Using SEO in eBook Metadata Marketing


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SEO is the tool that can be used to insure that your eBook is listed as close as possible to the top of the relevant search results on Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, and any number of other online retailers and e-libraries.

This eBook will show you how to

*Optimise Metadata for Online Search
*Increase discoverability on retail channels
*Use Keywords to market your eBook Internationally
*Set goals and measure results

Should SEO be important to you? You can bank on it.

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Using SEO in eBook Metadata Marketing

  1. 1. Using SEO in Metadata Marketing ePubDirectGlobaleBookDistribution AWARD-WINNING GLOBAL EBOOK DISTRIBUTION
  2. 2. EPUBDIRECT | GLOBAL EBOOK DISTRIBUTION AUTHOR Patrick Crowley Digital Marketing Manager With seven years experience in publishing and a track record of achievement in business development, strategic planning and online marketing, Patrick is responsible for managing the relationships between eBook retailers and ePubDirect’s client publishers.  An expert in metadata, discoverability and inbound marketing, he collaborates with strategic partners to maximise commercial opportunities in the digital world. Follow him on Twitter @patrickpcrowley 2
  3. 3. Metadata = Sales CONTENT Why SEO is important 4 SEO Case Study 6 Keyword Research 7 Tracking Your eBook’s Success 9 We were anxious to grow eBook sales and were able to achieve this through the fantastic support, help, advice and expertise delivered by ePubDirect. This has been a super exercise and we have learned so much. Paul Neilan, Sales Manager, Gill and Macmillan We are delighted to be working with ePubDirect. They are in touch with the changing retail landscape and are flexible and responsive. The distribution portal is excellent—easy to use and understand, with comprehensive live sales data and flexible billing reports. Rebecca Smart, CEO, Osprey “ “ ” ” 3 ePubDirectGlobaleBookDistribution
  4. 4. Chapter 1 Why SEO is important to you EPUBDIRECT | GLOBAL EBOOK DISTRIBUTION SEO is the process of structuring your metadata or eBook so that it is found, read, and indexed by retailers/search engines in the most effective manner possible. This makes your eBook and its content attractive, relevant and visible to retailer, search engines and customers. SEO IN METADATA MARKETING Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your eBook easy for both users and retailer/search engines to understand. Amazon and Google still can’t see and understand your information the same way a human does. SEO helps the retailers/engines figure out what each eBook is about, and how it may be useful for users. WHAT IS SEO? MAKE IT EASY! 4
  5. 5. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Online eBook consumer behaviour is very different to traditional ‘Bricks and Mortar’ book buying behaviour. With an eBook, you don’t have a tangible product so all the potential customers makes their decision on is the information you give them. You might have a great eBook but if people cannot easily locate it they can’t purchase it. Potentially valuable customers never even know you are there. SEO is the tool that can be used to insure that your eBook is listed as close as possible to the top of the relevant search results on Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, and any number of other online retailers and e-libraries. Without SEO it will be as if those customers walk right past your book on the shelf without even knowing that its there. Should SEO be important to you? You can bank on it. MAXIMISE It is a tremendous responsibility for us to have all the eyes focused on what we do and give people exactly what they need when they ask for it. Larry Page - Google “ ”
  6. 6. Chapter 2 SEO Case Study EPUBDIRECT | GLOBAL EBOOK DISTRIBUTION CHALLENGE: ePubDirect’s client publisher had a great mass market title which was enjoying good physical sales. But this had not translated into good eBook sales and the title was deemed to be underperforming. SOLUTION: ePubDirect worked with the client publisher to improve sales. Adjustments were made to the title SEO in the areas of • Title • Subtitle • Descriptive Metadata • Author Description These changes were monitored for impact on sales and supported by in-house marketing support. EVALUATION: Within 8 weeks the quantity of the titles sales increased by 75% and revenue increased by 66%. MONITOR YOUR DATA OPTIMISE 75% INCREASE IN TITLE SALES 66% INCREASE IN REVENUE 6
