Social Media ROI Presentation for BLASTT - Business Leaders Amplifying Sales Through Trust


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This was a presentation for BLASTT (Business Leaders Amplifying Sales Through Trust) to give the gotchas, strategies and tactics when implementing Social Media. Ultimately, you will need to use Google Analytics and Cost Accounting to actually calculate ROI.

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  • If the brand promise is not fulfilled, then any marketing effort to promote the brand will fail. Your promise must match the experience.   How do you do this? By discovering your brand promise or value proposition (for products).
  • Social Media ROI Presentation for BLASTT - Business Leaders Amplifying Sales Through Trust

    1. 1. Social Media ROIFun, Measurement, and More Profit through Social Media! Presented by: Elizabeth Quintanilla Marketing Gunslinger @Equintanilla
    2. 2. Agenda• Marketing and Social Media Goals• Old and New Marketing• Brand Awareness and Klout• SEO and Social• Blog Tips• Social Media Tips• Website and Blog Social Analysis• Event Marketing Support• Sales and CRM
    3. 3. Key Points• Key Points – Due to Google changes, Social is IMPORTANT! – Social Interactions are a key measure for Klout – Social can drive more traffic than PPC. – Social CRM is a reality today
    4. 4. Common Marketing Goals1. Implement foundational marketing improvements, including branding, messaging, website, content, and search to increase awareness and support future growth.2. Build AWARENESS of ACME Products and Professional Services, and EDUCATE our Customers and Stakeholders.3. Strengthen relationship with select partners to improve credibility, expand ACME sales force, and increase leads.4. Present ACME as an industry thought leader - a proven, credible provider of TNT Products and Professional Services.
    5. 5. Earned, Owned, & Paid.Social works best when you use theclassic definition of marketing: that it’sabout relationships with customersand the actual conversations.
    6. 6. Too often, social strategies start in the wrong place--with a focus on a Facebook fan pageor Pinterest board -@augieray 1. Define the People 2. Set the Objectives: What & how will you measure success? 3. Devise the Strategies 4. Determine the Tools, Technology & Tactics
    7. 7. Marketing FunnelAwareness Lead Generation Marketing Lead Automation Nurturing Sales Funnel Sales
    8. 8. Marketing Mission Establish ACME INC.’s Image as THE provider of TNT Products and Professional Services.Market and Attract Qualified Potential Customers to Engage with ACME Sales Team.
    9. 9. Brand PromiseBrand is communicated in three ways:• Visually• Verbally• Experientially Photo credit: Capitol Dome by Familymwr
    10. 10. Brand Awareness and KloutWhat Is Klout? Klout attempts to measureyour online clout--that is, your ability toinfluence people on the Internet. Using dataaggregated from social networks, Kloutdetermines how good you are at persuadingother people to act. "Klout defines influenceas the ability to drive action, we analyze anumber of social media engagementvariables to measure influence, includingTwitter retweets and mentions, Facebookcomments and likes, LinkedIn comments andlikes, Foursquare tips and to-dos, andGoogle+ comments and reshares."Klouts website notes that a Klout score takesthree major factors into account: True Reach(how many people you actually influence),Amplification (how much you influence thosepeople), and Network (how influential yournetwork is). 12
    11. 11. The New Marketing …. Don’t expect PRIVACY IN SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Source: John Jantsch
    12. 12. Penguin and Panda Google Update: Impact on SEO• Algorithm changed keyword rankings for sites• On-site SEO has changed devaluing Anchor tags• Sources of Backlinks matter• Social Signals (mentions, +1, Likes, and Shares) count 14
    13. 13. All About …. Researching Keywords Selecting the Domain On-site Optimization Off-Site Optimization Linkbuilding Social MediaContent Marketing
    14. 14. SEO and Social Source: Marketing Sherpa Webinar
    15. 15. Reference17
    16. 16. Blog Elements19 Source: Anue Systems and Hubspot
    17. 17. Tip: Title aka your Headline.• Blog Title –Headline is “sticky” yet “POSITIVE”! – Actionable, Clear and Direct, and Contains at least 1 Keyword • People search the web by using keywords – Create a Sense of Urgency or How To (or How Not To!) – Newsworthy .. Or Cautiously Use Controversial Sensational titles • Make sure you use solid points to back up your opinions – BRIEF (8-9 words – do not exceed ~60 characters)! • Twitter only allows for 140 character messages.
    18. 18. Title aka your Headline.21
    19. 19. Tip: Use Images FrequentlyImages are Important! Tell 1000+ Words at once – Break up text into digestible chunks – Convey post’s message with a helpful image 22
    20. 20. Tip: LinkedIn – Overlooked yet Powerful
    21. 21. Tip: What to post ..
    22. 22. Tip: Connect with Objectives • E - ENTERTAINING • I - INFORMATIONAL • E - EDUCATIONAL • I - INSPIRATIONAL • O – OBJECTIVE: What was the point of doing all the work?ource:
    23. 23. Content Tip: Bring Offline to OnlineTouch Point:interface of a product,a service or a brandwith customers, non-customers,employees and otherstakeholders – before,during and after atransactionrespectively apurchase.Don’t overlook theobvious!
    24. 24. This and That ..
    25. 25. She’ll be coming around the..
    26. 26. This and That ..
    27. 27. Tip: Schedule Posts
    28. 28. # 1: Never the product always the passion!! • Reframe conversation • Not about the product • Is about the customer • What role does product play in customer lives?
    29. 29. Website & Blog Social Analysis• March through June: Website Traffic Due to Social Percentage: 3.19% Note all PPC campaign activity is less than 1% Avg. Visit Pages / Social Network Visits Pageviews Duration Visit LinkedIn 1,057 2,721 0:02:19 2.57 Twitter 198 807 0:05:15 4.08 StumbleUpon 92 102 0:00:44 1.11 Facebook 37 90 0:02:10 2.43 HootSuite 20 42 0:02:54 2.1 20 21 0:00:00 1.05 Blogger 8 8 0:00:00 1 tinyURL 8 8 0:00:00 1 Google+ 6 11 0:00:28 1.83 Jigsaw 6 20 0:05:57 3.33 Instapaper 3 4 0:00:36 1.33 Yahoo! Answers 2 2 0:00:00 1 OnSugar 1 1 0:00:00 1 TypePad 1 1 0:00:00 1 WordPress 1 5 0:04:04 5 1,460 3,843 0:02:33 2.63
    30. 30. Twitter Deep Dive• Nearly All Event has a Real- Time Social Back-Channel – The Channel doesn’t stop at Exhibition Hours & most active during keynotes and sessions – Sales appreciates the foot traffic to booth TOTAL TWEETS: 363 103 109 151 NORMAL REPLY CONFERENCE PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL: 28.37% 30.03% 41.60% – Events bring a targeted list to filter for new influencers
    31. 31. Sales and CRM• Marketing Automation supports Social Integration• Social CRM is supported in Salesforce & Nimble 34
    32. 32. Takeaway Tips1. Calculate Costs2. Align the social media initiatives with business goals3. Don’t dismiss “soft metrics”4. Allow for organic discusion to emerge5. Have fun!
    33. 33. Questions? Elizabeth Quintanilla Marketing Gunslinger @Equintanilla