Ds.e psi conference.21 22.02.2013


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  • Area 1 – Optimal use of data! It is also the name of Priority Area 1 of the ITS directive.
  • Specificaitons – delegated acts Article 6 – can be functional/technical/organisational/service provisions.
  • EP – Simpson on the jury in the challenge + Preparatory Action // Council – Cyprus meeting; national reports.
  • Ds.e psi conference.21 22.02.2013

    1. 1. ePSI Conference:Transport Data:from local tonational toEuropeanDorota SzeligowskaEuropean Commission – DG MOVEWarsaw – 22 February 2013Transport Transport
    2. 2. Policy framework for the deployment of ITS in Europe Action Plan for the Deployment ofIntelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe (2008)  Directive 2010/40/EU: Framework for the Coordinated and Effective Deployment and Use of Intelligent Transport SystemsRoad transport and interfaces with other modes • coordinate and accelerate deployment of ITS • make road transport more sustainable Transport Transport
    3. 3. ITS Action Plan Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 Area 5 Area 6 Continuity of Integration of Optimal Use Data Protection European Traffic & Road Safety Vehicle &of Road, Traffic & ITS Freight and Security Transport & Travel Data Liability Coordination Management Infrastructure EU-wide real Continuity Promotion of Open in-vehicle Legal framework Security & time travel of ITS in-vehicle Platform for EU ITS information services safety systems architecture data protection cooperation Collection Services for Introduction of Development & Addressing liability, Decision support & provision freight transport Europe-wide evaluation of esp. in-vehicle toolkit for ITS of road data & logistics eCall coop. systems safety systems investmentsAccurate public European ITS Regulatory Specifications Guidelines data for Framework Framework for V2X, I2X for public digital maps architecture on HMI communication funding for ITS Free minimum Interoperability Guidelines: Impact Mandate for Collaboration information of electronic on Vulnerable European platform on service toll systems road users standardisation urban ITS Promotion of Guidelines: multi-modal Secure parkingjourney planners places for trucks Transport Transport
    4. 4. ITS Directive EU-wide Real-Time Traffic informationEU-wide Multi-Modal Travel InformationFree safety-relatedminimum Traffic Info Interoperable EU-wide eCall Information & Reservation systems for Truck Parking SOURCE: European Commission Transport Transport
    5. 5. Multimodal policy goals• White Paper on Transport (2011) sets the goal of integrating transport modes for seamless multimodal door-to-door travel (Initiative 22).• Our vision of a seamless door-to-door multimodal journey is that already at the planning stage it is a complete user-friendly experience, and includes multimodal scheduling, information, online reservation and payment systems and smart ticketing via one website. It is without doubt still a vision today but we want to achieve it in the next ten years.
    6. 6. Multimodal policy goals°2• Users have to be given an opportunity of comparing realistic times of different travelling options. Only then they will have a true choice of the better solution: be it cheaper, shorter, greener or more comfortable trip.• If bigger numbers of travellers make such informed choices, we will manage to make Europes transport system more efficient: with less congestion, less emissions, less unnecessary cost.
    7. 7. Multimodal travel planning• Promotion of multi-modal journey planners (action 1.5 of the ITS Action Plan) • Study "Towards a European Multi-Modal Journey Planner" (finalised in 2011) • 1st Smart Mobility Challenge on European Multimodal journey planers completed in March 2012 • Discussion in CY Informal Ministerial Meeting in July 2012• Leading towards adoption of specifications for EU- wide Multi-Modal Travel Information under ITS Directive (end 2014) Transport Transport
    8. 8. Improve integrated travel planning• 1st Smart Mobility Challenge brought different stakeholders together (industry, researchers, professionals and users) and demonstrated their commitment and potential• But there is a need to go further: • Integrate all travel modes, and their combinations and new mobility services • Cover all European countries, for full door-to-door travel experience, with particular attention to urban first and last miles • Introduce the option of seamless reservation, payment and ticketing, • Better ensure safety and comfort of all passengers, and vulnerable users above all, • Develop connected services • Provide on-trip assistance and real-time updates, etc.
    9. 9. Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services• Current work based on conclusions of the study and of the Challenge, addresses remaining barriers to deployment of MMJP • Related to data (access to data, its availability, quality and interoperable formats) • Related to organisational questions• Noticeable interest from the European Parliament and from the Member States that are advancing, but at various pace Transport Transport
    10. 10. Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services (incl. ticketing)• Public consultation – open until 12 March 2013 • http://ec.europa.eu/transport/media/consultations/20• Upcoming workshop to discuss with stakeholders the results of the consultation: • 16 April 2013, Brussels• Link to the Guidelines of the Urban ITS Expert Group • Notably the documents concerning Multimodal information services and Smart ticketing• Potential establishment of a stakeholders platform to develop common solutions, namely in ticketing Transport Transport
    11. 11. More information .Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport http://ec.europa.eu/transport/index . _en.htm ITS Action Plan and DirectiveThank you for your attention ! http://ec.europa.eu/transport/its/ro . ad/action_plan_en.htm Multimodal Journey Planners http://ec.europa.eu/transport/its/m ultimodal-planners/index_en.htm http://ec.europa.eu/transport/them Transport Transport