  7. 7. Chapter 3 Keyword Research Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the “right” keywords can make or break your eBook. Through the detective work of puzzling out your market’s keyword demand, you not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole. USE DATA NOT GUT INSTINCT You can find out what search terms people are actually looking for around your title/subject area so don’t guess! Analyse your subject area and see what the most popular search terms are, check to see what terms are high competition and which have low competition.   BUILD A KEYWORD LIST FOR EACH GENRE OR SERIES Pick a list of words relevant to your list. Then create separate lists of these keywords for title or series. Focus on “long- tail keywords” – keywords that are very specific to your title and the topic it covers. For example: fiction is a broad keyword that will be hard to get traffic for, and fiction fantasy romance is a long-tail key term with less competition that will be easier to get traffic for. LEARN ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS
  8. 8. EPUBDIRECT | GLOBAL EBOOK DISTRIBUTION DO INTERNATIONAL KEYWORD RESEARCH See what keywords are most popular in each country you’re targeting, and optimise the metadata accordingly. Also, remember that even a correct and accurate translation of a keyword or term may not be what people actually use to search for a product or service locally.   USE CORRECT SPELLING VARIATIONS American and British folks may speak the same language, but there are nuances that are important to address (color vs. colour, optimization vs. optimisation, etc.) To all you U.S. readers: you thought we were misspelling “optimise,” didn’t you? KEYWORD RESEARCH IS FREE AND EFFECTIVE! Keyword research will inspire and educate. Discover the long tail of keyword research. Find the best keywords for your eBook list. Discover keywords, search engines - and how to get more visitors to your eBook. The most popular tool is the Google Keyword Planner, but there are many others like SEOBOOK and FREEPPCSPY. THINK GLOBAL 8
  9. 9. Chapter 4 Tracking Your eBook’s Success Ensure that you have eBook analytics in place to measure the success of your eBook strategy. Visibility on eBook performance has become crucial for publishers to enable them make decisions around pricing, sales channels, return on investment and future resource allocation. You can use eBook Insights from ePubDirect to track your performance, both internally and against industry specific benchmarks. You can also measure the effect of marketing campaigns and react to daily sales information. In this way you are able to measure your eBook’s success! TRACK YOUR SUCCESS Flash reportsPublisher Sales TimelineOverview Period Summary Year To Date Average Selling Prices Titles Sold: Titles Sold: Your Average: 353 1360 8.56 Earnings: Earnings: ePubDirect Average: 1511.03 6851.25 5.54 Unit Difference on Comparison Period: Average Revenue per Title Sold: Difference: 7.2% 5.04 54.4% more expensive Top Five Selling Countries Country Sales Breakdown No. Country Code Count 1 USA 102 2 UK 85 3 Australia 77 4 Ireland 56 5 Canada 44 Top Sellers Retailer Quantity Breakdown No. Title Revenue 0 100 USA IRE GB AU CA 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 90 9
  10. 10. EPUBDIRECT | GLOBAL EBOOK DISTRIBUTION When everyone is playing the same game, your execution is crucial!“ ” 3 Australia 77 4 Ireland 56 5 Canada 44 Top Sellers Retailer Quantity Breakdown No. Title Revenue 1 Jane Eyre 120.33 2 Wuthering Heights 113.02 3 Portrait of the Art- ist as a Young Man 78.14 4 Heart of Darkness 98.14 5 Hamlet 54.88 0 USA IRE GB AU CA 50 40 30 20 10 10 Our analytics platform captures all available sales information, from monthly reports to daily flash reports, and combines it with marketing information to build a picture of the variations in performance of your list. WHEN EVERYONE IS PLAYING THE SAME GAME, YOUR EXECUTION IS CRITICAL. T: +44 870 8200049 | T: +353 21 7304650 E: | • Analyse and review key performance indicators (KPIs) to show key variances and period-on-period trends • Track the performance of multiple marketing campaigns against current sales data • Measure marketing ROI against sales volumes and revenues • Accurate and timely business intelligence across your entire list allowing you to maximize productivity and identify key issues Flash reportsPublisher Sales TimelineOverview Flash reportsPublisher Sales TimelineOverview Highlight an area of the graph with your cursor to zoom. Double click to zoom out. Flash Report Marketing Spend Campaign A €75 Campaign B €100 Campaign C €150 Units Sold ePubDirectGlobaleBookDistribution 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 31-Jul-12 3-Aug-12 6-Aug-12 9-Aug-12 12-Aug-12 15-Aug-12 18-Aug-12 21-Aug-12 24-Aug-12 27-Aug-12
  11. 11. 11 Contact us now for a free demo of our analytics package Contact us now for a free Metadata evaluation ePubDirectGlobaleBookDistribution AWARD-WINNING GLOBAL EBOOK DISTRIBUTION