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Grant Thornton Advisory Services

  1. 1. Advisory Services © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  2. 2. Litigation and dispute consulting services Advisory services Today’s litigious business environment poses significant risk to enterprise value. Grant Thornton’s litigation and dispute consulting professionals help overcome the complexities of critical business challenges. Litigation support Once filed, we are skilled and • Prepare lay and expert witnesses for Our litigation support services add value experienced in litigation proceedings. testimony. to all phases of the litigation process. Prior Typical services provided during the • Provide expert testimony in deposition to the filing of a complaint, we will course of discovery and prior to trial are as and in court. investigate, perform forensic accounting follows: • Rebut opposing expert testimony. services, provide a preliminary • Prepare and respond to requests for quantification of damages, determine production of documents. After settlement or trial, we can assist possible causes for damages and potential • Prepare and respond to interrogatories. with claims management, the execution of mitigation. As the case progresses, we • Prepare and confirm stipulations. distribution plans and any ordered provide case management services to • Interview knowledgeable parties for remedial actions. determine resource requirements and costs relevant information. and to assess alternative strategies. • Document identification. Class-action assistance • Gather, inventory, index and manage We recognize that class-action lawsuits evidence. require specialized expertise to understand • Prepare and respond to pleadings. the scope and potential risks associated • Perform investigation and forensic with claims. Prior to class certification, our accounting procedures. professionals have had experience dealing • Provide electronic data discovery and with certification issues and determining if computer forensics assistance. criteria have been met under Federal Rule • Mine and analyze data. 23(b), including class membership • Prepare and defend declarations, definitions, class members and boundaries. expert disclosures and reports. During litigation, our professionals have • Calculate damages. the necessary qualifications in accounting, • Assist to prove liability and causation auditing, finance, economics and statistics for damages. to serve as consulting or testifying experts. • Prepare supporting demonstratives for trial. Continued >
  3. 3. Advisory services Litigation and dispute consulting services Post-acquisition disputes Expert witness testimony Business owners and executives take Our experts realize that the successful extraordinary efforts to ensure that the sale outcome of a litigated matter is or purchase of a business is a success. significantly dependent on a solid Nevertheless, transactions may result in foundation of quality work and litigation or arbitration to resolve a post- understandable testimony. We have the acquisition dispute. Our professionals are skills, knowledge, education, experience experienced at providing settlement and training in accounting, auditing, assistance, claims support, working capital economics, finance, statistics, valuation adjustments and earn-out calculations. In and taxes to prepare thorough, objective addition, we are often engaged to serve as and defensible expert witness opinions on neutral arbitrators in complex accounting liability, causation and economic Damage claim assessments disputes. damages, or to rebut inadequate In most cases, our experts are retained to testimony offered by opposing experts. assess and calculate damages in complex Our professionals specialize in large, Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) civil cases or to analyze the computations Many disputes are resolved through ADR complex commercial cases. We are of opposing experts. Our experience in forums, such as settlement conference, talented and effective at communicating litigation, arbitration or mediation mediation, binding and non-binding our results in reports, demonstratives and includes, but is not limited to, the arbitration and tribunal hearings. Our expert testimony in plain, understandable quantification of damages for the professionals have experience serving as language at deposition or in trial. Our following claims: expert witnesses and consultants in all professionals have been qualified and • Breach of contract and other these venues. have testified as experts in federal, contracting disputes. bankruptcy, state and tax courts, as well • Business interruption claims. as before arbitration panels. • Corporate and securities claims. • Construction-related disputes Contact information • Fraud and white-collar crimes. • Labor and employment disputes. Ron Cote Executive Director • Indian and tribal claims. Forensic Accounting and • Insurance defense and proof of claim. Investigative Services T 312.602.8414 • Intellectual property infringements. E • Lost profits. • Professional services standard-of-care and malpractice assertions. © Grant Thornton LLP • Real estate venture disputes. All rights reserved • Whistleblower claims. U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  4. 