How to-remove-drm-from-ebooks
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How to-remove-drm-from-ebooks Document Transcript

  • 1. How to remove DRM from ebooks, remove Mobipocket, EReader,MS, Kindle, Nook, iPad drm.I buy books. A lot of them, and I like to own the books I purchase. By that statementI mean that I want to be able to read the book on whatever device I want. To beable to do that I have to remove the DRM from the books I buy.I NEVER distribute the books I buy, and neither should you.How to remove DRM from Mobipocket books:The Dark Reverser has created some python scripts that removes it.Install Python, then run the script in Terminal (more info below for Windows users):pythonw drm_ebook.prc device_pidTips: Mobi DRM Removal can helps you remove DRM from mobipocket books with easy.How to remove DRM from Kindle ebooksHow to remove DRM from EReader books (pdb):Python script (also known as to remove DRM from MS Reader (lit) format:Use ConvertLIT to remove the DRM.How to remove DRM from Adobe PDF and Adobe EPUB ebooks:i cabbages has provided python scripts or do a search for these keywords”adobeadept drm python scripts”.How to remove drm from epub&PDF.iPad DRMThe DRM on iPad has not been broken yet. Copyright: | Epubor
  • 2. Steps in running the scriptsThis tutorial expects a certain understanding of using computers, or moreimportantly, a willingness to test and fail a multitude of times until you get itright yourself.Download and install pythonPython can be downloaded from • Remove DRM from Kobo VOX and Kindle Fire • How to remove DRM from Nook ebooks with no quality losing • Enjoy reading Kindle ebooks on the Kobo Vox • AZW/Mobi/PRC/TPZ formats converter-calibre is the best choiceHow to find the terminal/DOS window in WindowsTerminal (also known as the console) is the same as the DOS window if you use windows.How to find the terminal:Under Windows 98:Click Start.Click Programs.Click MS-DOS Prompt.Under Windows 2000/XP:Click Start.Click Programs (All Programs if you are using Windows XP).Click Accessories.Click Command Prompt.Source: Copyright: | Epubor