shared. Forwards are nice, but most people want to tweet, Like, +1, post on LinkedIn, pin, or share on other social networks.  Track everything: email open rates, clicks on the link provided in the email, the views on the landing page, and all social media shares.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 32. #s4s @equintanilla
    • 33. 5. Calculate Costs 6. Align the social media initiatives with business goals 7. Don’t dismiss “soft metrics” 8. Allow for organic discussion to emerge#s4s @equintanilla
    • 34. Too often, social strategies start in the wrong place--with a focus on a Facebook fan page or Pinterest board - @augieray 1. Define the People 2. Set the Objectives: What & how will you measure success? 3. Devise the Strategies 4. Determine the Tools, Technology & Tactics#s4s @equintanilla
    • 35. Earned, Owned, & Paid.Social works best when you use the classic definition ofmarketing: that it’s about relationships with customersand the actual conversations. Tip: Don’t be a NASTY NETWORKER!!#s4s @equintanilla
    • 36. Penguin and Panda Google Update: Impact on SEO►Algorithm changed keyword rankings for sites►On-site SEO has changed devaluing Anchor tags►Sources of Backlinks matter►Social Signals (mentions, +1, Likes, and Shares) count #s4s @equintanilla
    • 37. SEO and Social Source: Marketing Sherpa Webinar#s4s @equintanilla
    • 38. Trigger Campaigns Based on Social Interactions Demand generation software has built-in automated activities based on user behaviors. Social media usage can be one of these triggers. If someone favorably tweets your company, invite that person to friend, follow, Like, Pin or join your company’s community sites. Send a thank-you message to someone who shares company info on Twitter, shares a presentation on SlideShare, or Likes a piece of content on Facebook EVENTS & WEBINARS: Publicize the webinar by assigning it a Twitter hashtag, and then measure the volume and relevance of tweets referencing the hashtag. For registrants or attendees of the webinar who tweet, adjust their lead scoring accordingly.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 39. #s4s @equintanilla
    • 40. Content Tip: Bring Offline to OnlineTouch Point:interface of a product,a service or a brandwith customers, non-customers,employees and otherstakeholders –before, during andafter a transactionrespectively apurchase.Don’t overlook theobvious! #s4s @equintanilla
    • 41. Express Yourself#s4s @equintanilla
    • 42. Gaga Marketing .. Mind your P’s ►Product ►Place But Don’t ►Price Forget your ►Promotion C’s ►Content ►Context ►Connect ► and Community!! Whether you like her or not she is .. loud, crisp and clear!!!#s4s @equintanilla
    • 43. 5 Marketing Wisdoms to remember: 1. Have a great product or service 2. Be selective 3. Lead your followers 4. Reward loyalty 5. Inspire greatness#s4s @equintanilla
    • 44. Everyone Has Something To Say#s4s @equintanilla
    • 45. ►Famous for – being Kardashian Sisters: famous! "Your reputation is all that you have, and if people prejudge you over something that you did, than that kind of sticks with you a long time." – Kim Kardashian#s4s @equintanilla
    • 46. So Let’s Take Small Steps And Start The Conversation#s4s @equintanilla
    • 47. Tip: What to post .. Add Social Media Icons to your email campaigns and all landing pages.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 48. Tip: Connect with Objectives ►E - ENTERTAINING ►I - INFORMATIONAL ►E - EDUCATIONAL ►I - INSPIRATIONAL ►O – OBJECTIVE: What was the point of doing all the work?Source: @equintanilla
    • 49. This and That ..#s4s @equintanilla
    • 50. Entertain!#s4s @equintanilla
    • 51. Tip: Schedule Posts#s4s @equintanilla
    • 52. #s4s @equintanilla
    • 53. Social Media Information in the Leads Database Add custom fields for social contact information, such as Twitter handle and link to public LinkedIn profile. Integration with Klout exist, so that Klout scores can be assigned for each lead. Integrations with third-party software applications exist to provide additional social data.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 54. Sales and CRM►MarketingAutomation supports Social Integration►Social CRM is supported in Salesforce & Nimble#s4s @equintanilla
    • 55. Engagement CommitmentRelevant (Timely Time and resources areand interesting) devoted to building a foundation – content, The audience cares community, feedbackabout and enjoys thiscontent The internal team is Talkable: Have a invested in the effort, helps Messages are on Connection: Buildbrand and reflect the conversation your community generate conversation andcore benefits of the People are interacting feels the benefits of a Builds connections: growing communityorganization in audience more frequently, or more People are sharing andperspective deeply make recommendations daily People try things from peer recommendations 55#s4s @equintanilla
    • 56. Marketing Takeaways ►Find your niche►Exposure is critical ►Promote yourself in the►Control the news right venues►Make consumers want ►Contribute to the more discourse►Be creative in your marketingPeople magazine paid $1.5million for exclusive rights tothe Kardashian weddingphotos.#s4s @equintanilla
    • 57. #s4s @equintanilla
    • 58. Thank You! Elizabeth Quintanilla @equintanilla @equintanilla