4. Forensic accounting, fraud and investigation services Advisory services When conducting or responding to corporate investigation, a swift, strategic approach to controlling damage is paramount. Grant Thornton’s multidisciplined insights can safeguard your company’s assets. • Prepare or assess business interruption Forensic accounting waste and abuse. Our credentialed To perform forensic accounting services, claims. specialists use established forensic we use recognized techniques to gather, • Locate evidence to support claims. investigation methods such as interviews, analyze and interpret financial and • Determine prior period adjustments to computer forensics, financial analysis, economic evidence to assist others in accounting books and records. records research and background searches making informed decisions about business • Validate allegations of white-collar to discover the red flags that make up the concerns. Among other reasons, forensic fraud, waste and abuse. “fraud triangle:” accounting is useful to: • Investigate whistleblower claims. • The pressure or incentive to commit • Determine contractual payments. fraud. • Calculate license fees and royalties. Our Advisory Services team has a unique • An opportunity to commit fraud. • Validate construction costs incurred. combination of Certified Public • The ability by the perpetrator to • Analyze and classify partnership Accountant (CPA) auditors and tax rationalize the fraud. expenditures. professionals, Certified Fraud Examiners We produce reliable findings and (CFE), Certified Anti-Money Laundering conclusions, which have been used Specialists (CAMS), certified electronic successfully in civil, criminal and data discovery technologists, and high- bankruptcy proceedings, corporate tech computer and research tools that give actions, governmental inquiries, regulatory us unmatched capabilities to successfully investigations and insurance claim cases, perform the most complex forensic among other matters. accounting assignments. Fraud prevention and deterrence To avoid becoming a victim of fraud you Fraud and investigation We believe the investigation of fraud must keep it from happening. This process requires the use of skilled and experienced begins with an assessment of enterprise fraud and forensic professionals. Our fraud risk. Our professionals are thought experienced investigators are trained to leaders in this area, experienced at respond quickly and confidentially to allegations of fraud, white-collar crime, Continued >
  5. 5. Advisory services Forensic accounting, fraud and investigation services accountable for a similar level of Anti-money laundering and Foreign expectations. We have developed the Corrupt Practices Act compliance proprietary MACHSM process to assist The Patriot Act, which amends the Bank companies in meeting these Secrecy Act, requires that financial responsibilities. We have conducted institutions establish and maintain anti- whistleblower investigations for public, money laundering (AML) programs. In private, governmental and non-profit addition, U.S. companies are required to enterprises. Our services have included comply with the Foreign Corrupt massive reconstructions of accounts, Practices Act (FCPA) regarding acceptable restatements of publicly filed financial business practices. We have developed a identifying and evaluating fraud risks, reports, enforcement activities and expert proven methodology for performing designing controls to prevent or deter testimony. compliance review assessments to both them, and monitoring compliance. We can We have helped management, boards of improve the quality and efficiency of the identify fraud schemes and scenarios and directors and special committees to control environment and to provide help evaluate their likelihood and develop corporate responses, financial management with reasonable assurance of significance using proprietary Fraud Risk reporting and remedial action plans. compliance at a minimal cost. Our Assessment Services (FRASSM). We have approach includes identifying business and designed a Model Accounting Complaint compliance risks, assessing and testing Handling (MACHSM) process to enhance existing systems, practices and procedures, the effectiveness and accountability of and identifying opportunities for corporate whistleblower claim systems. Contact information improvement. The methodology is flexible We have also developed and implemented and efficient, and it clearly documents Ron Cote corporate integrity programs, performed Executive Director processes, both manual and automated, to anti-fraud training, prepared corrective Forensic Accounting and meet the risk-based methodology required Investigative Services action plans and monitored anti-fraud by regulators. T 312.602.8414 internal control compliance systems. E Whistleblower complaints The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) gave audit committees of public companies responsibility for the “receipt, retention and treatment of complaints received by the issuer regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters.” © Gran Thornton LLP t It is also apparent that private companies All rights reserved and non-profit organizations will also be U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  6. 6. Intellectual property services Advisory services In many successful companies, government or academic sources, and perform due diligence and competitor intellectual property is recognized as analysis. We also assess the adequacy of internal intellectual property management a source of competitive advantage. processes and consult on corporate structuring, including the formation of intellectual property holding companies. Intellectual property litigation Our professionals help clients protect and We serve owners of intellectual property enforce rights to own and use patents, License and royalty compliance rights and/or assist in the defense of trademarks, copyrights, trade dress and We have an unparalleled combination of alleged infringement in complex litigation trade secrets and can conclusively licensing and royalty specialists, CPA matters involving a variety of different communicate the value of intellectual auditors, tax practitioners and computer industries, specialties and technologies. property. technologists to perform license and Our intellectual