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Government Contracts: Navigating the G-Spot (ProductCamp - Austin)
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Government Contracts: Navigating the G-Spot (ProductCamp - Austin)


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My ProductCamp Austin presentation on government contracting and procurement. …

My ProductCamp Austin presentation on government contracting and procurement.

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Published in: Business

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  • 1. sponsors
  • 2. please take a moment to
    Identify someone to watch time – give 5 minute warning at :45 minutes.
    Identify someone to take notes – post notes to
    Thank our sponsors
  • 3. Government Contracts:  Navigating the G-Spot
  • 4. Where do I start?
    Finding Government Contracts is daunting!
    Need to ask myself – Do I want:
    Can I get anything if I’m not a disabled Native American Female Iraqi Veteran?
  • 5. YES!!!!!!!!
    Why should I?
    Lots of opportunities at Federal Level on various projects
    TxDOT just with the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has projects valued up to $505 Million
    Austin has 2000 contracts valued at $1.6 Billion
  • 6. Learn the Acronyms
    Be Prepared to learn lots of Acronyms
    NASA: National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration
    RFI: Request for Information
    RFP: Request for Proposal
    If you are lost, Google really is your best friend. Thank the Public Information Act!
  • 7. Federal: Register
  • 8. Federal: Be Aware of GSA Schedules
  • 9. Federal: Monitor
  • 10. State of Texas: Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL)
    Note: The CMBL is not an approved vendors list
  • 11. State: Be sure to have the right commodity codes in the CMBL
    Only list codes for those services or goods you actually can provide!!
  • 12. State: Procurement Thresholds
    Non Competitive: up to $5000
    No Solicitation is required
    Informal Solicitations: $5000.01 - $25000
    Request may come by phone, fax, email
    Keep all contact information up to date
    3 Vendor Minimum (2 must be HUB)
    All Vendors must be on CMBL
    Formal Solicitations: Over $25000
    Posted on Electronic States Business Daily (ESBD)
    Have Terms and Conditions
  • 13. State: Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD)
  • 14. State: HUB – Historically Underutilized Businesses
    Mission of Statewide HUB Program is to facilitate the use of HUBs in state procurement, and to effectively provide information on the state’s procurment process to minority and women-owned businesses.
    Important: This is not a set aside program.
  • 15. Still need to market to State Entities
    Still need an elevator pitch and marketing plan!
    Even if not a HUB, can reach to HUB coordinators for better contact in the agency
    State Entities include:
    Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    Railroad Commission
    Texas Department of Transportation
    University of Texas System
    And Many Others…..
  • 16. State: Transportation is TxDOT
    Special Minority/Woman Certification: DBE
  • 17. State: Department of Information Resources (DIR)
  • 18. State: DIR is more than just State
    Eligible Customers:
    State Agencies, Higher Ed, ISD, Cities, Counties, and more
    Region 3 accounted for 42% of contracts!
    Has over 2800 Active Customers and over $640 million in contract opportunities
    RFOs posted on ESBD – check often!
    Contracts are awarded on Best Value
  • 19. Travis County: More Opportunities!
  • 20. Travis County: All opportunities on BidSync
  • 21. City of Austin: Register as a Vendor
    Be sure your commodity codes are correct!!!
  • 22. City of Austin: SMBR Office
    Again – this is not a set aside program
  • 23. City of Austin: Online Contract Catalog
  • 24. City of Austin: Notification
    Can Notify by Phone, Email, Fax, or Mail
  • 25. Government Marketing Opportunities
    Be Patient – There are opportunities out there.
    Market, Research, Observe, and Network!!
  • 26. Listen to Government Contract Winner
  • 27. Any Questions?
  • 28. sponsors