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Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
Women And Technology
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Women And Technology


Published on

by Helma Kip

by Helma Kip

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  • 1. “ Ladies, no gentlemen" Helma Kip, Essent Amsterdam, 2009, April 22 *) Titel van het boek van Marike van Zanten waarin 25 top-vrouwen over hun weg naar de top worden geïnterviewd
  • 2. Introduction Helma Kip
    • 52 years old
    • Education: Dutch law (University of Nijmegen (Radboud), 1980)
    • Unmarried with (male) partner, without children
    • 28.5 years full time active in the energy sector
    • Last 7.5 years at Essent
    • Current: Manager regulatory affairs & sustainable energy
    • Staffposition; Board -2
    • Experience in other sectors outside work (politics, housing, education, healthcare)
  • 3. Agenda
    • Own experiences with diversity (male/female)
    • Essent diversity
    • Stratego for women
  • 4. Examples
    • You are working for mr.…?
    • You make the minutes?
    • In the chair: Goodmorning Mary, goodmorning gentlemen
    • “ Help, my headphone does not work…”
    • The meetings of the management team Mondaymorning 9h00!
    • Good idea……. ???? We go for it?? Yes, of course
  • 5. Agenda
    • Own experiences with diversity (male/female)
    • Essent diversity
    • ‘ Stratego’ for women
  • 6. Essent diversity Half of the higher educated workforce is female
    • This share is even increasing. Women achieve better study results than men
    • Diversity prevents waste of 50% of the talent on the market
    The wife chooses in most cases the energysupplier
    • In 60% of the households the wife chooses the energysupplier.
    • More women at Essent leads to a more female perspective; the female consumer identifys with the policy and performance of Essent
    Divers employment fits in Essents ‘values’
    • Workforce should be a mirror of society that fits Essent's policy of a good balance between People, Planet and Profit.
    Women improve quality of decisions, spirit of enterprise and work atmosphere
    • Women see the world differently. Female input improves balanced decisions; companies with more women in the top are more succesfull.
    • Women show more personal involvement, what leads to a better working environment (and output)
  • 7. … the same geldt for other companies! “ Diversity and inclusiveness are vital for winning in today’s business environment. They create a competitive edge by helping us to attract and retain the best people, increase creativity and improve decision making ” - Jeroen van der Veer, CEO Shell - “ We take extra effort to increase diversity regarding women and immigrants in higher positions". - ING in the newpaper Volkskrant - Companies with diversity policy Public statements of these companies “ A diverse top leads to a better product and therefore to better results” - CEO PwC in the newspaper De Telegraaf - “ Former Minister Hans Wijers announces that he wants to increase the amount of women in topmanagement" - Akzo Nobel in the newspaper Volkskrant -
  • 8. Agenda
    • Own experiences with diversity (male/female)
    • Essent diversity
    • “ Stratego” for women
  • 9. Book: Stratego for women, 2007
    • Monic Buehrs and Elisa de Groot
    • ISBN 978 90 5261 600 I
    • NUR 801
    • 3rd edition May 2008
  • 10. 8 ways to win the flag (1)
    • Prepare yourself:
    • Set your targets and show your ambitions
    • Determine the playing field
    • Analyse the players
    • Think about strategic scenario’s
  • 11. 8 ways to win the flag (2)
    • Play the game:
    • 5. Enlarge your acting repertoire
    • 6. Bring power into action at the right level
    • 7. Negotiate and use your empathy
    • 8. Present and position yourself
  • 12. 17 rules of the game
    • Show your achievements
    • Be competitive
    • Be loyal to your team as long as you win
    • Say “I” instead of “we”
    • Know that fires are there to be extinguished
    • Recognise (your own) status
    • Be proud (boast!)
    • Negotiate, take initiatives
    • Prepare yourself on your next position
    • Know that the boss is the boss
    • Don’t tell everything
    • Accept critical remarks
    • Do informal business
    • Fight conflicts behind closed doors
    • Perform yourself
    • Take your space (fysically)
    • Show masculine & feminine qualities
  • 13. If you can’t beat them join them
    • As long as men determine the rules, play their game.
    • All people, men and women,
    • have masculine and feminine qualities.
    • When men and women realise that,
    • negative consequences of gender differences can be solved.