property specialists are A lack of adequate protection and royalty compliance testing. We have been skilled at calculating damages using the enforcement measures can put valuable hired to resolve disputes, discover facts to theories of reasonable royalties, lost assets and even an entire business at risk. be used in negotiations, determine profits and the Georgia Pacific factors. Our intellectual property services contractual compliance and verify payments Our professionals have been retained as offerings are enhanced by our ability to made by licensees. Our professionals are consultants and experts in connection with assist with license and royalty compliance skilled at identifying compliance issues, patent, copyright, trademark and trade issues. quantifying disputed amounts and assisting secret infringements and contractual with dispute resolution. We bring our disputes. We are qualified and have extensive computer forensic skills to many testified on intellectual property damages of these assignments, making us cases filed in federal and state courts, as particularly cost effective in this area. If the well as the International Trade compliance testing leads to litigation, we Commission. can make a seamless transition to an expert testifying role. Intellectual property transactions Our intellectual property specialists bring Contact information extensive experience from industry and Ron Cote Executive Director advisory roles to help evaluate, structure Forensic Accounting and and execute intellectual property Investigative Services transactions. We value intellectual T 312.602.8414 E property, such as goodwill, patents, customer lists and trademarks. We evaluate out-licensing opportunities, provide © Grant Thornton LLP assistance with the acquisition and sale of All rights reserved intellectual property from industry, U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  7. 7. Due diligence Advisory services > Forensic accounting, fraud and investigation services Put your due diligence target under the microscope. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation down to the smallest detail. Every business transaction carries some Disclosure of hidden facts association’s members by a foreign • Are there pending lawsuits? risk. Transactions such as mergers and corporation. We reviewed corporate tax • Is the business controlled by someone acquisitions, debt transactions, litigation, and financial data, as well as personal else? joint ventures and new business disclosure information provided by board • Are there undisclosed related interests? relationships hinge on adequate and members and officers of all parties • Is there a history of fraud involving the accurate information. Management must involved in the acquisition. We evaluated subject? know with whom they are doing business all sources of funds for each individual and and if it is possible to get what they want examined each individual’s background for from the transaction. They also need to suitability to be active in the gaming Selected examples A multinational company with various identify and avoid doing business with industry. We also conducted an analysis to operations in Australia planned a joint fraudsters and organized crime groups evaluate the effectiveness of the corporate venture overseas. We conducted discreet who are extremely active in today’s global entities anti-money laundering and anti- inquiries that linked the proposed joint marketplace. We can help our clients better corruption programs. We reviewed bank venture company to a silent owner who understand and manage these risks. statements, vendor contracts, consulting was involved in financial dealings with a Through our investigation of public agreements and general ledger activity to radical Middle East political group. The records and an extensive array of identify any indicators of business company had also previously been databases, as well as our people around the corruption or organized crime infiltration. involved in protracted litigation with world, we can provide valuable Contact information another multinational company for breach information. Ron Cote of contract and false invoicing. The Executive Director investigation provided critical information Confirmation and verification of known Forensic Accounting and Investigative Services to our client prior to decision making. facts T 312.602.8414 Grant Thornton was engaged by a • Does the business exist and is it in E multinational association of states and good standing? provinces to conduct a due diligence • Is a resume accurate? review of the acquisition of the corporation • Are licenses current? providing lottery services to the © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  8. 8. Asset tracing Advisory services > Forensic accounting, fraud and investigation services 2009 In today’s environment of accountability, Selected examples boards and shareholders are demanding An international businessman involved in quantification of losses sustained through a tax minimization scheme successfully illegal acts and recovery of assets. misappropriated millions of dollars from a Management requires detailed information pool of investor funds. These monies were of all aspects contributing to losses, before systematically channeled into foreign bank making important decisions such as accounts using a complex web of instigating legal proceedings. At Grant transactions. Many of the transactions Thornton, we appreciate the need to were conducted in countries with strict perform a cost/benefit analysis before a privacy and disclosure laws. We were decision is made to pursue assets in the engaged by the investors to assist in possession of a person or entity. unraveling the complex international There are many instances where transactions with intentions to recover