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EPX Body IMMUNE Product by Peter Josling, PhD.
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EPX Body IMMUNE Product by Peter Josling, PhD.


Published on The EPX Body IMMUNE product by Peter Josling, PhD, "The Garlic King," was presented at the EPX Body Convention in LasVegas on Apreil 27th, 2013. This amazing product is … The EPX Body IMMUNE product by Peter Josling, PhD, "The Garlic King," was presented at the EPX Body Convention in LasVegas on Apreil 27th, 2013. This amazing product is exclusively available through Independent Distributors of EPX Body.

British chemist Peter Josling developed a revolutionary way to stabilise the Allicin from Garlic, for the first time in history, and incorporated it into his flagship product (available soon as EPX Body Immune®).

That means you now have available the microbe-destroying and healing power of Garlic multiplied many times over. One capsule of EPX Body Immune® gives the equivalent health benefits of eating 36 cloves of fresh raw Garlic. This combination has been scientifically proven lethal to disease-causing bacteria, including over 300 strains of MRSA and VRSA.

EPX Body Immune® does not harm your body’s friendly bacteria or cause negative side-effects. The stabilised allicin in EPX Body Immune® is the strongest and safest natural antibiotic known to man.

EPX Body Immune® kills viruses and fungi, and it drives parasites out of the body. It has been scientifically proven in double-blind studies using low doses to greatly reduce the number, severity, and duration of common colds. It fights all types of diseases caused by harmful microbes.

EPX Body Immune® can help lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It can also help ease arthritic pain and swelling. It can help support your body’s ability to naturally destroy cancer cells. People and animals taking EPX Body Immune® are less apt to be bitten by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

EPX Body Immune® is not Garlic or a Garlic supplement, but rather makes all garlic supplements obsolete! And it’s safe for all human beings over the age of three, and for all pets.

