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Marketing and Social Media for Independent Business


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Elizabeth Quintanilla, Austin's Marketing Gun

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Austin's Marketing Gun

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  • 1. Marketing & Social MediaMore Fun and More Profit through SocialMedia - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more!
  • 2. Earned, Owned, & Paid.Social works best when you use theclassic definition of marketing: that it’sabout relationships with customersand the actual conversations.
  • 3. Shared Knowledge I had (and still have) a dream that the web could beless of a television channel and more of aninteractive sea of shared knowledge. I imagineit immersing us as a warm, friendly environmentmade of the things we and our friends haveseen, heard, believe or have figured out. I would like itto bring our friends and colleagues closer, inthat by working on this knowledge together we cancome to better understandings. Tim Berners-Lee (1995 @MIT)
  • 4. Penguin and Panda Google Update: Impact on SEO• Algorithm changed keyword rankings for sites• On-site SEO has changed devaluing Anchor tags• Sources of Backlinks matter• Social Signals (mentions, +1, Likes, and Shares) count 5
  • 5. Google Name and Company!
  • 6. The New Marketing …. Don’t expect PRIVACY IN SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Source: John Jantsch
  • 7. All About …. Researching Keywords Selecting the Domain On-site Optimization Off-Site Optimization Linkbuilding Social MediaContent Marketing
  • 8. SEO and Social Source: Marketing Sherpa Webinar
  • 9. Reference10
  • 10. Blog Elements11 Source: Anue Systems and Hubspot
  • 11. Title aka your Headline.• Blog Title – Make sure your headline is “sticky” yet “POSITIVE”!• Tips: – Actionable, Clear and Direct, and Contains at least 1 Keyword • People search the web by using keywords – Create a Sense of Urgency or How To (or12 How Not To!)
  • 12. Title aka your Headline.13
  • 13. Tip: Use Images FrequentlyImages are Important! Tell 1000+ Words at once – Break up text into digestible chunks – Convey post’s message with a helpful image 14
  • 14. “If you don’t know HOW toUSE Social Media as a Networking Tool, Then You are probably not very marketable in the first place…..” - anonymous
  • 15. Tip: Don’t be a NASTY NETWORKER!!• Compete with the big dogs• You know your Customers know Personally• Your business DEPENDS on that relationship…• Social media deepens relationships…• YOU have the advantage in Social Media!
  • 16. LinkedIn – Overlooked yet Powerful
  • 17. Content: Not just onlineTouch Point: interface of aproduct, a service or abrand with customers, non-customers, employees andother stakeholders – before,during and after atransaction respectively apurchase.Don’t overlook the obvious!
  • 18. Tip: Connect with Objectives • E - ENTERTAINING • I - INFORMATIONAL • E - EDUCATIONAL • I - INSPIRATIONAL • O – OBJECTIVE: What was the point of doing all the work?ource:
  • 19. Tip: What to post ..
  • 20. This and That ..
  • 21. This and That ..
  • 22. She’ll be coming around the..
  • 23. Tip: Schedule Posts
  • 24. Engagement CommitmentRelevant (Timely Time and resources areand interesting) devoted to building a The audience cares foundation – content,about and enjoys this community, feedbackcontent The internal team is Talkable: Have a invested in the effort, helps Messages are on Connection:brand and reflect the conversation Build your generate conversation andcore benefits of the People are interacting feels the benefits of a communityorganization in audience more frequently, or more growing communityperspective Builds connections: deeply People are sharing and make recommendations daily People try things from peer recommendations 26
  • 25. # 1: Never the product always the passion!! • Reframe conversation • Not about the product • Is about the customer • What role does product play in customer lives?
  • 26. More Reading: Must READ!!!Available on Amazon: Al Ries and Jack Trout
  • 27. Questions?