the offenders have attempted to conceal assets missing funds. By utilizing our global from creditors and authorities through resources, we successfully traced the bulk complicated transactions both on-shore of the monies. and off-shore. Our investigators are A funds management firm who had experienced in tracing hidden assets, experienced a major fraud by one of their determining ownership of those assets and employees sought to recover some of the Contact information uncovering hidden interests. We collect all lost assets. We conducted a financial Ron Cote available evidence from facts, statements, analysis and worked closely with the Executive Director Forensic Accounting and documents and items that may lead to the client’s counsel to trace the assets. Court Investigative Services location of hidden assets, both physical orders were used to restrain bank accounts T 312.602.8414 and intellectual. and to search premises. Financial records E We use a variety of financial and other evidence were subsequently investigative techniques. In particularly obtained. We then interviewed people and complex financial situations, we use conducted further investigations to diagrams, graphs and flow charts as visual supplement the documentary trail. aids to demonstrate what has taken place. © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  9. 9. Forensic technology services Advisory services At Grant Thornton, our professionals use state-of-the-art forensic technology approaches to uncover the truth and resolve complex business problems. The growth of technology has dramatically that it is corrupted or even deleted. Using Data mining and analysis The collection of data is only the increased the risk of computer-related computer forensics and specially designed beginning of electronic discovery hardware and software, our technology fraud. Fact is, sophisticated misconduct knowledge development. We have requires equally sophisticated solutions. specialists can help recover, secure and financial analysts with expertise in At Grant Thornton, we are raising the bar reconstruct data that may be otherwise database searches, financial analysis and unusable, missing or incomplete. on Forensic Technology Services. relational assessments. This expertise assists in identifying and understanding Data identification Electronic discovery patterns, trends, relationships and One of the keys to dealing with large Electronic discovery in connection with anomalies in order to reach accurate and quantities of data is the ability to identify litigation may introduce additional defensible conclusions. In this way, data is and locate the sources of data relevant to complexity to the process. In such transformed into information that can be the matter at hand. This includes a robust matters, there is an elevated need to used to create knowledge in support of assessment of storage media, computer preserve the chain of custody and to prove wise decision-making. technology, user sophistication and data integrity. Our professionals are document-retention practices. Our familiar with recent case law and the technology professionals are experienced potential impact this may have on the Contact information at performing evaluations to identify data electronic discovery process. Our Ron Cote sources and their locations. In some cases, specialists are trained to use standardized Executive Director Forensic Accounting and we may use sophisticated queries using computer forensic techniques and prepare Investigative Services proprietary search terms to find relevant our work with the highest quality T 312.602.8414 data. Our work may also include searches standards to preserve evidence that can E for unknown technologies and interviews withstand the intense scrutiny and analysis of records custodians, among other often encountered in litigation. In turn, procedures. we can provide meaningful and insightful conclusions and testimony about electronic evidence and its relevance and Computer forensics potential significance. Once relevant data is identified and located, it is then necessary to acquire and preserve it for use. At times, we have found that data is not in a usable format or © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  10. 10. E-Discovery services Advisory services When it comes to managing electronic information, you need to be prepared for critical events. At Grant Thornton, we take control of the E-Discovery process, mitigating risk and saving you time and money. Thanks to recent amendments to Federal Preservation and collection Hosting and review • In-house data center benefits The professionals at Grant Thornton can rules, regulatory scrutiny, the digital data help you navigate your way through the You will benefit from Grant Thornton’s evolution and the ever-present possibility maze of Electronically Stored Information in-house electronic discovery data of litigation, companies today require (ESI). Not only will we collect and preserve center. Grant Thornton IT professionals thorough, secure and efficient processes the data, but we will maintain the chain of manage the operation of this data for managing electronic information. At custody. Our forensic experts can provide center which ensures a high level of Grant Thornton, we have expertise, recovery of lost, hidden and deleted security, minimizes hosting costs and technical resources and robust processes information, if needed. We collect and provides global review access. and technology required to take the risk • Safe harbor prepare data in all cases as if we’re going to out of information collection and trial. This ensures we are properly prepared Grant Thornton has joined the management. should the litigation proceed to court. Department of Commerce safe harbor. We adhere to the privacy policy that Planning and scoping meets