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  1. 1. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Intelligent Information Management Collaborative Project 2010-2014 in Information and Communication Technologies Project No. 257943 Start Date 01/09/2010 http://lod2.euEU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2010 . Page 1 http://lod2.eu
  2. 2. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Why Linked Open Data?Problem: Try to search for these things on the opaque to current Web search.current Web:• Apartments near German-Russian bilingualchildcare in Leipzig.• ERP service providers with offices in Viennaand London.• Researchers working on multimedia topics inEastern Europe.Information is available on the Web, but Solution: complement text on Web pages with structured linked open data & intelligently combine/integrate such structured information from different sources: Search  engine   HTML HTML RDF RDF Web   Web   berlin.de server   Immobilienscout.de server   Has everything about Knows all about real childcare in Berlin. DB   estate offers in Germany DB   EU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2011 . Page 2 http://lod2.eu
  3. 3. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataThe  emerging  Web  of  DataEU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2011 . Page 3 http://lod2.eu
  4. 4. Inter-­‐linking/   Fusing   Manual   Classifica7on/   revision/   Enrichment   authoring  Storage/   Linked Data Lifecycle Quality  Analysis  Querying   Challenges Extrac7on   Evolu7on  /  Repair   Search/   Browsing/   Explora7on  
  5. 5. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data Use Cases Objective of WP8: Applying Linked Data technologies in an enterprise stack to support Human Resources-related issues. ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS (Exalead)Objective of WP7: MEDIA OPEN Objective of WP9:Supporting content-related & GOVERNMENT Improving accessibility,production workflows in the PUBLISHING DATA findability and reusability ofmedia & publishing industry. Open Government Data. (Wolters (Open Kluwer Knowledge Germany) Foundation) EU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2011 . Page 5 http://lod2.eu
  6. 6. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataPubLink – LOD2’s Linked Open Data Starter Service•  PubLink helps selected organizations with a focused consulting effort of 10-15 days to publish and make use out of Linked Data•  PubLink helps to evaluate the LOD2 technologies and to increase the wealth of Linked Data•  Yearly application deadline in Winter•  2011 PubLink participants include: 1.  Umweltbundesamt GmbH, Austria 2.  Greater London Authority 3.  Deutsch Bibliographie, Historische Kommission 4.  The Parliament of Finland 5.  City of Vienna 6.  Instituto Canario de Estadística (ISTAC)•  See: http://lod2.eu/Article/Publink.htmlEU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2011 . Page 6 http://lod2.eu
  7. 7. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataPublicdata.euEU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2011 . Page 7 http://lod2.eu
  8. 8. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataThe LOD2 Open Government Data Stakeholder Survey 2010http://survey.lod2.euSome results ‘Expected to have features of a data catalogue:Quality of data: • providing raw datasets• provenance/source of data • information about versions of data sets• format of data • searching exploring, grouping, clustering of data sets• completeness of meta data ‘Like to have features:What users want to do with open government data • crowd sourcing mechanismsare:• research / analysis • alerts on (regional) information • analysis an visualisation tools• visualisation• simply consuming the dataEU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2011 . Page 8 http://lod2.eu
  9. 9. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataWP12: Fact SheetProject Means§  Instrument: Large-scale Integrating Project§  Objective: Intelligent Information Management §  Total Budget: 8,58 M€§  Call: FP7-ICT-2009-5 §  Total Funding: 6,45 M€§  Duration: 09/2010 – 08/2014 §  Total Resources: 844 PMConsortium§  Universität Leipzig (Coordinator)§  Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica§  National University of Ireland in Galway§  Freie Universität Berlin§  OpenLink Software§  Semantic Web Company§  TenForce§  Exalead§  Wolters Kluwer Deutschland 10 Partners from 7 European§  Open Knowledge Foundation CountriesEU-FP7 LOD2 Project Overview . 11.05.2011 . Page 9 http://lod2.eu
  10. 10. Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked DataContactAddress CoordinatorUniversity of Leipzig Dr Sören AuerFaculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Scientific Project LeaderInstitute of Computer Science Phone:+49 (341) 97-32367Department of Business Information Systems Fax: +49 (341) 97-32329Postfach 100920 Email: auer@uni-leipzig.de04009 Leipzig http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/~auerGermany Nadine Jänicke Project Manager Phone:+49 (341) 97-32310 Fax: +49 (341) 97-32329 Email: jaenicke@uni-leipzig.de http://bis.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/NadineJaenicke Presenter Bastiaan Deblieck Semantic Technology Business Unit Manager Phone:+32 475 95 49 32 Email: bastiaan.deblieck@tenforce.com http://www.tenforce.comThanks for your attention! http://lod2.euLOD2 Title . 02.09.2010 . Page 10 http://lod2.eu