You can order your IMMUNE product today at

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  • 1. EPX Body ImmuneNature’s ImmuneProtectorLas Vegas - April 2013Dr Peter Josling
  • 2. What is your immune system?Innate immunityAdaptive immunity
  • 3. Innate immune system Microorganisms or toxins thatsuccessfully enter an organismencounter the cells and mechanisms ofthe innate immune system This system does not confer long-lasting immunity against a pathogen.The innate immune system is thedominant system of the host defense inmost organisms
  • 4. Adaptive immune system The adaptive immune system evolved inearly vertebrates and allows for astronger immune response as well asimmunological memory, where eachpathogen is "remembered" by asignature antigen Should a pathogen infect the bodymore than once, these specific memorycells are used to quickly eliminate it
  • 5. Components of the immune system Innate immune system Response is non-specific Exposure leads to immediatemaximal response Cell-mediated and humoralcomponents No immunological memory Found in nearly all forms oflife Adaptive immune system Pathogen and antigenspecific response Lag time between exposureand maximal response Cell-mediated and humoralcomponents Exposure leads toimmunological memory Found only in jawedvertebrates
  • 6. Immune system effect on bloodPoor quality blood andplasma full of toxinsGood quality blood freefrom toxin in the plasma
  • 7. How your immune system protectsyou – every minute of every day
  • 8.  The continued increase in urbanisation, populationgrowth and global travel means germs and viruses canspread faster and further than ever before. Air, sea, rail and road travel have never been moreaccessible and more and more people are travelling in away that previous generations never could. Crowded environments where the air is re-circulatedcan often be heavily infected with unseen germs andviruses. Seeking treatment for infection is one of the leadingcauses of doctor visits.Why are our immune systemsunder so much stress?
  • 9. The Problem The SARS outbreak of 2002 showed how air travel canhave an important role in the rapid spread of newlyemerging infections and could potentially even startpandemics. The average public transport seat is home to about 3million bacteria of at least 70 different species. Soprotect your kids on the school bus Most people when they touch any surface often thentouch their nose or hair or cheeks and this can transferinfection very easily. Across the world approximately 2 billion people areinfected with dormant infectious disease which can bespread by coughing.
  • 10. Why a true Bird- or Swine FluPandemic is Highly UnlikelyDr Mercola reminds us of one very important fact here.Just a couple of months ago, scientists concluded that the 1918 flupandemic that killed between 50-100 million people worldwide in amatter of 18 months -- which all these worst case scenarios are builtupon – was NOT due to the flu itself!Instead, they discovered the real culprit was strep infections.People with influenza often get what is known as a "superinfection"with a bacterial agent. In 1918 it appears to have beenStreptococcus pneumoniae.Guess what safe natural product,exclusive to EPX kills Penicillin ResistantStreptococcus Pneumonia?
  • 11. Common rhino virus infects mostpeople in the Western World•On average adults suffer2-5 colds per year andschool children 7-10 everyyear•Rhino virus accounts forover 30% of all infectionand corona virus for around15%•Stress is now seen as amajor factor in influencingsusceptability to infection• Immune system antibodyproduction is very specificso repeat infections arevery common
  • 12. The next big killer?Corona virus from China 2013New bird flue H7 N922% kill ratioFor every100,000,000infected 22 millionpeople will dieChinese rateincreasing fast
  • 13. Other virus’s killed byEPX Body Immune Herpes virus type 1 and 2 Parainfluenza virus type 3 Vaccinia virus (smallpox) Human rhinovirus Vesicular stomatitis virus
  • 14. Active supplement manufacturedby Allicin International Limited
  • 15. EPX Body Immune effect on bloodPoor quality blood andplasma full of toxinsGood quality blood freefrom toxin in the plasmaBefore After
  • 16. Preventing the Common ColdA double blind placebo controlledsurvey with 146 volunteers
  • 17. Antiviral:How “common” is a cold? In the Western World we see 2-5 colds onaverage per person per year Over 200 different cold virus types Viral disease is an excellent traveller The common cold costs National economieshuge sums of money in lost working days Prevention is always better than cure
  • 18. Results
  • 19. Active supplement with theoptimum dose of allicin is foundin EPX Body Immune
  • 20. Results - Number of colds24650 20 40 60 80ActivePlaceboP<0.05
  • 21. Results - Average symptomduration (days)p<0.001
  • 22. Repeat infectionsp<0.001
  • 23. Conclusions EPX Body Immune can prevent the Common Cold Reduction of severity of symptoms Re-infection less likely with EPX Body Immune Could represent huge savings for the US economy Product is well tolerated and may offer otheradvantages to the immune system Manufacturer’s recommended dose is used Addition of various natural extracts is a logicalcombination bringing more benefits
  • 24. EPX Body ImmuneThree powerful ingredientsAllicinEsterCBetaGlucan