the safe harbor framework. This This is a critical stage in constructing the Processing enables us to speed the process and Once the data is in-house at Grant Thornton, approach. We will work closely with you collect data from the European Union. our Electronic discovery experts use a to develop a comprehensive discovery • Multi-level security wide variety of state-of-the-art software to plan and timelines which meet your We have a multi-level access security load and index the data into our E- requirements. This will ensure that we system which allows different users to Discovery platform. Optical character deliver what you need and when you have different levels of access. Data recognition software allows scanned need it. review will take place via an encrypted documents to be stored so they are easy connection. for you to search. Indexing also eliminates duplicate documents, which saves you time. Indexing will enable easy access and review for your global team. Continued >
  11. 11. Advisory services E-Discovery services Electronic discovery continuum Planning and scoping Identification of potential enforcement, statistics, investigations, • Easy access to data for review and relevant data bankruptcy and valuation, among other collaboration specialties. We know how to consistently We will provide you with global access manage the complex litigation lifecycle. to a centralized document repository to ease the sharing of documents. Preservation Litigation expertise Secure web-based access enables and collection We have years of experience in assisting attorneys, clients, contractors and our clients prepare for trial. We will help consultants located in multiple global you with your deposition needs, support locations to review confidential with trial materials and expert witness documents when you need it. An easy Processing testimony if needed. Many of our EAS interface allows you to search, professionals have testified in federal and organize, and review electronic and state courts or have acted as arbitrators in document discovery information. complex disputes. Production Single point of contact Relevant documents will be produced for Hosting and A single Grant Thornton project manager you in the format you need – electronic, review will be assigned to you so you always paper etc. All documents will be Bates know who to call. numbered for your convenience. Quality service Why Grant Thornton? Production Our annual Service Quality Measurement Single source solutions survey enables you to rate your Our Forensic and Investigative Services satisfaction based on how well our teams and data center are all in-house. This engagement teams deliver on client- enables increased security and control defined service delivery attributes. We use since all of the data is being stored in one this survey to assess our past performance location for global access. and identify areas where we can improve Contact information for the future. Expert team Ron Cote Executive Director A team of experts will be pulled together Forensic Accounting and Global presence to meet your needs. Our professionals are Investigative Services We are able to leverage a global team to highly qualified and credentialed T 312.602.8414 E assist when needed. Grant Thornton LLP professionals with backgrounds in is the U.S. member firm of Grant accounting, antifraud services, arbitration, Thornton International, a global auditing, computer science, computer © Grant Thornton LLP organization of member firms in more forensics, data acquisition and mining, due All rights reserved than 100 countries. diligence, economics, finance, law U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  12. 12. Restructuring and turnaround services Advisory services At Grant Thornton we know that a key factor in crisis management is navigating change. Our corporate advisory and restructuring services leaders have time-tested strategies to turnaround a business, accelerate performance, drive enterprise value and restore opportunity. Strategic planning Cash management and financial information effectively. Our trained Our operational and financial modeling professionals work with our clients to professionals provide integrated strategic In stressed situations, companies must perform triage diagnostics and define long- assessments to thoroughly evaluate the measure, report and forecast results, and term stabilization programs. We have overall performance and direction of a manage cash coincident with increased prepared and evaluated restructuring plans business, division or a specific product by scrutiny by third parties. By thoroughly (in or out of court), designed and examining a variety of factors. In this way, assessing short-term cash flows, our cash performed financial and management our professionals can help develop fully management and financial modeling reporting, provided web-enabled supported forecasts and plans or refine specialists have proactively addressed these coordination activities, and managed sales strategic direction. We can also assess and issues to buy time to develop long-term and creditor negotiations. restructure business trade terms, solutions. We can assist with the In addition, we provide the following conditions and incentives, and evaluate preparation of integrated cash forecasts, services to assist debtors, debtors-in- creditor distribution plans as part of a including cash flow reports, payment possession, trustees, examiners, creditors, recovery strategy. priorities, forecasted versus actual activity, creditor committees and others: borrowing-base calculations and covenant • Asset tracing. compliance computations. Using this • Record reconstruction and analysis. information, we can also identify cash- • Special investigations. saving and generating ideas to successfully • Analysis of alleged preferential deal with creditors. payments or fraudulent conveyences. • Preparation of operating reports, and regulatory filings and disclosures. Crisis management • Reconciliation, substantiation and Our pragmatic approach to crisis prioritization of claims. management situations such as • Analysis or reorganization plans. bankruptcy, material financial fraud or a • Valuation of estate assets. major restructuring event stabilizes the environment by coordinating dialogue Continued > among stakeholders and processing
