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Creating Impact with Open Data
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Creating Impact with Open Data


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Danish Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikter. Presentation on practical steps to create impact with open data

Danish Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikter. Presentation on practical steps to create impact with open data

Published in: Business
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  • 1. knowledge work, learning, complexity Creating Policy Impact & Growth perspectives, examples, tips 23 October, Copenhagen@ton_zylstra @epsiplatform #ogp_dk #odis
  • 2. Congratulations!
  • 3. 2012 EC, 2013 EU, 2014-2020
  • 4. ...driver for growth and efficiency......
  • 5. Build it and they will come
  • 6. of attempts and prototypes
  • 7. app?
  • 8. The next Google?
  • 9. the measure of success
  • 10. “more downloads than visits” Anton Eliassen, Norwegian meteo
  • 11. not covered here
  • 12. Low End Markets is where activities and growth benefit mostfrom increased access and lower thresholds... as innovation theory also predicts
  • 13. innovation starts in unlikely places
  • 14. and usually works less well
  • 15. 60%, 9%, 25%not your regular stakeholders
  • 16. new stakeholders to identify
  • 17. abundance of data
  • 18. but fragmented
  • 19. barriers: this is new territorySee
  • 20. Tim DaviesNetworked life, networked “It takes a socialwork, networked learning infrastructure”
  • 21. in it together
  • 22. Government as Platform what data from other dept. needed? what to offer? questions Politicians Civil Servants Networked life, networked what data do citizens need to work, networked learning(privacy, org interest, unfair help gov or take on tasks? info advantages to solve) what data, what form? what skills, literacy, attitude, E do citizens need? solutions Organisations Citizens what data makes relationship possible?
  • 23. four aspects• Open for all comers• Transparent about own steps & stakes• Two way interaction (both demand/supply)• Be part of ecosystem
  • 24. This covers the first 2, sort of
  • 25. Actief uitnodigend open for all comers
  • 26. new stakeholders to identify
  • 27. #opendata is a social object
  • 28. iseek them out
  • 29. iindividually, informally
  • 30. issue value, efficiency, impact stakeholders open datatransparent on own steps & stakes
  • 31. your data is a policy tool
  • 32. Networked life, networked WIIFM?work, networked learning MBBL?
  • 33. i‘societal real estate’
  • 34. public space maintenance in Enschede
  • 35. an entire sector serving itself with open data
  • 36. Find your problem (don’t ever start with the data!), find your stakeholders, push them to work with your data
  • 37. two-way interaction (both demand / supply)
  • 38. engage them as QA, as beta tester
  • 39. source: David Osimo collaborative-e-gov-services-get-better-more-people- use-themchanging government services
  • 40. sustainability / buiding sector
  • 41. participation done differently
  • 42. self empowerment through data sharing
  • 43. Patient opinions (UK)
  • 44. adding our own data
  • 45. ecosystem
  • 46. Networked life, networkedwork, networked= life Participation learning participation as active living
  • 47. rhythm variety of spaces excitement and safety inside and outside perspectives Networked life, networked work, networked learning Community Buildingevolution of the group value to individualdiverse levels of engagement
  • 48.
  • 49. ithere’s more than Apps alone
  • 50. • it can be something internal (BI solution) i it can be internal, e.g. for BI purposes
  • 51. Networked life, electronics Arduino smart networked work, networked learningfeed data into devices (sensors & actuators, Arduino)
  • 52. ambient displays (also outside)
  • 53. • or even turn data into objects (statistics and piechart) turn data into physical products
  • 54. let them eat pie charts!
  • 55. collect and share examples actively
  • 56. Sensemaking from stories
  • 57. join us at
  • 58. Openhagen
  • 59. know the gov does not exist. Networkedcivil servant find 1 life, networked work, networked learning lofty goals need hands-on steps
  • 60. in complexity this means probes
  • 61. iprobe: cheap to let fail
  • 62. push elsewhere for impact
  • 63. knowledge work, learning, social media CreditsAll photos: Ton Zijlstra, by nc saExcept where mentioned on the photo.Slides: Ton Zijlstra, bySlides: ton@tonzijlstra.euSkype: ton_zylstra