  • 25. EPX Body ImmuneStabilised allicin Allisure®•Proven anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal• Effects both innate and adaptive immunity•Proven anti parasitical including liver flukes•Proven anti Lyme and CFS activity•Proven ability to stimulate CD4-T killer cells•Synergises with other ingredients
  • 26. What’s in garlic that makesit so powerful? Garlic contains a wide range of vitamins andminerals a sulphur compound called “alliin”and an enzyme called “alliinase” When harvested garlic has no smell but itcontains a very potent defence mechanismthat starts when garlic is cut, cooked, boiled,chopped, fried or mechanically processed inany way
  • 27. Allicin produced from fresh garlicALLIINALLICINALLINASE
  • 28. Let’s make some AllicinCrush some fresh garlic
  • 29. Historical properties of garlic thatcan be attributed to allicin Anti-bacterial - wide spectrum of sensitivebacteria both gram positive and negative Anti-viral (including common cold virus) Anti-fungal (more effective than many drugs) Anti-cancer (IOWA women’s study) Anti-cholesterol (substantial data) Anti-blood pressure (substantial data) May help to normalise blood sugar levels Helps to reduce fat build up in coronaryarteries
  • 30. EPX Body ImmuneBeta 1,3 D Glucan•β-glucans are potent immuno-modulators• Effects both innate and adaptive immunity•Can initiate and regulate the innate response•More effective response with phagocytosis•Pro-inflammatory factor production•Elimination of infectious agents
  • 31. What else can Beta Glucan do? Increases production of white cells Reduces allergic response to pathogens Reduces blood cholesterol significantly Improves digestion Reduces tissue damage in arthritis Naturally occurring and biologicallyactive
  • 32. EPX Body ImmuneEster-C – Calcium Ascorbate•24 hour immune support•Increased white cells•Non acidic stomach friendly•Improves hair, skin, nails• Effects both innate and adaptive immunity• A cofactor in crucial enzymatic reactions•Synergises with other ingredients
  • 33. What else can Ester-C do? Improves hair skin and nails Powerful anti-oxidant Vasodilator so helps blood pressure andother arterial diseases Significantly reduces lead toxicity Improves blood flow to the eyes to helpprevent cataracts and raised IOP
  • 34. Active supplement formulatedONLY for EPX worldwide
  • 35. EPX Body Immune as a modernanti-bacterial Synergistic formulation Broad spectrum of activity No resistance likely Allicin prevents bacterial enzyme production Problem infections can be resolved EPX Body Immune is natural, safe andeffective
  • 36. MIC (ppm EPX Body Immune)for some problem bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes 8 ppm Staphylococcus aureus 24 ppm Listeria monocytogenes 16 ppm Escherichia coli 0157 32 ppm Salmonella typhimurium 32 ppm Clostridium perfringens 64 ppm Helicobacter pylori 8 ppm
  • 37. Staphylococcus aureus Involved in 95% of simple cases ofeczema Leads to worsening of clinical symptoms Causes secondary infection Prevents topical steroids from working Present in most cases of acne Prevalant bacterium in psoriasis
  • 38. Staphylococcus aureus -The “Golden” Bacterium
  • 39. Allicin kills Staph. aureus Work completed at The University ofEast London 30 bacterial strains were tested 12 wereresistant to pharmaceutical antibiotics ALL strains were sensitive to Allicin Published in June 2004 in The Journalof Biomedical Science
  • 40. Case history – before treatment Female, 14 yrs old 2 pins inserted wounds failed to heal for 18months. Patient had several courses of antibiotics with no effect.Surgeons keen to readmit her and replace the pins and deal withthe infection. We tested her as ++MRSA sensitive to EPX BodyImmune
  • 41. Case history after treatment Treatment was 8 EPX Body Immune equivalent daily in divideddoses for a period of 4 weeks. No topical treatment is needed.Swabs post treatment showed no MRSA infection present in thehealed area, groin or nasal cavity
  • 42. Where to use EPX Body Immune Diabetes Chronic fatiguesyndrome (CFS) Physical andemotional stress Colds and Flue Allergies Liver problems Lyme disease Asthma and otherlung problems Ear infections (incombination with gelor make your own) Aging Ulcerative colitis andCrohns disease
  • 43. Where to use EPX Body Immune Fibromyalgia Rheumatoid arthritis Multiple sclerosis Hair, skin and nailproblems Wrinkles Viral, bacterial andfungal infections Diabetic ulcers Radiation burns Various cancertumors AMD age relatedmaculardegeneration Peripheral arterialdisease
  • 44. EPX Body Immune Take just one capsule a day forprotection Increase dose if you already have anactive infection Can be added to ALL pharmaceuticals Children can take EPX Body Immune Take with a little cold liquid at mealtime
  • 45. Protect YOUR immunity withEPX Body Immune Prevent your immune system from collapsingby activating it with Beta 1,3 D Glucan Eliminate pathogens in your immune systemby delivering the World’s most effectiveantimicrobial agent – Stabilized Allicin Protect your immune system from repetitiveattack by delivering the most effective formof Vitamin C – Ester C ascorbate.
  • 46. Overall Summary A unique opportunity to capitalise on the longestablished properties of stabilised allicin, bio-available vitamin C and Beta 1,3 D Glucanformulated exclusively as EPX Body Immune Can be added to the existing range ofexcellent EPX productsAntiviral, Antibacterial, Antifungal, AntihistamineAntiparasite, Anticholesterol, Antihypertensive