  13. 13. Advisory services Restructuring and turnaround services Acquisition integration Supply Chain Risk ManagementSM Our professionals can help companies We have prepared a proprietary service ensure they will secure the synergies and called Supply Chain Risk ManagementSM benefits that made the acquisition a that can identify, quantify and manage desirable strategy. From pre-acquisition supply chain risks related to quality, cost “launch readiness” to post-acquisition and delivery. The result is a comprehensive planning and execution, we help maintain a set of deliverables including, but not focus on the operating outcomes that limited to, an enterprise capacity analysis, underpin the acquisition strategy, reduce Performance improvement cash-requirements forecasting, sourcing the period of uncertainty following the We believe that performance improvement alternatives, a supplier rating score, transaction and accelerate assimilation. begins with value enhancement that inventory and warehousing management, • Financial and operational turnarounds focuses our clients’ time and resources on and a proprietary company • Creditor advisory services activities that achieve short-term goals and financial/operational health index. We can • Supply chain risk management reinforce their long-term objectives. In also provide risk containment services • Operational assessments concert with our valuation and transaction during times of supplier crisis to avoid • Liquidity management advisory practices, we help identify and imminent shutdown situations. implement measurable action plans that promote the achievement of those goals Due diligence Contact information and objectives. Some of the methods we Due diligence assignments provide a have used in the past include: Phil Robinson structured analysis of companies, Executive Director individual sites or specific transactions. Corporate Advisory & Restructuring • Project and new product launch These projects are designed to identify and Services T 312.602.8130 readiness review and execution. assess risks and opportunities from E • Manufacturing strategy development financial and operational perspectives for and implementation. each unique merger, acquisition, sale or • Plant rationalization planning and reorganization situation. We prepare and execution. perform financial and operational due • Supply base consolidation diligence procedures in connection with management. industry risks, financial reporting and • Capacity planning and balancing. disclosures, fraud and other enterprise • Inventory management and risks, management effectiveness, the production scheduling improvements. reasonableness of representations and • Scrap reduction programs. warranties, internal controls, the accuracy • Product cost analysis, mix and pricing of financial forecasts and budgets, key optimization. business relationships, and competitors, © Grant Thornton LLP • Process flow mapping and lean among other matters. All rights reserved manufacturing implementation. U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  14. 14. Ronald M. Cote CPA, CFE, CFI Executive Director, Economic Advisory Services Ron is an Executive Director in the Economic participant accounts and resulting in Advisory Services practices in Grant Thornton’s prosecution by the States Attorney and Chicago office. Department of Labor • misrepresentations on commercial insurance Experience policies leaving multiple organizations Over a 19 year career, Ron served as financial critically underinsured and exposing a large auditor, internal auditor, operations analyst and insurance broker to numerous errors & fraud investigator for two large, publicly traded omissions claims corporations as well as several mid-size public Professional qualifications and accounting firms. memberships • Industry experience American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Ron has been responsible for designing and • Illinois Society of Certified Public managing fraud investigations, calculations of Accountants economic damages and arbitrations in contract • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners disputes involving accounting matters. • Institute of Internal Auditors Career highlights for Ron include the Education investigation, analysis, testing and research of: Ron received his Bachelor of Science in • the manipulation of natural gas prices in the Accountancy at the University of Illinois, Urbana market and the related overbilling of customers by a regulated Local Distribution Contact details Company (LDC) and its unregulated mid- th 175 W. Jackson Blvd., 20 Floor stream energy affiliates Chicago, IL 60604 • an asset misappropriation scheme taking T: 312.602.8414 place through the 401K plan of a major F: 312.602.8099 E: construction company spanning over seven years, requiring the examination of nearly 300 © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  15. 