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How to-share-nook-ebooks-with-friends
How to-share-nook-ebooks-with-friends
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How to-share-nook-ebooks-with-friends


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  • 1. How to share nook books with friendsIf you love to read, then you already know thepleasure of being able to share enjoyable bookswith others when youve finished them. Here wewilll teach you how to share Nook books withfriendsfriend step by step.Note:Note when you share Nook Books, you actually haveshared your Banes&Nook account, So When you share books on nook, The other personyou share with virtually owns your nook ebooks with you! and please make sure thatit must be done with trusted friends of course.Case one: Share Nook books with friends with a different N&B account1)Copy your B&N e-books from your Nook to your computer1)2)Copy from the folder you made into the ‘my documents’ on the Nook device you2)want to Share Nook Books with.3)The first time you read a book on the new Nook it will ask you for the name and3)credit card number used to buy that book — enter it and you should never have todo this again for this or any other e-book you transfer.Note:Note Above should work for e-books purchased at Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise as well.Useful Tips when you Share Nook Books:Use Adobe Digital Editions to Share Nook Books, as it will allow you to have upto 6 computers and 6 devices on each account. Take advantage of this because itwill keep things simple in regards to sharing. Also if you have Sony Reader e-books,you should use the exact e-mail you used for the Adobe account. If you already signedup under a different e-mail, you can go into your settings and change it.Tips: • How to share Kindle eBooks with your best friends and families • Nook DRM Removal is a powerful software to remove drm from Nook with no quality losing • How to remove DRM from nook epub/pdf • Convert Kindle to pdf for reading on Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader etcCase two: Share nook ebooks with friends with the same N&B account Copyright: | Epubor
  • 2. If you want to share the same B&N account with the person you want to Share NookBooks with, you will then just need to download as you normally would into all theNooks.Source: Copyright: | Epubor