15. Alla Royfman CPA (Illinois) Manager, Economic Advisory Services Experience Professional qualifications and Alla has nine years of experience in financial memberships consulting and litigation support, including Certified Public Accountant (Illinois) valuation services. Throughout her career, she served domestic and international clients in Education diverse industries such as financial services, Alla received her Masters of Business healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, Administration from the University of Chicago computer software, and telecommunication with concentrations in Finance and Accounting industries, among others. Alla has managed or and her Bachelor of Science from the University participated in a variety of engagements involving of Illinois shareholder disputes, financial reporting and Contact details corporate planning as well as the calculation of th economic damages. 175 West Jackson Blvd., 20 Floor Chicago, IL 60604 Prior to joining Grant Thornton LLP, Alla was an T: 312.602.8077 F: 312.602.8025 Engagement Director at American Appraisal E: Associates. Her work there consisted of valuing businesses and intellectual property for financial advisory, acquisitions, divestitures, privatization, solvency opinions, debt forgiveness, tax planning, financial reporting, and other corporate and financial advisory purposes. Alla’s previous experience includes performing business valuations, buy and sell side advisory, securitization support and due diligence work at BearingPoint (former KPMG Consulting, Inc. and prior to that KPMG LLP), and advisory work at the investment banking department of BTAlexBrown International’s London office. © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  16. 16. Phillip J. Robinson CPA (Illinois) Director, Corporate Advisory & Restructuring Services emerged from bankruptcy. Phil Robinson is a Director in Grant Thornton’s Corporate Advisory & Restructuring Services Affiliations practice. Prior to joining Grant Thornton, Phil • Member - American Institute of CPAs had 30 years of financial experience including 12 • Member - Turnaround Management years with a Big 4 accounting firm and 18 years as Association a senior financial officer in investment companies • Member - Healthcare Financial Management that specialize in acquiring and operating Association healthcare, insurance and real estate businesses. Education Experience Bachelor of Science (Accounting), Illinois State For over 10 years, Phil has been responsible for University overseeing the financial aspects of acquisitions, turnarounds and dispositions of underperforming Contact details healthcare entities. He has taken the Chief th 175 W. Jackson Blvd., 20 Floor Financial Officer role at hospitals and directed the Chicago, IL 60604 strategic planning, treasury management, cost T: 312.602.8130 reduction efforts, service realignments, lender F: 312.602.8025 E: relationships, forbearance negotiations and bankruptcy preparation. Phil was the Chief Financial Officer of Medical Management of America, a healthcare management and turnaround company and was the Interim Chief Financial Officer for Michael Reese Hospital. He was also the Chief Financial Officer for Doctors Community Healthcare Corp, a six hospital holding and management company with $400 million in revenues, as it © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  17. 17. Robert A. Lack CPA/ABV, CFA, CIRA Director, Corporate Advisory & Restructuring Services Robert A. Lack is a Director in the Corporate valuations of businesses and assets, assistance in Advisory & Restructuring Services practice of the development of plans of reorganization, and Grant Thornton located in Chicago. investigations of alleged fraud and asset misappropriations. Mr. Lack has advised small Mr. Lack has significant experience providing closely held businesses as well as billion dollar financial expertise to both Fortune 500 and publicly traded Fortune 500 companies. In middle market businesses in distressed situations addition, he has advised and served on unsecured and transactions. Mr. Lack performs advisory creditors’ committees and served as de facto work for debtors, creditors’ committees, trustees, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 trustee. financial institutions, and customer groups and is responsible for the overall execution of In addition, Mr. Lack held positions in turnarounds, financial restructurings, divestitures investment banking, valuation consulting and and liquidations. Some of the industries served lending with Alex Sheshunoff & Co. Investment by Mr. Lack include automotive, healthcare, Banking, Hales & Associates, Inc., General telecommunications, financial services, insurance, Motors Acceptance Corporation and The Mid- food, retail, manufacturing, and distribution City National Bank of Chicago. Industry experience Professional qualifications and memberships Prior to joining our firm, Mr. Lack spent four years at Stout Risius Ross, Inc. as a Director in • Certified Public Accountant their Restructuring & Performance Improvement • Accredited Business Valuator group and five years at Arthur Andersen LLP as a • Chartered Financial Analyst Director in their Corporate Restructuring Group. • Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor Mr. Lack was responsible for planning and • American Institute of Certified Public executing financial restructurings, divestitures and Accountants liquidations. Mr. Lack’s responsibilities covered • Illinois CPA Society most aspects of financial analysis and due diligence in distressed situations and transactions, • American Bankruptcy Institute including strategic and business planning, • Turnaround Management Association analyzing capital structures, liquidity management, development of cash flow models and budgets, © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd
  18. 18. Education Master of Business Administration, Saint Xavier University Bachelor of Science, Finance, University of Missouri-Columbia Contact details 175 W. Jackson Boulevard, 20th Floor Chicago, IL 60604 T: 312.602.8256 F: 312.602.8025 E: Bob.Lack © Grant Thornton LLP All rights reserved U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd